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Bug Beverage • A Beetlejuice Fanfiction by AllHailLilith
Bug Beverage • A Beetlejuice All Hail Lilith
"Can we get a Beetlejuice fanfiction?" Sure! "Can we get a Beetlejuice fanfiction where Beetlejuice isn't as much of a dick and the focus of the story isn...
  • musical
  • theatre
  • xreader
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Hamilton 30 Day Challenge by cho_2004
Hamilton 30 Day Challengeby ms_jc04
Y'all, I know I am doing this late, but I saw lots of people doing this, so I thought I'd try it!
  • intheheights
  • theatre
  • challenge
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softly|| jeremy jordan by -angelmillie
softly|| jeremy jordanby aмy
in which two celebrities meet and fall in love started: 17/8/19
  • b99
  • newsies
  • jeremyjordan
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What love is. by xxWonderluxx
What love SunsetLover
The day his brown eyes met my green ones was the day everything in life made sense and my logic was thrown out the window. ------- I'm making this story based off real e...
  • theatre
  • browneyes
  • highschool
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juice ; fancasts by guacardo
juice ; fancastsby 𝓜.
࿐.∗̥⁺ 𝐣𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐞. ❛ if i'm shinin' everybody gonna shine ❜ in which i share my dream casts for books, shows, and movies with you guys! ...
  • plays
  • shows
  • cute
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Comédies Musicales & Ouragans by Lany-chan-
Comédies Musicales & Ouragansby ℱ lσwєrs ⟡
Jasmine, fan incontestée de théâtre souhaite en faire son métier, mais elle n'est âgée que de dix sept ans, et n'a qu'à peine les moyens de s'acheter de quoi manger. Dep...
  • jeunes
  • aion
  • theatre
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"You're the one that I want!" Grease theatre roleplay by Lukasthewriter207
"You're the one that I want!" Walk a lonely road🎸
Just like any of my other roleplays All rights to @WingardiumLev0sa And I'm literally unsure why I made this
  • greasers
  • theatre
Figure it out by xXTheoWritesStuffXx
Figure it outby xXTheoWritesStuffXx
Grey is very clear about his sexuality, he's gay, always has been always will be. Nova is also very clear about her sexuality, she's pan, she is open to dating any gende...
  • photography
  • romance
  • fluff
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You're The One (Pinkberry/Royal Pains - Soulmate AU) by BroadwayBxtch
You're The One (Pinkberry/Royal ★A Meme★
Whenever someone is born, they always and forever will be colorblind. Unless they meet their soulmate. Once a person is going through their "I really want a boyfrie...
  • romance
  • musicals
  • bmc
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《Be More Chill Lyrics》 by artistic_artist
《Be More Chill Lyrics》by artistic_artist
the title says it all. •the cover art is mine•
  • lyrics
  • songlyrics
  • christinecanigula
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Diary ~ Random Thoughts by HamFans10123
Diary ~ Random Thoughtsby HamilQueenGrumps
Show time, show time yo! I'm Taylor and this is random stuff that has to do with me. In this book will be rants, random stuff, drawings, questions and blah blah blah...
  • hamilton
  • stupid
  • random
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A Story of a Sad Little Boy by GreenMonsterTea
A Story of a Sad Little Boyby Chase
a story about a person who experiences life. it's actually just me ranting and writing about my thoughts. Watch as I spill the tea in my life. Caution may get deep
  • notastory
  • gay
  • city
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mamma mia | jeremy jordan  by jerjordan
mamma mia | jeremy jordan by ♛
❝i suddenly lose control, there's a fire within my soul. ❞ in which he is infatuated with her bliss and she tries to teach him how to love. began: 𝟩.𝟤𝟦.𝟣𝟪 ended:...
  • newsiefanfiction
  • broadway
  • friendswithbenefits
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Dressing Room 7 by ZoeCatherElle
Dressing Room 7by ZoeCatherElle
Marilyn always gets good roles in the school play. Sara only signed up because she needed an extra circular activity. Anna was forced to audition by her mother. Marilyn...
  • lgbt
  • musicaltheatre
  • comingofage
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Suis-je ? by _FelixTheCat__
Suis-je ?by Félix Hamon
Quand deux âmes sont piégées Dans un seul et même corps L'amour pourra délivrer L'être de son cruel sort
  • imposture
  • romantique
  • theatre
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Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton  by Luci-Trash
Hamilton Reacts To Hamilton by MALAYNA
Basically the title... I've always wanted to write one of these and I'll just post it if you want to read it. I'm writing this for FUN thank you :)
  • alexanderhamilton
  • burrdosia
  • theatre
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Evan Hansen X Reader by bwayaddict
Evan Hansen X Readerby bwayaddict
Highest rank: Number 4 of #evanhansenxreader Here's a Evan Hansen X Reader for you guys! This is my first story btw, I hope you guys enjoy it! Fluff Lime (A little sexua...
  • theatrekid
  • evanhansen
  • theatre
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The Trouble with Friendship by DoNotMicrowave
The Trouble with Friendshipby Lindsey Summers
When best friends begin to drift apart, they start a notebook to keep in touch. Everything is working perfectly--until it isn't. A series of events shatter their friend...
  • schoolromance
  • humor
  • teenromance
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Artistica (Updates Fridays) by ModernWaterRider
Artistica (Updates Fridays)by Valerie Jackson
Prince Julián of Attrais has had the perfect life. It gets even better when on a trip to a neighboring kingdom, Literaya he meets princess Veronika, the granddaughter o...
  • king
  • dance
  • highfantasy
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Bête noire. Bel amour. by ravencrow0313
Bête noire. Bel ravencrow0313
"Sì! They are together, we play we are together" Perhaps it'll take more time for Skyler to wrap his mind around the whole thing, starting back to noticing the...
  • romance
  • bands
  • lgbtq
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