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Other Infinities- (A Sequel to TFIOS) by BraveDivergent_Lover
Other Infinities- (A Sequel to Amanda
Hazel has to find a way to deal with Augustus's death. She tries to get over her state of depression by talking with her friend Isaac. Will she ever find a guy like Augu...
Finding Another Infinity by nattie_p13
Finding Another Infinityby nattie_p13
After the tragedy of Augustus Waters, Hazel will never be the same, but life must go on. Will Hazel ever get over this devastating event? Or will she move on and find so...
The Fault In Our Stars - Sequel by dimisim
The Fault In Our Stars - Sequelby Dimi Triantopoulos
One month. It had been one month of tortuous weeks, days, hours. One month of excruciating pain for everyone who knew him. I should really say knows him, because even t...
Amsterdamian Exile by defibrillate
Amsterdamian Exileby l.g.m.
What if I'm someone I don't want around? [HS] Peter Van Houten has been called many things in his life of an imperial affliction. Husband. Drunk. Father. Liar. Writer. F...
Love, Anonymous by District-Dauntless
Love, Anonymousby PotterheadAllTheWay
Peyton has never spoken to her mother, and her dad is always at work or on a business trip in France. She has benign leukemia that doesn't do anything to her, but at any...
Augustus JR. by agizzy
Augustus Some Person
When Hazel died she may have not left scars on the world, but she did leave one thing; her son.
I Need You, Gus [ON HOLD] by Starving_Vampire
I Need You, Gus [ON HOLD]by Gemma
~This is something of the life Hazel experiences after Augustus' death~ "Fate is inevitable. Destiny can never be changed or irrevoked. But never did imagine in my...
The Fault In Our Stars: Isaac's POV by tinkerbell22x
The Fault In Our Stars: Isaac's POVby Saine
This is the whole fault in our stars story rewritten how Isaac would see it. This fanfiction is based off the book not the movie. So if there's a part you don't remember...
The Fault In Our Stars Alternate Ending/ Sequel by heather1499
The Fault In Our Stars Alternate Heather
What if Augustus and Hazel never got together? What it, even though he still loved Hazel, Gus decided to move on? And what if Gus didn't get cancer again until after A...
TFIOS The Love Lives On by TFIOSDreamer
TFIOS The Love Lives Onby Allie
Light scattered through the window as I woke up in a cold and uncomfortable, plastic hospital chair. Memories of the night before flooded through my thoughts. Augustus...
The Fault in Our Stars*** Book #2 by clewis56
The Fault in Our Stars*** Book #2by clewis56
Augustus is all I can think about anymore. I miss him so much... The chances are that I will be gone like him soon. I'm looking forward to it.
The Faults in Us by crystal__maroon
The Faults in Usby crystal__maroon
A sequel to the New York's best seller The Fault In Our Stars... Augustus left Hazel in this messed up world alone. She becomes depressed and seems to loose her way unt...
After Augustus (a sequel to The Fault in Our Stars) by fangirlandbooks
After Augustus (a sequel to The reka
What happens with Hazel after Augustus death? Hazel's life will never be the same, and she doesn't see the point of living as she thinking that Augustus was her love of...
After the stars by jessjekiel
After the starsby jessjekiel
After the stars is the sequel to the fault in our stars, Hazel Grace Lancaster's cancer has become worse and her love for Augustus Waters is stronger than ever. Augustu...