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Sweven [✅] (YiZhan) by StellaKMary
Sweven [✅] (YiZhan)by ѕтєℓℓα мαяια
"I have been dreaming about a past and a future. Both have you and I in them," said Yibo as he kept stepping forwards, pinning the person he was conversing wit...
Matt & Doe by writing_slowly
Matt & Doeby Nina ❤
"Where'd you grow up?" "I can show you," Matthew shrugged, "But leave your questions at the door." ••• Mat...
The Longest Ride by awakened_dreams
The Longest Rideby °•°•Ana°•°•
"Love is hard to find, hard to keep, and hard to forget." --- Alysha Speer ~•~•~ Dreams. Irene Vandermeer was full of dreams that she never got to fulfill. Tra...
EEYORA : the start of it all (Under Reconstruction) by booksR_bae
EEYORA : the start of it all ( Pencilia Q. Page
A were-fantasy She was born different. The mere reason changed her life, that she as well became different. Born as the next Luna of the Grey Moon pack and living the li...
Way To Discovering by Barbietoyorce
Way To Discoveringby Barbietoyorce
Being a celebrity pianist, Belle had climbed the ladder to the top with her father in disguise. When her father got missing, she made it a point to find him. Amidst ever...
COMPLICATED (editing) by Witchy_Z
COMPLICATED (editing)by Za🌹
She killed her parents, she killed her best friend, but, she doesn't remember. Her life wasn't hers. She was being controlled, but, by who? That she got to find out.... ...
Are You Smarter Than Akpos? 😂 by OnyenankeyaEkene
Are You Smarter Than Akpos? 😂by arthur✔💗🌟
To some people, the first thing that comes to mind at the hearing of the name ' AKPOS ' is a naughty, witty and a Smart ( not in a good way) kind of boy; well at least t...
9 LIVES by gumeeeho
9 LIVESby Stephanie
"Ahhhhh please stop, please Then she's dead Who ever knew they could be as heartless as this. People dying, blood's being shed and people pleading for their lives...
Hooked on Writing | 31 Days Writing Challenge by maradiant
Hooked on Writing | 31 Days allons-y
Mija takes on Writers Write's Hooked on Writing, a free online writing course. Copy the link inside if you want to try the course. ♡ Cheers to us, bored people! 🍻 ✒a c...
Marie Lives in the Friend Zone by maradiant
Marie Lives in the Friend Zoneby allons-y
This is Marie's online journal. Year 2019-2020. It highlights her embarrassing stories from her high school crushes, poor attempts at finding someone with mutual interes...
FREED by koraangie
FREEDby Germaine
Skyler Wakefield is your average highschool girl with a completely normal life. I'm sorry did I say normal? Well I meant the opposite. She has no family except her belov...
Against All Odds by daliyamuala
Against All Oddsby daliya muala
After her mother's death, Vivian's life turned upside down, from straight-A student to spoilt, aggressive, and repulsive girl. Her relationship with her father is on the...
Game Of Pawns   by impacter_me
Game Of Pawns by Samiksha
Ariea wants revenge. Being bullied in school her entire life she thinks the best solution to get rid of all of this is to end her own existence. She changes her every th...