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His Masochist; Ruvik Story by SomethingVictoriano
His Masochist; Ruvik Storyby Pinkish
When a whole family dies off in there own grim, horrid way, who's there to tell the tale? (Y/N) is the last Victoriano standing, standing out from the rest of the family...
Quick Smut Fixes by -Akage-
Quick Smut Fixesby Akage
For when you're hoping for that quick fix, don't worry ladies we've all been there. In here i have all the exports of smut from all my stories in one place for your enj...
The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenarios by Shyerue
The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenariosby Alice
Just a few One-Shots with the 'The Evil Within' guys <333
The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenarios  by zombielover8469
The Evil Within Boyfriend zombielover8469
I love this game. Just, all time favorite. All the characters I adore. Leslie is to die for!!So why not make a scenario book?! It might not get many views but oh well. X...
Fight My Fears And I'll Calm The Flames by R-L-Moran
Fight My Fears And I'll Calm The Moran
When you were young your mother was taken into the Victoriano estate as a servant with you at her side. The family excepted you as one of your own, your only friends Lau...
Played Out (Leslie X Reader) by OrthopedicDust
Played Out (Leslie X Reader)by BunnyBones
You were Dr. Jimenez's assistant at the Beacon Mental Hospital for a long time helping with his patient Leslie, but after a unexplained event that ended up in a horrible...
The Evil Within Fanfic by Caferandurah
The Evil Within Fanficby Norry
**DISCONTINUED** This isn't your typical love story.
Mad Hatter by halfwireparadox
Mad Hatterby Halfwire-Paradox
What's a mute little girl got to do to get out of a mental hospital? Nothing, because she can't do anything. When she reaches 25 she goes into Ruvik's mind to prove that...
Ruvik x reader by KayleightheWolf
Ruvik x readerby Kayleigh
The Evil Within fanfic
The Best of Me (Ruvik X Reader) by OrthopedicDust
The Best of Me (Ruvik X Reader)by BunnyBones
As children you and Ruben were best friends but after the incident you grew distant even as adults about to be married. Will you two be able to pull through or will ever...
Random Oneshots by Blueblossom4567
Random Oneshotsby Miss_Fallout_Fan
This is just a small book full of oneshots I have made because I legit have no life. I do NOT own a SINGLE character in this book. All rights go to the creators and with...
you are my home - leslie withers x reader by vvesscl
you are my home - leslie withers vvesscl
hello everyone! this is going to be my new book. it is set in the beacon mental hospital, where a young man named leslie withers has been searching for his home for as...
The Evil Within by N19HTB0T
The Evil Withinby N19HTB0T
Ruvik X Reader No time to escape No time to hide No time to love Only time to run You are detective with Sebastian. You and him are trying to find Ruvik. The man that sp...
stefano valentini x reader by lost_little_soul
stefano valentini x readerby Araceli cruz
your dad Sebastian was looking for you and lilly the two of you been trap in this nightmare and you two are being chase by those creatures and a man who is a photographe...
Surviving The Night, (Leon x OC(The Evil Within and Resident Evil) by GothicMoonlight
Surviving The Night, (Leon x OC( Gothic Moonlight
Kyra Castellanos has been through hell and back, now she'll have to go through it again, but she won't be alone, she'll join Leon S. Kennedy in saving the presidents dau...
Surviving The Night 2, Into STEM by GothicMoonlight
Surviving The Night 2, Into STEMby Gothic Moonlight
A year and a couple months had passed since the 04 mission, an organization rises once again, abducting Leon. Kyra must re-enter STEM once again to save not only her fia...
Into the Mind ༺The Evil Within One-Shots༻ by ruvikswaifu
Into the Mind ༺The Evil Within Ashley M. Kimes
A collection of various one-shots I have written from The Evil Within. Some canon, some not. Most don't involve shipping. Just any sort of Evil Within short story that c...
True Ending |The Evil Within x Reader| by Z0MB13B1T3
True Ending |The Evil Within x " Z "
You are not particularly smart, you are not particularly strong, you are not like the others, but... if anything, you are passionate, and no matter what you get yourself...
Leslie Withers One Shots || The Evil Within / Psycho Break by SnowandMusicLover
Leslie Withers One Shots || The h.e.b.s.
Since Leslie is literally my favorite character EVER TO EXIST, I wanted to make a one shots book just for him! I saw how he had nearly no stories about him at all on Wat...