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Sebastian Stan One Shots by sebastianner
Sebastian Stan One Shotsby sebastianner
In this book i will present imagines,preferences,one shots etc. Anyone who wants to request a story can PM me or write in the comments below. (NOT all of Sebs roles will...
Sebastian Stan x reader social media  by ChloDavids
Sebastian Stan x reader social Chloé Davids
This is a Sebastian Stan x reader social media AU. This is purely my mind that wants to do this. I mean no harm to his relationship with Ale. He is happy so be it
Sebastian Stan imagines  by litsokukly
Sebastian Stan imagines by listokukly
Some of these imagines are based on some songs or from by head. There will be some other of his characters and just to say if there is something wrong with any of the im...
absentee | lance tucker | by zukosprincess
absentee | lance tucker |by ♡ кαуƖα ♡
Lance Tucker wasn't ready for a kid. They stuck their noses into things they don't belong in. They're loud. They're annoying. They need constant attention that he wasn't...
SEBASTIAN STAN GIF SERIES by sebastianstansociety
In which we write gif imagines about Sebastian Stan and all the roles he has played.
Sebastian Stan + Characters Imagines by silverxstories
Sebastian Stan + Characters Anskuliskuu 💫❤
Imagines of Mr. Stan himself and his characters he has played in some movies and TV shows. Characters: Bucky Barnes T.J. Hammond Lance Tucker Chase Collins Carter Baizen...
viral • sebastian stan • social media by adult_fangirl
viral • sebastian stan • social unknown.
nadia towne, an up and coming actress, finds her way through new opportunities, relationships. meeting life changing people and risking exposure to a level she'd never e...
Falling | Sebastian Stan by queenslaughter
Falling | Sebastian Stanby Queen's Laughter
No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do I'm still falling for you [SOCIAL MEDIA]
Sebastian Stan Imagines by _daydreaming_x
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby Mango
Short stories about Sebastian Stan and the characters he has portrayed.
Living with SebStan's Characters by allie_beck_styles
Living with SebStan's Charactersby Allie Beck-Styles 💫💫💫
This is the english translation to the "WG-Choas" in my Sebastian‐Stan-book... It is inspired by @avengersfamily
My Love || Lance Tucker by nataliejoshgilson
My Love || Lance Tuckerby Natka Alari-Bufacchi
Lance Tucker was known for his affairs. But what people didn't know is that he has a Cuban Wife and a son
Sobriety Chip by SebIsMyMuse
Sobriety Chipby White Wolf
After a year of sobriety; Johnny is given a sponsorship opportunity in the form of newcomer Lance. Johnny is determined to win the young man's heart; but what is the dar...
Sebastian Stan Imagines by StrongerThanIWas
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby inactive
The title is pretty self explanatory. Read the info page!
Sebastian Stan Imagines by Wilde_Oscar
Sebastian Stan Imaginesby Lily
These are imagines of Sebastian Stan and a few of his characters. Such as Bucky Barnes, Tj Hammond, Jefferson (OUAT), Chris Beck (Martian) etc.
Sebastian Stan and characters imagines by ashtin1982
Sebastian Stan and characters ASH
I take requests! Mostly this is seb or Bucky but I will throw in: Jefferson (OUAT) Lance (The bronze) T.J. (Political Animals) And Jack (Kings)
Fixing the Broken by satanssmuts
Fixing the Brokenby satan xx
Lance Tucker and his wife are getting a divorce but can their son change their mind?
Albu's Dreamtime (Lance Tucker x Reader) by An0nym0us1243
Albu's Dreamtime (Lance Tucker x AnonymousBitch
Lance the Fucker Tucker. Gold and silver medalist in gymnastics. Plain old fuck boy using his reputation to get women. Worshipped like a god for his two medals. Y/N Y/L...
lance tucker imagines / oneshots by ibshark12341123
lance tucker imagines / oneshotsby ibshark12341123
as the title says here are lance tucker imagines
Baby Mine by SebIsMyMuse
Baby Mineby White Wolf
After knocking Maggie Towsend up; Lance took it upon himself to raise their daughter. Who knew the self-proclaimed 'God of Gymnastics' had a heart; let one that had been...