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Tame Her | TBZ✔ by tbznewberry
Tame Her | TBZ✔by 𝐌
"Hey-?" she says, but looks up into his dark eyes. "What?" "I know what a school uniform looks like...and that is not it", he says. "N...
❤️✨Ree kid x reader✨❤️ by Greengang123
❤️✨Ree kid x reader✨❤️by ✨Green gang✨
You just moved in with your older brother Eddie and now attending a new school you meet a friend of your brother and end up becoming best friend (maybe even more) you go...
birdie - tbz by thrill_tbz
birdie - tbzby 𝗖𝗹__𝗿𝗲
a well-known mafia gang is in town, the boyz, terrifying every citizen of seoul. but one night, the one everyone thought that they were gone, a girl with no apparent sec...
𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐀𝐋 by ceriseonthetop
𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐀𝐋by divine
In which a girl sees twelve guys every night. the boyz yandere completed. ©divine
New member of The Boys (The Boys x Reader) by harpgaming_theboys
New member of The Boys (The Boys Harper_Septiciplier
(Y/n) is a 21 year old woman who got kicked out of her parents house, now you may be wondering.. Why was (y/n) living with her parents, well she was previously living wi...
pavement  ↠ kim sunwoo  by uwusunu
pavement ↠ kim sunwoo by isa
"i don't know who to believe anymore" this story is purely fiction, with all characters also being fictional.
Hacker of the moon | ✔️ by Steamingwaffles
Hacker of the moon | ✔️by Sheb :3
"Now... let's find out who are we going to be playing with today, shall we?" -Mafia/gang au -Warning: Violence, cursing -Disclaimer: All written content in thi...
Secrets - JoshDub X Mully by gaege0gee
Secrets - JoshDub X Mullyby G + G + M
"It's josh- he's my best friend..right- we are just friends. Not like I liked him like that.." Mully thought to himself, trying to convince himself he didn't l...
GrantxGeage Eddiexgaege One Shot Book by EddieMunsonsBitch69
GrantxGeage Eddiexgaege One Shot daddy issues 101
STALKERS | TBZ✔ by tbznewberry
"Pretty princess, Y/N As you can see, we've cleaned the apartment for you...and taken away some things we do not consent to. There are rules now. You're not indepen...
Finding Home (The Boys X Female Reader + Narrator Father Figure) by L0stN3rd
Finding Home (The Boys X Female L0stN3rd
You've had enough of your toxic blood relatives and your past, so you run away from home. You end up at a Wal-Mart where you encounter someone you know from before. Fear...
Kiss Me If You Can | JuJae by YutayakiPrince
Kiss Me If You Can | JuJaeby YutayakiPrince
❝You might follow me everywhere I escape to, but there's a place in someone's arms where you'll never be able to find me.❞ -L.JH ❝He's mine. No matter which lives you st...
Two-faced by ohmyberrry
Two-facedby oh my berry!🍓
At school he's the top student but with her he's an asshole.
drink it | tbz✔ by tbznewberry
drink it | tbz✔by 𝐌
I had been dreaming of them for such a long time. They appeared in my dreams every night. Eleven vampires. All males. It was the same dream every night. I laid in one of...
The Boys- Apprentice by James9rocks
The Boys- Apprenticeby James
A young man goes on to apprentice as a hero for the one and only Queen Maeve of the 7.
The Hybridz | TBZ✔ by tbznewberry
The Hybridz | TBZ✔by 𝐌
11 hybrids that wants to protect their owner a little too much.
Mine | Lee Sangyeon ✓ by yvjimode
Mine | Lee Sangyeon ✓by ☁️
sangyeon is the leader of mafia who is obsessed with a simple girl "From now on, you're mine and under my property. Sangyeon's mine"
Keep My mind running (EddieVr X Reader) by AshGaming3609
Keep My mind running (EddieVr X AshGaming3609
Your going on about your youtubing life and you come across the boys playing VrChat Will you find someone that will truly love you or will you stay single like a pringle...
What If A Kryptonian/Martian Hybrid Was In The Boys? by TopGMahGuy
What If A Kryptonian/Martian EverythingMOFUC-
A Pod From Space Crashes Into Madelyn Stillwell's House When She Figures Out What It Was She Got The idea To Create Vought Because What Was Inside Was A Baby but not a n...
Unfamiliar Places || THE BOYZ FF by ZhongZihn
Unfamiliar Places || THE BOYZ FFby ChoiAya.124
A story about a girl named Lee Y/N who's always bright and happy and have a rich and popular family the lee family but there was a hidden truth about her that deep down...