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Twice Chosen (Esmerelda Potter) by HogwartsMagic5
Twice Chosen (Esmerelda Potter)by HogwartsMagic5
[BOOK 1] Esmerelda Potter also lived that fateful Halloween night. Harry and Esmerelda are twins, separated after a tragic incident as young children, not entirely knowi...
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Different Sides of the Same Coin (Tom Riddle x Harry's twin sister) by MaskedKait
Different Sides of the Same Coin ( Kait
A twist of Fate causes Harry to be dissappear the same night his twin Phoenix becomes the Girl-Who-Lived.
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Narcissa Lily Malfoy by thereal_tani
Narcissa Lily Malfoyby TANISHQ H
Narcissa Lily Potter was the eldest daughter of James and Lily Potter. On the night of her parents' death, she was adopted by her godmother and her husband, Narcissa and...
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The Potter Twins and the Half-Blood Prince {6} by fxturehearts__
The Potter Twins and the sarah
SCREW YOUR COURAGE TO THE STICKING PLACE. After a year of public scrutiny and hardship, Harry and Haylee Potter return to Hogwarts once more, acutely aware of the missi...
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Carmen potter(Cedric Diggory) by taylorashleyjackson
Carmen potter(Cedric Diggory)by Liv Romanoff
Carmen Potter, Harry Potter's twin sister is the girl who lived. Watch as she laughs, loves, lives and goes through heartbreak, surprise, pain, happiness and many other...
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Emma Black and the Philosopher's Stone (HP/PJO fanfic) (Book 1) by demiwitchwoodwalker
Emma Black and the Philosopher's demiwitchwoodwalker
Emma's father, Poseidon, left her mother, Bella O'Reilly the last descendant of Godric Gryffindor, less than a month after she found out she was pregnant. 5 months befor...
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Dark Not Evil (HP/OUAT) by TheGameIsOn_SH
Dark Not Evil (HP/OUAT)by Janet Quillin
Disclaimer: I do not own anything affiliated with OUAT or Harry Potter (Also posted on Quotev under my the same username) (Story is pre-curse and Rumplestiltskin never f...
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The Girl From Both Sides- A Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Crossover  by YTReader19
The Girl From Both Sides- A YTReader19
Long ago on Halloween of 1981, Lily and James died protecting their son and daughter, Charlotte Potter. That night she grew up in a much different world than Harry,one i...
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The Girl That Lived | a Harry Potter fanfic by sunnyandsmiles
The Girl That Lived | a Harry sunnyandsmiles
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Secrets (Harry Potter FanFic) by Lily062807
Secrets (Harry Potter FanFic)by Lily
Emily Granger or that's what she is told her name is. She was told that she was Hermione's twin sister but that was a lie. Her real name is Emily Lily Potter and she is...
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The Forgotten One-Harry Potter fanfiction *HIATUS* by HUFFLEPUFF1245
The Forgotten One-Harry Potter HUFFLEPUFF.VLD
Daisy Lilac Potter (A.K.A Lily) is Harry Potter's forgotten younger twin sister. What will happen to Lily as she spends the first 10 years alone in an abusive home? What...
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The Ones That Lived~ Fred And George Weasley Fanfiction by Spider_Senses
The Ones That Lived~ Fred And Spider_Senses
Two girls with completely different backgrounds somehow are able to confide in each other when they meet their first year at Hogwarts. Leah Potter is a legend in the wi...
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The Girl Who Lived by _hey_itz_kirsten_
The Girl Who Livedby _hey_itz_kirsten_
This story is the story about Harry Potter's twin. Her name is Kendra, and was believed to have died along with her parents. Instead, she had been stuck under the wrecka...
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Jamie and Harry Potter, the chosen twins by RavenClawPrincess101
Jamie and Harry Potter, the brianna
Harry and Jamie Potter looked identical, same unruly black hair, green eyes and glasses kept together by tape and they were both underweight and small for their age. Har...
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The Girl Who Lived by BookdragonBeth
The Girl Who Livedby Bookdragon Beth
Hogwarts is home for Cecelia Eade. She lives a lonely life; no home and no family... Or so she thought. A discovery in her third year means that Cece's life will change...
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The Girl Who Lived by cheeseballsarmy
The Girl Who Livedby Olivia
Estellia Porter was a normal girl. She had her parents and friends. She was smart and went to her school. On her eleventh birthday things turned to mayhem. A weird man s...
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Lost (The Girl Who Lived) by LaraBlack04
Lost (The Girl Who Lived)by TheCommentQueen
The day Lily Potter died, she cast a protection spell on the stillborn daughter of Sirius Black and Laura Riddle, that she was carrying. When the dark lord appeared at t...
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Annie Blackhill And The Philosopher's Stone by Annie_Blackhill
Annie Blackhill And The Anis The Unknown
What if Harry wasn't the only chosen one? What if there was a girl born on the same date as him that Voldemort had targeted as well? What if her father was one of the Ma...
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Loving A Malfoy: First Year by NerdyHawaiian04
Loving A Malfoy: First Yearby Nerdy.Hawaiian
Your name is Ilianna Potter, your older brother is the one & only Harry Potter. You're going to be attending Hogwarts The School O Witchcraft & Wizardry. Your brother is...
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