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Misalignment | ✔ by mack-collette
Misalignment | ✔by M a c k ♪
"There are a million shades of grey between their black and their white - but no one ever cares to see them." In a world with a limited view of gender, Cam Shi...
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Fragile Hearts by katristhefanvergent
Fragile Heartsby far from HOME
Highest rank in #LoveSociety➡ 8 ❝I have always seen birthdays as a way to congratulate me for surviving the past year.❞ about a girl who had no friends except the diary ...
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Unparalleled by mack-collette
Unparalleledby M a c k ♪
[Prequel to Misalignment] A year before she and Cam meet, Matty Leopold has yet to realize most of the problems that will dominate her near future. She's still stuck in...
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The Secrets Of Zios | ✓ by joshuailacey
The Secrets Of Zios | ✓by joshuailacey
Secondary Kids are having a normal day until a detention becomes an adventure! (SCRIPTED STORY)
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The Lunch Boxes ✔ by nevereternity
The Lunch Boxes ✔by Love
Lunchbox - (noun) A container for transporting meals, especially lunch. But sometimes it's not just the lunch. Sometimes it's more than that. (Based on a true story) The...
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UNO! by CinnamxnDonut
UNO!by jaye davies
Chuu is a 10 year old, and passionate about one card game in particular: UNO! It's a game of family, of strategy, of luck. UNO! is a game like no other, with it's child...
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The Friendship Project by _Funny_Ghost
The Friendship Projectby The Friendship Project
-The Friendship Project es un proyecto con el objetivo de hacer amigos en wattpad... + ¡Guau, no tenía ni idea! ¿Y qué se supone que vamos a hacer tú y yo como amigas? ...
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Confessions of the Third Wheel by Evanopeia5
Confessions of the Third Wheelby Lulu Mendl
Elinor Kaczkowski and Marsela Suarez have been two peas in a pod since kindergarten. They've been through everything together--fights over the swingset in elementary sch...
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Sounds of fate by FransousK
Sounds of fateby Born a knockoff™️
In which he pressed record and she rewound to listen. © 2016 Fransous. K
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My best friend's famous by LunaFairry_
My best friend's famousby Abbie
This is my 1st ever book.It is centred around 2 girls, Emma and Faye.Enjoy!
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Stand by Me by macgeo43
Stand by Meby Mac
Everybody knows bullies exist. Sometimes they are so over dramatic it just kills you to stare at them. There is a girl in my class named Courtney- total butt. She t...
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Trip to tomorrow by AdeolaTee_
Trip to tomorrowby Toni!
Ten more days. I am moving to my new life. Its now or never. * * * Annie is told all of a sudden that she has to move to South Africa in ten days. How...
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My Constellation: Phemri || ✔ by crynge
My Constellation: Phemri || ✔by whymsy 🌻
❝ sometimes, all it takes is the smallest of pieces to create the biggest of masterpieces. ❞ ▶a made up constellation. ▶short story ▶enjoy W A R N I N G: this was...
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It started with a pizza [Best Friends Story]  by Skytrap2000
It started with a pizza [Best Skytrap
"when life throws you lemons. You make lemonade." Well, the same applies to me.... I guess. When life refused to give me a table where I can sit at, a girl wa...
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Women of Valor [An Illegal Adventure Awaits!] by magnamelia
Women of Valor [An Illegal ♥ ᴇᴍɪʟɪᴀ ɢʀᴇʏ ♥
Got Ranked #20 in Historical Fiction *^▁^* Espen Norris is a woman wanted by men. More specifically knights in shining armor, a trusty sword strapped to their hips, and...
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For you by thefriendshipproject
For youby #thefriendshipproject
something you should try out ;)
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Five O'Clock Rain by playbills
Five O'Clock Rainby ariella
"well, here comes our five o'clock rain." "i should probably head inside, then. i don't want to get caught in the rain-" "can't you stay out a l...
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