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the fighter | john bender  ✅ by babyboyace
the fighter | john bender ✅by 𝖆𝖈𝖊
" Are you guys like boyfriend and girlfriend?" she wonders. Bender grins devilishly, the duo deciding to sit like normal people. " Steady dates? " Ma...
The Lightning (Ziall Horlik)AU by BriannaLynnC98
The Lightning (Ziall Horlik)AUby Brianna Lynn C.
Lightning is unpredictable. You never know when it's coming or where it's going to hit. It's quick, yet leaves it's mark wherever it hits. Ezra Malik was a seventeen yea...
The fighter by Lea__Mrtn
The fighterby lea__mrtn
When the truth is out, nothing will be the same again. Aria is in her last year of high school. Aria may seem normal at school but she is only hiding her identity. She...
Im In Love With A SMUGby Yusima
Im In Love With A Smug Written in: Tagalog 60% English 40% Date stared: Aug, 3 2017 Thankyou!
The Fighter by TheLegends4Ever
The Fighterby The Legends
A script that is hoped to make it to the big screen. We are excited to start releasing our draft of it we hope that you enjoy it. It's about a boxer that loses his mom t...
The Fighter Life by tihahnctexo
The Fighter Lifeby TihahXing
The boy name Nelson Wu who life in Canada since his father died in car accident when he is 5 years old. However,when he hears again about his father's accident he curiou...
The Fighter by thepoemfighter
The Fighterby thepoemfighter
a series of poems written from a girl who couldn't fight anymore
The Fighter (Book 1) by wvillegirl10
The Fighter (Book 1)by wvillegirl10
Octavia Ravens is a normal person who lives with a normal family and has normal friends, but the woods is anything but normal. When Octavia's village is burned down by a...
The Fighter *.* [BACK IN BUSINESS☺] by SGTC_Unicorns
The Fighter *.* [BACK IN BUSINESS☺]by SGTC_Unicorns
Rose Carter was only six years old when she was sent into a foster home when her mother was killed, and her father got locked up. Stressed, depressed, and drug-obsess...
The Fighter Of Love by CrushOnElliott9
The Fighter Of Loveby ElliottsCrush9
This Story Is About A Girl/Woman Who Goes Sees Her Good Friend Chase Elliott Practice For A New Sponsor And The Sponsor Is Called Adrenaline. He's Now Into Boxing 🥊. Oh...
Fall from Grace by ApocalypticSunrise16
Fall from Graceby ApocalypticSunrise16
Fanfiction mashing crowntheempire_98's "Save Me" series and MusicLover0701's "The Fighter" series. Enjoy! cx