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The Big Four - One Life by ArrowsAndFire
The Big Four - One Lifeby Just another nerd
"Tell me the story," the little girl whispered eagerly, "of the ice boy and the flower princess and their adventures with the dragon rider and the arrow-s...
Jackunzel Family Story (Completed) by BridgetFlower
Jackunzel Family Story (Completed)by BridgetFlower
Jackunzel and their two daughters Elsa and Anna.
Now or Never TC1 (Big Four/RotBTD) by Ars3n1c
Now or Never TC1 (Big Four/RotBTD)by C
When Pitch returns with a secret weapon, Manny decides to create the Big Four to even the odds. How will they react to being torn from their families? Will they grow bon...
Run and Hide by Winter_Hofferson14
Run and Hideby Winter_Hofferson14
"You put the curious in curiousness Hiccup" - Astrid Berk. It's a peaceful island on the north of hopelessness, friend to the dragons and neighboring islands...
Disneyworks Adventures [Season 1] by RavenDragon643
Disneyworks Adventures [Season 1]by Ravenfire 177
Every Disney and Dreamworks movie come together for the summer and join together for summer camp. Although, there is one person who has never been to this place, Hiccup...
Jelsa/The Big Six in High School (Book 1) by jelsalover14
Jelsa/The Big Six in High School ( Jelsalover14
Elsa Arens and her family move to Canterlot. There, Elsa and her sister Anna Arens, attend at their new school, Canterlot High. It is there where they meet a popular gro...
The Cause {A Mericcup Novel} by quennasential
The Cause {A Mericcup Novel}by quennasential
Her eyes blazed blue in the dark as she asked him, "If you had the chance to change yer fate, would you?" A How To Train Your Dragon and Brave fanfiction. Peac...
King of Winter?! by sargasso8
King of Winter?!by Maraja Sargasso
Jack Frost. Guardian of Fun and ultimate prankster of the spirit realm. He was made a spirit at the human age fourteen and is the only immortal child. After three hundre...
True Love (Jelsa Fanfic)  by VanillaCow
True Love (Jelsa Fanfic) by VanillaCow
The story takes place months after Elsa has found her happiness. After reports of crystallized black ash are found sweeping through Arendelle, people believe it's ju...
Broken by Winter_Hofferson14
Brokenby Winter_Hofferson14
I'm a twin, crazy I know. I have two sisters the eldest is Elizabeth but we call her Elsa for short *hint that's my twin* she's beautiful, more pretty than me I can tell...
The Big 6 F•R•I•E•N•D•S - Season 2 by Lady_Vikuistador_91
The Big 6 F•R•I•E•N•D•S - Season 2by Lady_Vikuistador_91
Six friends from five realms living in a land between where they drink coffee, spill secrets, get tatted, and find love! . . . . . . Welcome back to the Tri-Kingdom are...
Jelsa and TBF incorrect quotes 2 by fangirl-888
Jelsa and TBF incorrect quotes 2by fangirl-888
Second part! Quotes found on Tumblr. Ships that may appear: -Jelsa -Hiccstrid -Eugenzel -Kristanna -Merida having a crush on Rapunzel -Maybe even Hijack (Don't like it d...
U.A's Big 4 by milliexbby
U.A's Big 4by Millie <3
Kido Mirai is a serious, hard working women who worked her way up to U.A's big 4. She is known as the closest to replace and surpass All might. She is the 'leader' of th...
The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriend by musiciamo
The Billionaire's Hired Girlfriendby musiciamo
#2 in Jelsa-- December 2018 Jackson Overland Frost is the owner of a multi-billion dollar film studio in New York City, Frost Film Studios. He's been to the most elegant...
NOTORIOUS by jelsa-cruiseship
NOTORIOUSby plus ultra bitch
Elsa comes back to school after being expelled. She reunites the Fearsome Four and they all scheme to rule the school but the Big Four is in their way. They all plan to...
Finding You ~Book 2 of Unexpected~ by BurningFiree
Finding You ~Book 2 of Unexpected~by Gabrielle
If you thought I was giving up on Hiccup, I wasn't. I will never. We've been through so much. When I get my hands on Merida, I'm not showing her any mercy. She can't ste...
Rotten To The Core (Hiccup x Reader) [Feat. The Big Four/Multi-crossover] by KristieChick
Rotten To The Core (Hiccup x кяιѕтιє
There was the ill-tempered princess who ran away after ripping the tapestry and burning her mother's hair and lived with the witch of the forest. There was the haunting...
Hogwarts The big four - readerxhiccup by Booktopium
Hogwarts The big four - 😊😊
You always wished for something exciting to happen in your life. What you didn't expect was that this something exciting would be being accepted in Hogwarts school of wi...
random oneshots by issy5316
random oneshotsby issa
this book is going to be about many fandoms! some of my own worlds will be there
The Big Four at Hogwarts: Years 1 & 2 Nightmare Land  by Odyssey5
The Big Four at Hogwarts: Years Charley B. Haver
The big four are going to Hogwarts. Follow them as they go on adventures, make new friends, and of course learning magic. Their fist year was just peachy, all of them en...