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Night Flame by Princesz_C
Night Flameby Charissa
Being locked up by your own family member can cause you to view the world differently. Especially when you know nothing but pain. Crying wasn't allowed. Crying is for th...
Isla Saltzman: TVD by BiancaEvans2
Isla Saltzman: TVDby LegolasG5*
Isla Saltzman is the daughter of Alaric Saltzman and Isobel Flemming. She is thirteen years old, turning fourteen. Her dad and her just moved to Mystic Falls. She's a hu...
My Beloved Hunter (Rebekah, Silas & Alexander Fanfiction) SLOW UPDATES. by Smileygal05001
My Beloved Hunter (Rebekah, ;)
It's been almost 900 years since she saw Alexander and believed him to be dead. But when the veil went down, Rebekah was hoping to see Alexander but she was heartbroken...
The Five by GeekCulture
The Fiveby GeekCulture
Before there were Twelve. Now there's only Five. No one knows how, Or why their here. They all lived relatively normal lives, waiting until they turned 18, so the...
The Five; Band O' Weirdos by zenDragon90
The Five; Band O' Weirdosby zenDragon90
You want to read the chaotic story, don't you? #5 - #thefive 1/21/23
The Five: The Blade by Snopestar
The Five: The Bladeby Djack.30
In the not-so distant future, a family gets in trouble with a gangster affectionately named Lord Darkness, who wants an artifact called the Blade of Epicness. The Five m...
Other World by firebreathingdragon2
Other Worldby firebreathingdragon
Eighteen year-old Cara lives in a world that couldn't seem any more peaceful - lush, green hills as far as the eye can see, farms, and everyone living in harmony with ea...
The Runaways by Marvel_PJO_fanboy
The Runawaysby Marley
Angus, Jocelyn, Eva, Alex, and Marley are a normal group of teenagers, normal school, normal teachers, normal bullies...That is; until their English teacher turns into a...
The Five (ep. 1) by your_local_weeb_girl
The Five (ep. 1)by ghosttkun
Five friends about to start summer break and then later enter college. They find out the importance of friendship - and love.
The Five by JerichoSimp
The Fiveby JerichoSimp
This is NOT the same story line as The Forgotten Twin's Five. Five is different and she wasn't taken. This is the story about them that I wrote in 3rd grade and I just f...
Wager children by psychoxxprincess
Wager childrenby psychoxxprincess
Two sisters who are the queens in another land, hate each other but care for the land they have. Raven the lover of the dark and Radiance the lover of the sun. The two k...
Peter Parker: Hard To Love by JerichoSimp
Peter Parker: Hard To Loveby JerichoSimp
Me and Peter have been friends forever, but when he starts putting me off for Liz, there's only so much I can handle... Quinn White has been trying to build back the cr...
The Five by thegirlwhowrites11
The Fiveby Selena
The Five are legendary witches and wizards with power that doesn't require a wand as others in their magical world do. Their power makes them coveted by an evil organiz...
Being The Unknown  by MAI_SSA09
Being The Unknown by Maissa🥀
3rd🥉- In the Library Awards📚🎉 Everyone has passed through a phase in their life where they don't know what do. Who to trust. Who to believe. Who to love. Who to call...
Ein x !Werewolf! OC by JerichoSimp
Ein x !Werewolf! OCby JerichoSimp
Aph just got her heart crushed by Kai and her great friend Quinn, Five, witnessed it all. She hides in the shadows as yet another boy comes and breaks her friends heart...
Patastrophe by ninjarda
Patastropheby Oddy
The story of a girl in an apocalyptic world trying to get by and get by herself. Cue in the music of flames.
Boomer by ninjarda
Boomerby Oddy
THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME The world ended in 2055. This is how commando John Harper (or as everyone else he talks to calls him, Boomer) experienced it. One of th...
The Five by gracietherealwriter
The Fiveby gracietherealwriter
Everyone wants to be the five. Five girls- each with dark secrets enter 11th grade queens of the school. Little do they know that there teacher is on to them. The real q...
Hose by ninjarda
Hoseby Oddy
NEVER FULLY TRUST This is how Hose -or by his real name, José- turned into that pop-listening-axe-swinging dude he is now. Hope you like reading getting people murdered...
My Sanctuary, My Home by CariLeerhoff
My Sanctuary, My Homeby Cari Leerhoff
Many years ago I gave my blood to a group of five scientists and my heart fell for one of them. Today I work with Helen Magnus to help all abnormals find a safe place to...