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Mogeko X Reader by TheGrinningKitten
Mogeko X Readerby TheGrinningKitten
It's in the title~
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Fandoms X Reader by TrueScarletFantasia
Fandoms X Readerby TrueScarletFantasia
A book filled with random fandoms x reader! Requests are accepted! The cover art was drawn by gck-cko. Go check them out!
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|NSFW| { Mogeko ~ Boy x Girl / Other Oneshots } by Cross-Dead
|NSFW| { Mogeko ~ Boy x Girl / samekichi is a bottom
-m/f, m/m/f, f/f/m, solo + other oneshots that dont fit with my other books -updates are somewhat infrequent, but I'm trying to be more active -requests/suggestions are...
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Mogeko's character X Reader by axdtks
Mogeko's character X Readerby Witch's Library
Taking the request ~! Thanks for reading this newbie one shot! Contains only fluffy and cute. I don't do sad one and lemon 'cause I don't like it. Sorry!
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MOGEKO X READER (On Hold) by Octogirl123
MOGEKO X READER (On Hold)by Enepsigos Pandora
I'm not that interested in Mogeko anymore, I still like it, but not as much. ~I don't know many of the characters in other games so I'll just try ~X reader ~Smut (Yes I...
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- Okegom Fanfics - by Donut-bunny
- Okegom Fanfics -by Stuff kind of sucks
Where I post my Okegom fanfics, most of them will be self-indulgent non-sense. But that's just fine. • My fanfics have warnings, please read them before reading the fic...
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Funamesea Characters X Reader by GLOBAL_ASSASIN
Funamesea Characters X Readerby John Faustino
Shippings Watgbs Tgg Mogeko castle Ice scream Maybe obselete dream I don't know many but I'll try
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Mogeko.Okegom X Reader! [#2] by NUR-SYU
Mogeko.Okegom X Reader! [#2]by N.SYU
Mogeko.Okegom X Reader! [#2] ○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ Well hello there, beautiful/handsome one! You may request what you like, anything but no lemons! I HATE LOMENS! O...
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Okegom X Reader  by Kim__chan
Okegom X Reader by Kim
Okegon X Reader Oneshots. An endless story. I also will change the cover each month, by each mogeko game. Next Cover: TheGrayGarden
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| Mogeko | OneSHOTS x reader (SLOW UPDATES) by AliceHMorgana
| Mogeko | OneSHOTS x reader ( ✝️ α ℓ ι ¢ є✝️
shots of the game deep sea games prisoner requests are always open and well ... nothing more I think ~
Okegom x Reader (Various) [REQUESTS OPEN] by LilZodiac
Okegom x Reader (Various) [ LilZodiac
Hello my dear friends! Zodiac here! So, since I like writing for others, I decided to make a request book! •••••••••••••••• What I can do: Fluff, feels, humor/crack Wha...
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Okegom X Reader  by _julesinxo
Okegom X Reader by _julesinxo
Requests open!
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Mogeko x reader by Akane_Mogeko
Mogeko x readerby ☆●☆ON A LONG HIATUS☆●☆
It's back with different scenarios! I'll be accepting mogeko x readers only. Requests are always open! Updates have no schedule so it'll be random. Credit to the artists.
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☾ Mogeko Oneshots ☾ by your-local-idol
☾ Mogeko Oneshots ☾by whomst
someone please yell at me and tell me to get my shit together.
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Tainted Love (Okegom x Reader Oneshots) by LeithofSpace
Tainted Love (Okegom x Reader Paradise Bird
Any and all Okegom characters featured in a variety of oneshots and a variety of themes and prompts, requests welcome!
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◇Deep Sea Prisoner One Shots◇ by Nameandstuff
◇Deep Sea Prisoner One Shots◇by nameandstuff 2: electric boog...
request ships/scenarios/prompts in the comments!!
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Okegom Characters X Reader by ViolentSociopath
Okegom Characters X Readerby ViolentSociopath
Basically every 'X Reader' fanfictions ever, just like any other. You know the rules, I either write my own or take requests. Either way, they're all cringe-material (ev...
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Mogeko Characters X Reader by slowlydyingoutside
Mogeko Characters X Readerby Ew
Mogeko characters X reader one shot book *taking requests* *will do smut and lemons*
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(okegom) in love with the devil || satanick by satanickii
(okegom) in love with the devil || ; satan daddy
"i dont take orders from you." "well, you should start learning to, then." you've been taken after protecting the guy you work for. now you're stuck...
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[HIATUS] Okegom X Reader | One Shots! by wdfluff
[HIATUS] Okegom X Reader | One The Fruit
|| Requests Closed || WARNING: Very slow updates, sorry! Hey hey! This is my DSP or Okegom one shot book(as you can see in the title) Most of the one shots will be of fr...
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