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Flowers and Fire by mollybasketrabbit
Flowers and Fireby Strong and Stupid Potato uwu
Normally, flowers are beautiful, meek, fragile things of nature. They grow, flourish, then die. It's just life. Right? Fire can be ruthless, cruel, killing everything it...
The Demi-God by ThefamousfilmsFandom
The Demi-Godby ThefamousfilmsFandom
this is a fanfict story about my hero origins (artemis point of view) in this story i will tell u about artemis secretly being a demi-god, of course artemis self doesnt...
The Strongest Owner! by ThefamousfilmsFandom
The Strongest Owner!by ThefamousfilmsFandom
bryan bought a pizzaria & themepark but what he didnt know were all the secrets and dangers that were coming his way ill take you into my domain :3 ALSO STORY PIC MADE B...
!Brogen au! (Old) by specialsnowflakeuser
!Brogen au! (Old)by specialsnowflakeuser
This is old the rewritten one is publish but not done
The owners child by Origins098
The owners childby {∆° just_an_writer°∆}
What would happen if Bryan had a kid?, what would happen if he didn't tell his friends about him?, what if molten found out?, to find out more read!
~•° A Demigod's Rebirth °•~ by WulfyDreams_htppx_
~•° A Demigod's Rebirth °•~by ~°•Wulfy•°~
~Hello there fellow readers! ~This story is happening in OoO [Origins of Olimpius] ~After- sezon 2. ~It's about Bryan- ~The son of Afraditie. ~This story is inspierd by...
Altered Glass - Thefamousfilms by Rose_Vinex_11
Altered Glass - Thefamousfilmsby Rose_Vinex_11
Ennard is still in darkness, nothing to do but talk to himself for years. That is; until a "nightmare" comes and offers him a strange deal. Meanwhile Bryan ha...
Bryan X Molten by ticci_kiki_08
Bryan X Moltenby ticci_kiki_08
This is a never ending tragedy for Bryan Molten and Bryan are starting to fall in love with each other but won't admit
The Nameless Angel by S_Rose_Rainbow_ver
The Nameless Angelby 🌹💜Rose💜🌹
The battle was over, and both The Rose and Bryan fell from the sky. The Soul Crystal was gone, which was a terrible sign, but Bryan still had his eyes open, still breath...
yandere Lefty x Molten (TheFamousFilmsFNAF 7) by NovaTheBear
yandere Lefty x Molten ( NovaTheBear
yaoi (maybe,not sure yet there probably will be so times where they mentione making love in a sexual way) hope you enjoy the book!
Pixels by Eevee_Club20082
Pixelsby Eevee Club20082
Bryan falls through the portal and won't stop Glitching, What will happen if they don't fix the problem? ------------ Thefamousfilms Fanfiction ------------ All the char...
//° the cycle never ends°// by XxA_NOBODYxX
//° the cycle never ends°//by A NOBODY!!!🙃🙃
Bryan films a formal survival from the apocalypse and a survival of fanf hotel? the animatronics nor jon know. what will happen well he find himself with old friends and...
The Dragon Curse(slow updates) by cookiecat_girl2
The Dragon Curse(slow updates)by cookie
The Dragon Slayers have a small problem... ok it's not a small problem it's a huge problem and if it's reviled it could cause a lot of problems to the guilds will it get...
~ Text Messages ~ || TheFamousFilms FNAF AU || by DerpLee
~ Text Messages ~ || ♡Bunii♡
BestBuisnessOwner has added Pickles, Rockstar Freddy, Durps, Oats, Credit Cards, Pirate-ish, AlwaysDancing, ~Magic~, Stories and PleaseStandBy !!This was inspired by: Ch...
Bryan FTO a dargons charge by Sammyswolfpack87
Bryan FTO a dargons chargeby Samantha Muir
this is a fairy tale origins the famous film version were bryan meets a child adopted by bri and relizes this is his charge.
What if Molten was shot instead of Bryan? by iamacup
What if Molten was shot instead iamacup
Well let's find out! Remember I don't ship! There will be cussing! and I hope you enjoy! There will also be blood and some gore! (Not using any type of Gacha for this)
A Mother's Love by ArtificialAlibis
A Mother's Loveby ArtificialAlibis
(TheFamousFilms) Bryan has always been motherly to anyone he so much as thinks needs any form of comfort, guardian, or overall someone to feel safe around. After an acci...
Sno,ooo And Fnaf Oneshot by FNAFgirlshadow
Sno,ooo And Fnaf Oneshotby lucille
Hello there I really wanted to make a story I decided to make this oneshot of the famous films
Inside Control by CreepyCatDrgagon
Inside Controlby CreepyCatDragon
This is a Fnaf TheFamousFilms Book there will be more if you just read Cover by me