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"After The Haunted" by Wolf_Pride101
"After The Haunted"by ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
"The Haunted" has come to an end. Drake, Grayson, and Mia stood side by side to accomplish what others were too scared to do. But everything comes with a price...
Shattered (After Haunted Fanfiction) by Dreamcrafter45
Shattered (After Haunted #BandGeeks
After the battle in the Magical Library, Drake, Mia and Grayson each go their separate ways in the world, and start to live lives on their own. One day, many years later...
The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU) by CHPaints
The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU)by CH Paints
Ravens... bringers of death and sorrow, but who brings them death? This AU takes place after The Haunted and after the trio jumps through their portals.
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! [A Crossover Fic] by JaceLikesToWrite
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! [A Sometimes, not 24/7
Suddenly, four figures jump out of the portal. The three adventurers shrieked and backed even farther from the portal. The four on the ground groaned in pain. One of the...
Experimental (Minecraft: The Haunting AU) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental (Minecraft: The Insaneobesser777
Herobrine is an infamous scientist in the small town of Rubyshire, and a father to a young boy named Armen. One day Armen is brought down to the lab, and is utterly shoc...
"The Haunted" ships/one shots {extremely slow updates} by ImNotCoolAtAll
"The Haunted" ships/one shots { .-.
Yes. This is happening. Since I can't actually write a full story, ill take requests and ideas for hauntedships! Any characters from the haunted and fan characters
the haunted one-shots and more :D by Dramen-Shipping-God
the haunted one-shots and more :Dby 💜∂яαмєи💙
beware because i am gonna add smutt here now
The Daughter (RejectedShotgun's The Haunted FF REWRITTEN) by stormfire538
The Daughter (RejectedShotgun's Storm
This is a fanfic based off of The Haunted. All rights deserved to RejectedShotgun and them for creating such an awesome roleplay. Also I suck at descriptions :-P
Experimental Rebooted (The Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental Rebooted (The Insaneobesser777
30 years ago marked what has become known as the Tribulation, the day creatures scientists have dubbed "demons" had begun to show their faces to humanity. Pre...
The Haunted Ship Stories (Smut) by Endereye96
The Haunted Ship Stories (Smut)by Endereye96
Random little story's, probably mostly Drason, with a bit of light smut cause I have a problem. 😅😂
Taken By The Devil (The Haunted fan fiction)  by ICWolf
Taken By The Devil (The Haunted ICWolf
"Collin! Wake up, Collin! Please!" I heard my brother's pleads, but I couldn't move I was trapped in my own mind I heard HIS laughs echo in my ears as I watch...
High School Haunted (secretly a Rejectoniczz story inside.........) by FanGirl47FTW
High School Haunted (secretly a LionSpaghetti
When Drake and Armen start high school at Haunted High they meet someone unexpected. His name is Brine. He started to bully them and the boys thought nothing of it. Then...
It All Started On Halloween by LittleHauntedGoblin
It All Started On Halloweenby LittleHauntedGoblin
Drake has already moved town once because of how badly he was getting bullied for looking different, and he's determined to not let it happen again. That's why he comes...
Just A Random Art Book :) by LukasDoesArtStiff
Just A Random Art Book :)by LukasDoesArtStiff
Going to contain a lot of different drawings; some fan art, some not... mostly stuff for The Haunted seeing as how that's been my main source of motivation recently. XD...
Beyond the portals (a gravity falls and the haunted crossover) by jammer817476
Beyond the portals (a gravity jammer817476
Remember Mia Drake and Grayson going into portals?What if that was part of Herobrine's plan?What if I told you that they ended up in Gravity falls? Heh you would think i...
'The Haunted' Shorts by LukasDoesArtStiff
'The Haunted' Shortsby LukasDoesArtStiff
This is just a collection of short stories that I was dared to write by my friends at school. Requests are allowed, and if you have an OC you'd like to be in it have the...
HeroBrine a mc fanfic by jammer817476
HeroBrine a mc fanficby jammer817476
Mojang thought they deleted HeroBrine but did they? This is a HeroBrine fan fic and the haunted fan fic
The Daughter (RejectedShotgun's Haunted Fanfiction) by stormfire538
The Daughter (RejectedShotgun's Storm
This is just gonna sit here in Wattpad... I'm rewriting it...