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It's Not Just A Story (Robert Manion x Reader) by disaster_human
It's Not Just A Story (Robert Lily
Starkid Oneshots by _paramania
Starkid Oneshotsby Geneva
I'm going through a Starkid phase while in Lockdown. Feel free to DM me if you have requests!
Maybe After Tomorrow (Hatchetfield) by hc_2005
Maybe After Tomorrow (Hatchetfield)by Hayleigh
When Professor Hidgens discovers the aftermath of the events of Black Friday, he saves everybody he can in the very limited time he has. Unfortunately, this means being...
Webby VS The Apotheosis by quackquackbi
Webby VS The Apotheosisby It’s Ya Enby, Ash
The first book in the series, it's the events of TGWDLM but with a twist: everyone's favorite sleazeball is actually the father of seventeen year old Lex and five year o...
Hatchetfield High by username_pending101
Hatchetfield Highby Mariah Rose Faith Fan
Deb, Ethan and Lex in High school. Deb is in the year below Ethan and Lex. Alice goes to a school in Clivesdale but hangs out with the others outside of school and when...
Starkid oneshots maybe? by 9and3starkids
Starkid oneshots maybe?by Miranda🚀
Right now just Rosenwalker and Richpez oneshots But maybe I'll make this a Starkid oneshots book?🤷🏼‍♀️ my fav Starkid ships are Rosenwalker, Richpez, Breredith, Jazzal...
Apotheosis- A TGWDLM Fanfic by ashowstoppingstarkid
Apotheosis- A TGWDLM Fanficby A Starkid Fan
What exactly happened in Hatchetfield after the musical invasion? As it turns out, a surprising amount. Emma isn't the only one not turned. After barely getting out of g...
{BOOK 1} I Thought We Would Be Safe - Paulkins/TGWDLM fanfic by Latte_Hottay
{BOOK 1} I Thought We Would Be 💗Latte💗
A few familiar faces surprise Emma at the hospital. This would probably be the end of her shitty life, but a miracle happened. Cross-Posted on AO3 Part 1 of the I Though...
Imagines from Hatchetfield by starkidsawyer
Imagines from Hatchetfieldby local latte hotte
aka "i'm supposed to be asleep but i want to write"
••it's inevitable for us•• by stranger_starkid
••it's inevitable for us••by Matteson.STANeson
Jon x Lauren AU fanfic • Jon Matteson, a hopeless romantic writer from a newspaper company across the street from the young barista, Lauren Lopez, who works for her ill...
Oli's Oddballs & Oddities by OliOpalOof
Oli's Oddballs & Odditiesby OliOpalOof
A collection of my random writings. There's no update schedule and no specific fandom. I write what I want, when I feel like it. Enjoy!
*Starkid Oneshots!* by CrowleysGlasses48
*Starkid Oneshots!*by jefferoni
Heyo, gems! EE here! Includes: *Fluff *Angst *Possible NSFW content *Mentions of self harm *Suicide *Other depressing things Requests are always open! Even if it's a shi...
~Kill the Reviews~ Young!Prof. Hidgens x Reader by thelattehottay
~Kill the Reviews~ Young!Prof. will
When a young Henry Hidgens meets the reader, what happens next? *OPEN* Cover Pic by my best friend pete ! This is started out as a joke but now i feel obligated to cont...
Coffee and Nightmares  by buzzer_
Coffee and Nightmares by Buzz
~Emma X Paul Emma wakes up to find that all the events that previously happened was caused by a nightmare but what happens when she can't remember most things?
starkid/tcb oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by DespressoBean
starkid/tcb oneshots (REQUESTS just a sidekick
so this is my book for all starkid and tin can bros related one shots :) (highest rank - #1 in averypottermusical)
After the End by elphiegranger2508
After the Endby @elphiegranger2508
After the Emerald City disaster, two lovers were reunited. But neither escaped unscathed. So what happened after the end? (Oneshot; Sequel to 'The Apotheosis')
Inevitable • TGWDLM  by svftpeach
Inevitable • TGWDLM by svftpeach
What if I told you a story Of how the world became peaceful and just It was Inevitable
Nothing as Amazing as a Musical? by StarryKid24
Nothing as Amazing as a Musical?by Heart-eyes-101
When a community production of Brigadoon is searching for a team, what would happen when a crabby little sister and the tech wiz kid begrudgingly get roped into it. Wil...
Coffee and love triangles | TGWDLM  by crackerbcxpalace
Coffee and love triangles | TGWDLM by dior
A headcanon in which Melissa has a crush on Paul