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Robyn: Princess of Thieves by uncouthwriter
Robyn: Princess of Thievesby uncouthwriter
From the author of your favorites like "Favor with the King" and "DUSA," comes the heart pounding, page turning story of Robin Hood (with a twist) L...
  • adventure
  • bwwm
  • lovable
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A Thief for a Bride by Ladylight91
A Thief for a Brideby Katelin
Genevieve Simone knows she faces certain death when she and her 'family' attempt to steal from a powerful duke. When he offers her a chance to save herself and the other...
  • theives
  • escape
  • baby
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Special Thieves by Ochaco_Uraraka_
Special Thievesby Ochaco_Uraraka_
I was bored one day so i started writing this story . Some characters are based heavily on my real life friends. I hope its not to cringy. Also I know there might be ty...
  • orignalstory
  • theives
  • superpowers
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I Will Always Return ~ (A Will Scarlet Love Story) *Completed* by CherryBlossomSky
I Will Always Return ~ (A Will Sky of Cherry Blossoms
The Dubois Manor, the home and family of Maid Marian had many servants within their walls. However a certain maid is by far the most peculiar one of them all and her nam...
  • prince
  • scarlet
  • return
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Diabolik Lovers: Agent Spy  by dyrbjyrnj
Diabolik Lovers: Agent Spy by z star
what if yui didnt went to the sakamaki mansion and all the charecters are agent spys and there mission is to kidnaped yui and protect her what will heppan next stay tune...
  • diaboliklovers
  • theives
  • yuikomori
Rogues by DMorgan11
Roguesby L. E. Pierce Squared
The Alpha's Daughter has lived her entire life walking in the shadow of her older brother and her father. She has always done as she is told and never asked for anything...
  • omega
  • rogue
  • wolves
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Looks Can Be Deceiving  by RaKhanum
Looks Can Be Deceiving by Ra Khanum
He gazed at the ruby in conflict. A million emotions flickered across his face as he slowly edged forward, closer and clos- "Mike!" A voice whispered urgently...
  • theives
  • thriller
  • action
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shot for my heart by TooOddToBeCool
shot for my heartby TooOddToBeCool
What happens when John's baby sister joins the guys and falls for non other than AJ
  • dangerous
  • criminalsinlove
  • ghost
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The Awakening Of The Sea by Miathebrave4
The Awakening Of The Seaby Mia Jacky
Amil has awoken aboard a ship of cutthroats, thieves, and liars. Pegging to use him as a tool. Not that he frankly gives a damn or has any qualms of it since he can't re...
  • sea
  • sailors
  • bxb
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Project Anima by TheMaskedPhantom
Project Animaby Jan Renz Medina
Sixteen-year old Tristan Lockwood suddenly finds himself inside a Virtual Reality game named Defiant Sins Online. And the problem? He has no idea how he ended up there...
  • theives
  • vrmmorpg
  • reality
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Partners in Crime (X-Men ROMY) by CatWinchester
Partners in Crime (X-Men ROMY)by Cat Winchester
(AU X-Men: Evolution universe) Rogue is a lonely young woman with a shady past and a lot of secrets. Remy is a freelance thief who takes a shine to her, but he too has h...
  • remy
  • rogue
  • darkholme
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Book Of Ice: Snow Prince (Hiatus)  by Dymonette_X
Book Of Ice: Snow Prince (Hiatus) by Senpie
A sealed fate.. A destined path.. Powers born... Who am I? "Without doubt. Hair as white as snow, eyes blue as the sea, he is the Snow Prince after all" &qu...
  • shadowjoker
  • kaitouspade
  • joqueen
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The Santiago Seven by GirlWithTheRedSoxCap
The Santiago Sevenby m.e.m.s
//Sporadic Updates// It's us against the world. In which seven siblings raise each other. © MEMS 2017
  • siblings
  • oprhans
  • firstlove
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The Grinch {SasuHina} by Fiction13Lover
The Grinch {SasuHina}by Niloni
An Uchiha who despises a loving Holiday. A Hyuga who's desperate to know the reason . A Pink haired who try's to get him. And a Blonde haired trying to keep her. ~What...
  • random
  • hinatahyuga
  • humor
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Nothing is Impossible  by IsabellaLockett
Nothing is Impossible by Bella_xox
Jaz and her twin brother Jax have to run from foster homes while running away from the police while providing for there younger brothers. ------------------------- "...
  • newboy
  • badgirl
  • superpowers
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Will Scarlett. 'yes this is the Christian Slater character' by LiniBirdBaozi
Will Scarlett. 'yes this is the LiniHill
  • scarlett
  • slater
  • theives
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Broken Lockpicks (Brynjolf x OC) by jadewolfgirlloverenj
Broken Lockpicks (Brynjolf x OC)by celestial
Love, hope, security and joy. These are all feeling that Daro' Tenurr Kodesh, a halfling born with both Khajiit and Nord blood, has not experienced for a long tim...
  • death
  • love
  • romance
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The Missing Regent (A "The False Prince" Fanfic) by meggy_reese
The Missing Regent (A "The False M e g g y R e e s e
Carthya was finally at peace. The war was over, new friendships were forming, and best of all, life was finally starting to calm down. Or that's what everyone in the cas...
  • roden
  • jaronximogen
  • imogen
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Arabian Knights by SnailMailBB
Arabian Knightsby Bungalow Bill Story
In the vast wastelands of the ancient Arabian desert there is a city called, Bakgurama. In the city walls, is a lively town for traders and merchants, trying to sell the...
  • runaway
  • swords
  • hero
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The Highwayman by rainechandler
The Highwaymanby Raine Caoilin Chandler
Based on the poem by Alfred Noyes because I am absolutely in love with it.
  • highwayman
  • theives
  • poetry
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