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Never Forget You by SuperFlashfangirl13
Never Forget Youby Abby Burks
A young alien girl, Kara Zor-el, finds herself in a pod on her way to earth. She has just lost all that she knows and loves and doesn't know what to expect for the futur...
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Life after crisis: a SuperFlash story by jamiealex01
Life after crisis: a SuperFlash Jamiealex01
It's the sequel to Barry becomes the Spectre All about Barry and Kara's life after the crisis Disclaimer : the characters belong to the cw and Warner bros
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Scarlet Witch | Barry Allen by dustxdevil
Scarlet Witch | Barry Allenby Dust
"You guys know I can move things with my mind right?" Natalia Summers meets and falls in love with Barry Allen a mysterious man. Description inside the book. _...
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Ghosts of the past by wests_barry
Ghosts of the pastby wests_barry
A mysterious meta brings back Eddie from the dead. Barry and Iris must figure out how to navigate through these challenges
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I'm Your Super Friend (Arrowverse One Shots) by ophelia2217
I'm Your Super Friend ( ophelia2217
I'm an Arrowverse nerd, probably will be mostly Supergirl and the Flash with some guest appearances from other shows.....enjoy :)
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Scarlet speedsters by dxlantwinsfanxoxo
Scarlet speedstersby dxlantwinsfanxoxo
When the particle accelerator exploded Barry Allen was struck by lighting; but he wasn't the only one. Y/n Y/l/n was also struck by lighting. She hadn't figured it out u...
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DC Television One-shots by Septic_spuds
DC Television One-shotsby Angel
I'll provide a list in the first chapter of who I'll write for.
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Lo que Oliver y Barry han descubierto (Arrow x Flash) by Myperfectsky
Lo que Oliver y Barry han Rebe
Fanfic del arrowverse. Oliver Queen y Barry Allen. Barry y Oliver terminan en la tierra 345 y para su sorpresa sus dopplegangers de allí están casados y felices. ¿Es es...
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MOTIVATION ⇨ PLOT SHOP by -tonkinforgranted
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DC Comics Discussion  by GZILLADC
DC Comics Discussion by GZILLADC
This page will be dedicated to discussing all things DC Rebirth Related. The first page will be an overview and basically every week when new comics are listed I will le...
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The Hero Who Had Never Become by KaraFanficAndStuff
The Hero Who Had Never Becomeby KaraFanficAndStuff
Long before Kara Danvers ever had the chance to grow up and even become her Super self, The DEO and it's sinister leader, Hank Henshaw took little Danvers from her own h...
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I think there's a flaw in my code by JauneValeska
I think there's a flaw in my codeby JauneValeska
///Oneshot book of my interpretation of an Arrowverse Thaddeus Thawne.
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Lost and Found by Vampirediaries1996
Lost and Foundby Vampirediaries1996
Becoming the fastest man alive has opened so many doors for me but the one it couldn't was something I needed to slow down for. I met her by chance but everyday since I'...
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I love you: Barry Allen x Caitlin Snow by Mysticmoon135
I love you: Barry Allen x Mystic
Caitlin had a crush on Barry but he was with Iris, Barry found out that Iris was cheating on him with another guy... Gonna be a Lemon! So I have to put myself in this...
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Lightning Frost by Felicity14445
Lightning Frostby Felicity101
Hi, my name is Lightning Frost. My birth parents are superheroes. My father is the fastest man alive. My mother can shoot ice out of her hands. I would like to be a supe...
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To Be Human │Barry Allen by RooftopGal19
To Be Human │Barry Allenby RooftopGal19
She was told her life wasn't supposed to go like this, but in a world shaped by Speedsters, Karen Starr was lucky enough to be heading right where she should. Even if th...
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Set Me Free by negativespeedforce
Set Me Freeby Loki'd
My name is Sivonne Wells,I'm a total geek, a little awkward, and I have a tendency to ramble. I'm a thirteen year old girl who likes food, pop music, nerd movies, and ru...
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Till forever by Lynn-Oriel
Till foreverby Lynn oriel nyambura
Recheal is a young lady who is tirelessly looking for a job. she finally get a job as a personal assistance for one of the most feared and most popular man Mr Noah. No...
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