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The Power of a Muted Mate by Flaglover98
The Power of a Muted Mateby Flaglover98
Melody Winters has been abused by her father since her mom died when she was seven. At the age of ten she stopped talking. She's starting to lose hope in life. Randal Ev...
Theatrical Love by MaC1lll
Theatrical Loveby MaC1LLL
Y/n starts a new journey in highschool, he has liked theater and acting for a long time that is why he wants to be in theater club. But he doesn't have any courage to do...
Romeo and Juliet (Zelink Modern AU) by AceOfCharms
Romeo and Juliet (Zelink Modern AU)by Charm
When Zelda tries out for the role of Juliet in the school's Romeo and Juliet, she finds that a large number of girls deign to be Juliet. But when Link, Zelda's crush, la...
Lights Up - Prinxiety [COMPLETED] by death-of-a-phangirl
Lights Up - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]by Death ☠️
Virgil moved to New York to try and move past his old demons that had been causing him to struggle in life since he was thirteen. The problem is, he's got limited money...
Withering Ties ✔  by favourit0
Withering Ties ✔ by Fav.i_writes
A writer is not only characterized by their bestselling novel. A writer is somebody who dreams with their eyes open, that creates entire worlds with a pen and paper (or...
PAW Patrol Movie Discussion. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol Movie Andrew Gamer GL
This is going to be a Discussion page where we talk about our thoughts for the PAW Patrol Theatrical Movie that is coming out in 2021, and I would really like to hear yo...
The Famous Reject by Flaglover98
The Famous Rejectby Flaglover98
Harmony Melic was a simple girl who loved theatre. It was always her dream to be on Broadway, however she knew that it probably would never happen. She was bullied in sc...
Supercorp Theater AU by uncommonshipper12
Supercorp Theater AUby uncommonshipper12
(Not my art work in the cover) Welcome to National City Theater Camp. The most exclusive and powerful acting camp on the whole east coast. The camp holds a competition...
Theatre Monologues by LifeJustHappened
Theatre Monologuesby Pathetic Aesthetic
These are small excerpts from published plays, clipped to last from thirty seconds to two minutes depending on the performance. Disclaimer-I do not own any of these mo...
-.𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚕.- [Eren Jaeger x Reader] ||modern AU|| by ernharmi
-.𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚕.- [Eren ernharmi
[EREN JAEGER X READER] MODERN AU - Trigger Warnings: -mention of verbal & physical abuse -mention of suicide & self-harm -heavy language (cussing) - ||description||...
The Three Most Difficult Words || A Play by LaurelGeni
The Three Most Difficult Words || Laurel Geni
A One-Act Play (If you would like to perform this one-act, please contact me!) ***** Samantha and Allison - two very different people - find each other through mutual f...
Yours Always by SylRose18
Yours Alwaysby Rose Plath
He looked up at me and smirked. "Baby? Where did that come from?" I shrugged. "I don't know. Just seemed fitting." He smiled. Hey, I got him to smile...
Words Will Always Retain Their Power by deadnamex
Words Will Always Retain Their deadnamex
Evey has always wanted to be an actress, when her chance finally comes she encounters memories and something else, redemption perhaps
The Gay Theatre Kids (Jaydie)  by TwoTranzBoiz
The Gay Theatre Kids (Jaydie) by TwoTranzBoiz
They have been friends for five long years, and they thought their relationship was nothing but platonic... It was the year 2012, the year their community decided to put...
Lesson ||Complete|| by IcyRosa
Lesson ||Complete||by Lilian Guevara
[UNEDITED] Theater Monologue Female Role
Newsies Journal by Wishful___Thinking
Newsies Journalby Wishful___Thinking
Basically a diary of all that happens during the Encore! 2019 Production of Newsies
Dollhouse 11:45 by i5bubsmol
Dollhouse 11:45by Sums_bby-n.j.
In the eyes of you- a theatre actor/actress running for your life from a psycho... This story is kinda based on a dark time in my life (I was not kidnapped).
Algebra Shower Thoughts by Alice_White135
Algebra Shower Thoughtsby Alice_White135
A short story about a girl bored in math class, and the many adventures of her classmates.
Lights! Camera! Romance?  by BethBear1
Lights! Camera! Romance? by BethBear1
"Curtains up! And ACTION!" I enter onto the stage on stage left "Prince charming! My love I'm here I'm the one with the glass shoe!" I scurry around...
Theatre - A FatimaZ Short Story by FatimazzzzzZ
Theatre - A FatimaZ Short Storyby Fatima Kamara
A dope short story about a girl about to perform. The similarities between it and life are uncanny.