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Kiss with a fist (completed) by vgcampos
Kiss with a fist (completed)by Val
"What's your name?" He tries again. Should I tell him so he can shut up? Or will he just keep talking. "Fine. Don't tell me. But personally I think we are...
The Heartbreakers.  by abigail_grayson
The Heartbreakers. by Abigail Grayson
They tried to warn her. All he was going to do was break her heart. Well, then let him break it. *** High school. The dreaded part of our lives where you had to figure...
The Middleman | ongoing by trapdoctorx
The Middleman | ongoingby - ̗̀ trap doc ̖́-
❝You think I'm a bounty hunter?❞ Well that surely wasn't how Leia Kar imagined her first conversation with Quinn Carter would go. Hell, she didn't think they would ever...
Close As Lovers- Original by abigail_grayson
Close As Lovers- Originalby Abigail Grayson
~BOOK 3~ (CAN NOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! You must read the first and second book for this one to make sense.) *This book is currently being rewritten. The newest ve...
Girls Like Girls by ChristineLLY
Girls Like Girlsby bruh
In the morning a few hours after Evelyn and her girlfriend, Kaylee, left for Paris, Evelyn's parents, brother, best friend, and ex-boyfriend found letters for each and e...
Love and War | book 1 #Wattys2016 #tbpa2016 by snipetss
Love and War | book 1 KaylaRose
Not all's fair. cover by: vectorious
The Girl That Learned to Fly  by StarCrossedBooklover
The Girl That Learned to Fly by peasant
Sometimes no one can save you... Madeleine Kingston is dead. They tried to save her but it was to late. Grace Jacobs isn't dead, but she might as well be. Madeleine was...
Writing Dares | contests by TheBookParty
Writing Dares | contestsby #TheBookParty
Think you have what it takes to win a contest? Come on in!
Deserted Love by abigail_grayson
Deserted Loveby Abigail Grayson
What would you do if you got stranded on an island with your ex? Well, Kimberly certainly wasn't counting on that to happen. Neither was Ashton. After an unfortunate...
one summer at the lake house | #Wattys2016 #tbpa2016 by snipetss
one summer at the lake house | KaylaRose
When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye, You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry, You float like a feather, In a beautiful world, I wish I was...
The Glass Moon by alexan629
The Glass Moonby A.K Pinto
He was the boy on the moon, And when he fell, The stars fell too. ☾☾☾ The Division says the walls protect us, The Division says they will save us, The Division says huma...
In The Night (bxb) by hanabi_neko
In The Night (bxb)by e l i z a b e t h
"In the dark of night I found a beautiful boy in the park, but how is it that I have fallen for him?" ALL RIGHTS RESERVED hanabi_neko2016 ©
Close As Lovers by abigail_grayson
Close As Loversby Abigail Grayson
B O O K T H R E E (CAN NOT BE READ AS A STAND ALONE! You must read the first and second book for this one to make sense.) ****************************************** ...
Sincerely, Aurora [completed] by Secretly_Myself
Sincerely, Aurora [completed]by - ̗̀ a n n e ̖́-
Back in 2015 there was an accident that rocked Aurora Brahm's world. No, it wasn't a skydiving accident like she always joked she would die from. It wasn't from swimmi...
Last Water Warrior by Divaqueen1016
Last Water Warriorby Queen
I ran as fast as I could. I turned around to see those big red eyes stared at me. I tried to scream. I fell. I wanted the pain to end. I collapsed. I awaited my death. M...
The Monster Under My Bed by -TheStargazers-
The Monster Under My Bedby Euro,Rainbow,and Zesty
Anna has always been afraid of the monster under her bed. She never goes to bed late at night, and she NEVER leaves the bed once she's in it. Her parents always try to e...
Expedition- Book 5 of The Angelic Wars by Amaranthine-angel
Expedition- Book 5 of The Ally
The war with the demons is approaching rapidly. Without the records, the Angels are left floundering and the demons know more about the angelic choirs than they could ev...
The Killjoy and Her Boy by Secretly_Myself
The Killjoy and Her Boyby - ̗̀ a n n e ̖́-
[BEING REVISED: SLOW UPDATES] Violet Mayre is about as far from normal as you can get and still be a human, seventeen-year-old girl. She hates romance, she hates sappine...
Sincerely, Haley || Sincerely, Taylor by LEK2003
Sincerely, Haley || Sincerely, SEMI HIATUS
Haley White and Taylor Cooper have been best friends since they were only 5-years-old. The two live in New York City, and walk to each other's houses every day. That is...