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His Light | • Alec Lightwood •  [ Wattys2019 ] by little-wolfie03
His Light | • Alec Lightwood • [ TR
Her life was pure catastrophe. She survived the worst possible pain she could and lived. She survived her psycho uncle and his lunatic minions.She survived her inner dem...
Everest 》Alec Lightwood | discontinued <3 by NamesLovely
Everest 》Alec Lightwood | mini hiatus | lovely |
"you taught me what it felt like to fly and what it felt like to fall every time I breathed" (c.c.b) In which problems unveil and the only person keeping...
Ascension ~ Shadowhunters (1) by Roni_Love28
Ascension ~ Shadowhunters (1)by Roni Mitelman
When we are young we are told every story there is. By our parents, books, teachers, movies and TV shows, it's all around us, we see it, enjoy it and leave it in our ima...
The Morning Stars by bookshavekilledme
The Morning Starsby *reads for eternity*
"They are The Morning Stars, children of Valentine Morgenstern." "Clarissa, Jonathan and Jace." "They hide from mun...
Eric Forman's Basement ☮︎ by camrynrav13
Eric Forman's Basement ☮︎by camrynrav13
The classic group of friends; Eric , Hyde , Fez , Kelso, Donna and Jackie welcome 2 new hippies; Camryn and Jayla into the circle after a sad death from the vista cruis...
The Circle by Too-late-to-leave
The Circleby Mandy
"I was told, told never to contact you, but... I don't fink I've any other options." the voice in the voicemail was frantic, and that of a young girl, maybe fo...
T H E L I G H T I N T H E D A R K N E S S by fesunshine
T H E L I G H T I N T H E D A R fesunshine
,,I am dead and alive. I am here and I am nowhere. But I only know only place where I am right now. The circle.''...
Omega by blackice45
Omegaby B. C. Minor
Alpha is the beginning. Omega is the end. Literally. What is an Omega? Have you seen one? I doubt it. Because if you did, you would be dead. No matter how fast you run...
JC Lockwood  by hayley_jw_r
JC Lockwood by hayley
"She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb." -not a love story with any characters -swearing
The Circle Fanfic by ISABELLIA_Saral
The Circle Fanficby ISABELLIA_Saral
This is based on the Netflix show the circle. Watch the show first, please! No matter if you're reading this is 2020, or years ahead, please comment!
Steps through time by Biancabdherondale
Steps through timeby Biancabdherondale
A story about the Circle,but mainly about Maryse and Robert Lightwood,about young love and life decissions. If you likeAlec and Isabelle,here you can find the resemblanc...
The Circle by JamesMatthewsauthor
The Circleby James Matthews
A young boy growing up in a new city devastated from the new government finds new hope as he finds a friend. The friendship won't last long as his friend has to go throu...
The Circle by joelsambib183
The Circleby joelsambib183
I don't know just The Circle this is the alternative to Museralli's The Circle and this also has really short chapters
The Circle (BFDI/PJO fanfiction) by Taco7969
The Circle (BFDI/PJO fanfiction)by BLAZEROL NEVER CLEAR
72 people appear in a circular area with a red thing with exotic energy (nothing related to the Geometry Dash level by Ellisha). There can only be one survivor. Who is i...
The Circle Destroyer by mysticsquirl16
The Circle Destroyerby mysticsquirl16
This story is about a girl who is part of a very bounded group of friends. They call themselves The Circle and are friends for over a decade. Only girls where part of th...
Flower of Death by thelonelyeye
Flower of Deathby mystery
In life there are two constants - death, and change. Both must occur. Even Death must die, and so does Life. Lilith, finds this out the hard way.
Clary morgenstern (Shadowhunters fanfic) by miraiah_regreess
Clary morgenstern (Shadowhunters miraiah_regreess
This story takes place in New York. Clary is in the circle with her brother Jonathon (aka sebastian in some parts of this story) and father Valentine. The morgensterns a...