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Olivia Gilbert [1] by SlayingBritt
Olivia Gilbert [1]by Brittney
"You can see the flame in her eyes." Olivia Gilbert spent two years in L.A. before moving back to Mystic Falls after her parent's death. Olivia meets the Salva...
DarkFall | ✔️ by 4llyxox
DarkFall | ✔️by Ałły (On Hiatus)
Cecelia Lake thought she had a normal human life, she had a hot boyfriend with stupid jock friends. Two incredible best friends with striking personalities, and a big da...
THE KILLER RUINED ME by perfectdude_duh
THE KILLER RUINED MEby Talented Strangers
~"Who knew the one you loved was the one you were supposed to hate."~ Stech, an innocent girl who was once a happy, fierce and confident school girl. Now becam...
Corvus (Stars and Sails, Book 1) by amandamaedowney
Corvus (Stars and Sails, Book 1)by Amanda Mae Downey
Aiden Payne is a drifter. His only memory of home is a mysterious tattoo. While working as a gold miner, his path crosses with Amelia Rose Wagner, a sheltered girl in lo...
THE BANK HEIST by vikhariiz
"Run, Karen, run!!" Tom cried as he tried to pick up the gun. Stub was too quick and was already on Tom. Stub struck out with the knife and Tom only managed to...
Songs Of A Brokenhearted Soul by kramer22x
Songs Of A Brokenhearted Soulby Marcus
Amidst the darkness, pain, intense emotions and the stirring feelings of fears, doubts, fervid desires and love. A writer was able to write confessions, tales and storie...
Pretty In Yellow by colourtastic14
Pretty In Yellowby 사나
A bundle of poems that explore the tainted world of yellow that is my mind. I hope you can feel the emotions of despair, desire and delight I try to express through my w...
Murder Files [EDITING] by ZitinChopra
Murder Files [EDITING]by Zee
This is a book to spread awareness about certain happenings taking place in today's world. Though this book also contains fictional content, I will be mentioning the rea...
Barnania and the Twisted Tales by kramer22x
Barnania and the Twisted Talesby Marcus
Once upon a time, wars and desolation were etched on the land of the witches, wizards, and mages. Barnania was soaked with countless flooding of blood. The place was dee...
Beyond the Unknown by paelenico
Beyond the Unknownby Shadow of Death
Diana was sent by Jupiter to find out why certain planet at the end of the universe had suddenly had a huge surge of power. Days later, she still had not returned. Emily...
Oath Of Love..     (Completed) by Marwajowsi2000
Oath Of Love.. (Completed)by Marwa Jowsi
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS "HE PROMISED.." "No.. your not him... she bit back the tears threatning to fall.. " no you cant be him" "He will never...
Memorize by EerieVal
Memorizeby EerieVal
Think of a future where memories are wiped away from human brains to help people deal with time and incurable disease. Think of a time when man can live several lives an...
A Night Of Terror  by vikhariiz
A Night Of Terror by Vikhari
Jupiter Award Winner 2019 (Paranormal category) A teenage student and his friend travels to a desolate country in search of a cure for cancer. The horror which the boy...
Keep Me Safe by bookywormy1
Keep Me Safeby Evie Lynn
"I don't care if I have to kill every damn bootlegger in Georgia, I'm going to keep you safe." -------------------------- Sixteen-year-old Agnes Miller lives i...
V (Bonds of Blood) by KappaHime
V (Bonds of Blood)by 𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥_𝔸𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣_𝕎𝕣�...
It's the 21st century and times have changed, for everyone, genuinely and distinctively, for everyone----not just for humans. Thus, the story begins as one ends; He has...
The Photograph  by EbonyScarlett9185
The Photograph by Ebony
Ever since the murder of her mother, Michelle has dedicated her life to photography. She takes pictures through her window of the perfect couple next door, which reminds...
Love Calmed the Storm by Jessicaltyson
Love Calmed the Stormby Jessica Tyson
3rd place in romance in the Ocean Blue Awards!! Ranking #2 "lost loves" on 7/05/19....Lacey's life had been going nowhere recently, especially with all the ra...