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The Hobbit Various x Modern Reader  by ChloeTheBarbarian
The Hobbit Various x Modern Reader by ChloeTheBarbarian
a long time ago there was a girl named Y/N who went through a portal to middle earth meets a couple of people but little does she know. she was there for a reason. let'...
LOTR/TH Onehots by Miggles1313
LOTR/TH Onehotsby Wishingtobeinanotheruniverse
I will write Oneshots for any character from either Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. I will use whichever characters unless someone requests a specific character or scen...
The Girl With Fire For Hair by _boops_boops_
The Girl With Fire For Hairby ᵐᵃᵐᵃ ʰᵃʳʳⁱⁿᵍᵗᵒⁿ
Y/n was considered the perfect girl. Perfect grades, her parents let her do whatever she wants, she's a part of the track team, her family is rich... She was envied by t...
Above Water (The Hobbit x Curvy!Reader) by Quirky_Curls
Above Water (The Hobbit x Curvy! Kelly
When Gandalf shows up at your home asking you to join him on a quest, you are unsure what to expect but excited to see the rest of the world. Your companions are rather...
immature // Yandere Thranduil X Disabled Mentally (Child-like) Reader by YukioSnow
immature // Yandere Thranduil X ⓨⓤⓚⓘⓞⓢⓝⓞⓦ
"You seem somewhat incapable of taking care of yourself." , "Let me do it for you." His breath fanned your face as he slowly buttoned up your dress'...
Princess of Mirkwood Book Two (Legolas x Reader) by silivretowlen
Princess of Mirkwood Book Two ( Sil
A continuation of Princess of Mirkwood. This story somewhat follows the line of Fellowship of Ring. Will this quest bring (Y/N) and Legolas closer or will she rekindl...
THE SWIFT FOX (Kili X Reader X Fili) (RE-WRITTEN & UPDATED) by Dorottya_P
THE SWIFT FOX (Kili X Reader X D. P.
A reader-insert Hobbit fanfiction where the Reader, a beautiful she-dwarf, encounters Thorin's company and embarks on an adventure with them. (This is not a collection...
The Hobbit x Reader Inserts by LillianOfLiterature
The Hobbit x Reader Insertsby Lillian Mitchell
Includes all original* Hobbit characters. || Status: ONGOING/ACTIVE Requests: CLOSED Book of Hobbit imagines, gif imagines, one-shots, series (will carry same title with...
KÍli x Reader (Attack on Titan and The Hobbit crossover) by kikikittykis
KÍli x Reader (Attack on Titan Kiko
The company comes upon a kingdom with it's capitol surrounded by large walls. Their only human member (Y/N), she's from this kingdom and wants them to stay there for the...
Hobbit/ LotR oneshots by Fanfiction_satan
Hobbit/ LotR oneshotsby DEY SATAN OF FANFICTION
SOOOOOOOO HEYYYYYY!!!!!! Peps want lots of Hobbit and LotR fanfiction in my other book various x Reader (Go check it out XP) so yea.. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MIDDLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...
Thranduil x Reader by Chaosrunner
Thranduil x Readerby Chaosrunner
The mountain tops where crested with snow and ice slowly drifting down to meet the kingdom below. A chilling wind blew by as the large elven male looked out his balcony...
Powerful love (The Hobbit FF) by LothlorienDream
Powerful love (The Hobbit FF)by LothlorienDream
"I am not from a race that your knowledge knows of." Everyone shared confused glances. "It couldn't be." Balin spoke, slightly standing up. ~ You, Te...
Heart Of A Dragon Reader X Kili X Fili X Legolas, Aragorn, Hobbits, by BlackPegasus_Lilla
Heart Of A Dragon Reader X Kili BlackPegasus_Lilla
I have always loved my life, but for some reason wanted more. There was one thing I seemed to lack, was spending time with friends, most being busy always. So I spent mo...
𝐖𝐎𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 | 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐨𝐛𝐛𝐢𝐭 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 by E_M_CHRISTINA
During a visit to Iceland, Y/n's sense of reality is ripped away from her when she is lured into a cave in Reykjavik by a mysterious force and discovers an ancient passa...
The Hobbit imagines/Preferences ( requests open) by Sangsterslove
The Hobbit imagines/Preferences ( Sangsterslove
Writing this story with a friend We're doing: Thorin Fili Kili Legolas Bard But if requested anybody else of the hobbit trilogy as well :))
Her adventure in Middle Earth (The Hobbit various x reader) by HufflepuffDarling
Her adventure in Middle Earth ( Marcelina Zdanek
Y/n L/n grew up in the real world where nothing out of the usual happened - well maybe other then Covid - but that's irrelevant. But the one indeed unusual thing tha...
In a different world {Hobbit ff}{BOOK 1} by eupxr1c
In a different world {Hobbit ff}{ eupxr1c <3
~Despina and Christine are normal high school students going on a normal school trip. What happens when they find themselves in a different world? What happens when they...