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The Devil's Crush. by emotionalhazard
The Devil's :)
It's all going well for Eleven. The love of her life is back into the town. Her parents are loving and everything is fun and sorted with her best friends. Life is nothin...
  • friendship
  • love
  • romance
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Beasts & Burdens (An MC Romance) ✔️ by aminaleeds13
Beasts & Burdens (An MC Romance) ✔️by Amina Leeds
2018 ABBA Winner! (Leather & Lace, Book 1) "Sarin, someday you'll realize that the moment those lips claimed mine I decided that I'd tear Heaven and Hell apart, j...
  • action
  • badass
  • rivalry
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Trial & Error by AudenNyxOctavious
Trial & Errorby AudenNyxOctavious
"You're weird." "Says the girl covered in dog saliva." His eyes run up and down my body which makes me a little self conscious. "Oh and you're...
  • feisty
  • projectprankster
  • deathandlife
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An Accidental I Love You by VisualTragedy
An Accidental I Love Youby kris ♥︎
And with the accidental click of a button, my life changed forever. For better or for worse? I guess you'll have to find that out. After finally moving on from years of...
  • drama
  • unlimitedpride
  • wattys2019
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A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Away by genniefromtheblock
A Sass a Day Keeps the Bad Boy Awayby Genoveva
(Completed) Top Rank: #3 IN TEEN FICTION #1 IN HUMOR Book #1 of the "Keep Away"-Series What if your life was turned upside down ? Or took a sudden unexpected t...
  • playboy
  • badboy
  • drama
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Dangerous Attachment by inspiredrlh
Dangerous Attachmentby Leigh
All Kira Collins wanted was for her senior year to run as smoothly as possible to make up for her previous years problems. That's all good in theory until she gets invol...
  • dangerous
  • lgbt
  • dangerousattachment
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D U S K  ✔ by BishWhatDidYouSay
D U S K ✔by Darcey
He was leaning up against the wall of the bus stop, his muscular arm above his head, his jet black hair was messy as the wind scraped past it as well. "You're sur...
  • blind
  • featured
  • completed
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Crossroads by AudenNyxOctavious
Crossroadsby AudenNyxOctavious
"You make me want to do things to you." He mumbles, his brown eyes never straying from mine. "W-What?" I stutter nervously yet at the excact same mo...
  • love
  • betrayal
  • badboys
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Bad Reputation by Nightstar321
Bad Reputationby NightStar
Ezra - I wish I never met her, the brat I so call. She's a living nightmare. Alexa- I wish I never knew him. He's a jerk, a troublemaker. He's the bane of my exis...
  • friendship
  • jerk
  • humour
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Finally Falling by Midnight_writes_
Finally Fallingby K
Fire and Water. That's what they were. Together they were just whispers of what could have happened and what could have been. Running from a tragic past no one- not even...
  • highschool
  • pranks
  • badboy
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Staying Afloat | #wattys2018 by CarsAndCorsets
Staying Afloat | #wattys2018by Thea Fox
All Maya Jones wants is a normal life. She wants a normal happy family and true friends who like her for herself. Instead, she is the secret illegitimate daughter of tw...
  • cars
  • teenfiction
  • dragracing
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The Wild Child ✔️ by KaeNicole
The Wild Child ✔️by s a y h a y h a y y
*Book 1 in The Stick with Me Series* ** He kisses my neck and my brain feels like mush. I can't think of what I wanted to say or all of the points I'd made clearly showi...
  • wattys2018
  • teenfiction
  • projectbadboys
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Facing Him by forever_Jen_
Facing Himby forever_Jen_
A couple years ago, my older brother and I saw something that we shouldn't have seen. Ever since then, we have been on the run from our father, constantly having to chan...
  • away
  • lovestory
  • lies
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The Bad Boy In Bambie's Class | BACK by Thesaaurus
The Bad Boy In Bambie's Class | Tofo Matilda Bardi
"Lets run away" "Together where no one will blame us" She says with hot tears falling from her eyes "But I killed him you know...
  • school
  • teenager
  • funny
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Tragedy | ✓ by oneshootingstar
Tragedy | ✓by shootingstars
{C O M P L E T E D} She had a tragedy He had a tragedy Everyone has a tragedy But do we all recover ? She is a teenager He is a teenager Does that mean they don't s...
  • sarcasm
  • broken
  • seniorhigh
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My Bad Boy Roommate #TheABBAs2k18 #ProjectBadBoys  #wattys2017  {COMPLETED} by MakeAWishXxx
My Bad Boy Roommate MakeAWishXxx
Emma Waterson is your stereotypical shy picture perfect girl who has always stuck to the rules, but Nick Cole is the towns rebellious , hot Bad Boy who doesn't know wh...
  • wattys2017
  • theabbas2k18
  • projectbadboy
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