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Someone Out There Loves You (Adopted by Frank Iero) by noodlespud
Someone Out There Loves You ( el
After a failed suicide attempt, 15 year old Alexa is abandoned by her parents. That is, if you could consider them parents in the first place. She has been living in a p...
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader) by Freyathegeekgirl
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader)by Freyathegeekgirl !
You get to go to your first every MCR concert .. a dream come true and everything is perfect. Well until the end... Disclaimer: This story includes self harm, depression...
Identity [Gerard Way] *Completed* by IndigoBang
Identity [Gerard Way] *Completed*by divinity
"You're exactly the same as me, Lynx. You look down on yourself, just like I do." Gerard's voice raises, but it's not meant to be threatening. "And I don'...
Beautiful Unholy Pictures of Gerard Way by -MerciPourLeVenin-
Beautiful Unholy Pictures of EntertainMyFaith
this isn't like those annoying books where its one picture per chapter and the author puts something totally irrelevant to the picture as a caption... there's like more...
The Gerard Way Book by raisedbybandz
The Gerard Way Bookby simp
Facts about Gerard Way 12/26/15 at 8:47pm -12/26/16 at 8:47pm
My Chemical Romance (Klance High School Au) by XSpiderParkerX
My Chemical Romance (Klance High XSpiderParkerX
Lance's High School is just what you would expect. It has Classes, Lunch, sports and groups of kids, popular kids, cool kids, nerds, chior kids, jocks, cheerlead...
We Are The Kids From Yesterday ( A Frank Iero Story) by KimAckermann
We Are The Kids From Yesterday ( KimmieHargreeves
Emily is sent to live with her aunt in New Jersey away from her parents.She's been bullied all her life and has been ignored and alone and never believed in love.She att...
Frank Iero Photos ♡ by leathrmouthxx
Frank Iero Photos ♡by ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  
the title says it all, i have over 500 pictures of frank and i want to share tHEM WITH THE WORLD. (+ some mcr pics as well)
MCR Oneshots by cmell27
MCR Oneshotsby cmell27
Just random MCR oneshots by me :) Highest ranks - 5 in danger days tag (21/10/2020)
Frerard One Shots by FireNinjaDagger
Frerard One Shotsby FireNinjaDagger
Frerard one-shots. Fluff, Whump, Angst. Chapter descriptions: 1. Killjoys "Traffic Report" inspired 2. Soulmate Tattoo AU 3. Original 4. Inspired by "Snuf...
Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back (Party Poison X Reader) by smartlettuce
Save Yourself I'll Hold Them smartlettuce
Adrenaline Revolution, also (Y/N). That's my name. This is my story, a story of love, hate, and killing dracs. So if you're bored or just want to hear a story abou...
Paramour Mansion, Completed by lucyolucy2020
Paramour Mansion, Completedby lucyolucy2020
"It felt like something was coming after us. Every time we turned a corner, it was staring at us," recalled vocalist Gerard Way. "We couldn't escape it.&q...
Frank Iero x Reader One Shots by Whatever1026356
Frank Iero x Reader One Shotsby ? Ronnie ?
So i write way way way too many Frank Iero oneshots on my MCR x Reader book so I decided to make this book
ANG ANAK NG PINSAN KOby thebluefire
Hi po gusto ko lang po i-share sa inyo ang totoong nangyare sa buhay ko when i was young.first time ko lang pong magsulat neto kaya sana po ay magustuhan niyo ang aking...
My Famous Last Words (Frank Iero Love Story <3) by KimAckermann
My Famous Last Words (Frank Iero KimmieHargreeves
Mckenzie is a teenager who has lived with her parents all her life she was born in jersey but her parents dont want their daughter to be raised there,years later her she...
Waiting For Love(Klance book 2) [DISCONTINUED] by XSpiderParkerX
Waiting For Love(Klance book 2) [ XSpiderParkerX
continuation of my book "My Chemical Romance" "Monday left me broken Tuesday I was through with hoping Wednesday my empty arms were open Thursday waiting...
Notice Me !! (Frerard Fanfiction with a few other band ships) by PitchBlackNightmare
Notice Me !! (Frerard Fanfiction x.rose_princess.x
Frank has had a crush on Gerard for a long time but what about Gerard?? Ha..ha... this is my first story so don't judge please thank you!! Slight trigger warning (if I d...
My Beautiful Girls (Frerard) by sydmustdiexo
My Beautiful Girls (Frerard)by syd xoxo
Fem!Frank × DangerDays!Gerard × Revenge!Ray × Fem!Mikey (hence, Michelle) × I don't know how or why I made this, but here we are. If you read this until the end, WHY?? M...
Nothing Special (Gerard Way x Reader) by morallyneutralsoup
Nothing Special (Gerard Way x morallyneutralsoup
You are just one of the thousands of MCR fans out there all falling for Gerard Way. There is no almost no chance that he would ever even notice you, and even if he did h...
Wszystko o Gerardzie Way'u. by Zielona-Herbata
Wszystko o Gerardzie Way' Polly
Najróżniejsze fakty, ciekawostki i cytaty związane z Gerardem Way'em. Ja tu tylko i wyłącznie tłumaczę! Oryginał znajdziecie u Raisedbybandz, pod tytułem ''The Gerard W...