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Addictive Romance   [Yuyan X Jiaqi] by sylmxjq
Addictive Romance [Yuyan X Jiaqi]by sylmxjq
'Avoid players. They're bad for you.' That was what she has been doing ever since she had came across a specific someone. However, it wasn't that easy when she was cons...
UNEXPECTED | lkr by yonarese
UNEXPECTED | lkrby yopi
(Y/N) (L/N) was known for her perfect and flawless performances and for her great talent in the music industry. Yet it all broke down when she unexpectedly fell in love...
Mr. Wrong [Cai Xukun]✔️ by hunnyuwu
Mr. Wrong [Cai Xukun]✔️by hunny
Oh Mr. Cai, when will you reciprocate my feelings? Started: idek Ended: 05/31/2020 (Completed) Last edited: 05/08/2021
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Fate Led Me Here {SOULMATE A.U} {Liu Yuxin x Reader} by yule_in_foodland
Fate Led Me Here {SOULMATE A.U} { Yule🍨
"Hello everyone! I'm a trainee from Asia Music Group, AMG, Liu Yuxin." "Hello mentors, hello everyone! I am Mihn Y/N from Tiger Eye Entertainment." T...
【反击】counterattack // s.xiaoting by ManamiOnTheBeat
【反击】counterattack // s.xiaotingby sqhy link >
⚠️: it's all work of fiction, do not take it seriously
One Percent by LYX_THE9CENTER
One Percentby Yuxin Best gurl
Kun met an unexpected person from the past and now his life somehow starts to revolve around her. But the woman herself, Liu Yuxin didnt seem to remember him. The journe...
Flower among the thorns by unwrittenday
Flower among the thornsby hayley
A spinoff fanfiction about Liu YuXin and the boys in Nine Percent.
Flip A Coin 《Kunxin Short Story》 by LYX_THE9CENTER
Flip A Coin 《Kunxin Short Story》by Yuxin Best gurl
a short story about a popular jocks Cai Xukun who attends the most prestige university in shanghai meets a rather looking plain girl Liu Yuxin who happens to be the only...
Keep Running KUNXIN Edition by LYXxCXK
Keep Running KUNXIN Editionby MC
Fanfic about Liu Yuxin and Cai Xukun... A story that made from my imagination and I wanna share it with the kunxin shipper but the story line was so random. Hope you gu...
Lovers by Contract by sweetnot3
Lovers by Contractby forest
In which being a superstar and a role model to the young generation had led them to make a choice. And that is to be Lovers by Contract.
his beanstalk and alien by wishyouweres0berz
his beanstalk and alienby amere
Min Yoongi gets teased for his height by two rather tall (and good looking) men. #152 yoonkook may 11 2021 #216 ghosts may 11 2021
qcyn2 incorrects by peiskoss
qcyn2 incorrectsby peiskoss ♡
just a bunch of incorrects, ONLY MEANT FOR FICTIONAL PURPOSES lowercase intended, irregular updates credits to the owners of the original quotes ♡
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Forbidden {Liu Yuxin x Cai Xukun} by yu_08042
Forbidden {Liu Yuxin x Cai Xukun}by •欣yu
Forbidden love develops between a mentor and a trainee. Will they confess their love to each other or will it be forever buried? *please do not open if you do not like {...
The9 Comeback by KeXintahan
The9 Comebackby Andy
5 years after their disbandment, The9 members find their way back to each other as Liu Yuxin made an album just for them. *** The POVs are in consecutive order (jsyk hah...
"ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ" (A Liu YuXin Fanfic) [DISCONTINUED] by ICONICBOKE_
"ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ" (A Liu YuXin Fanfic) [ ♛ ━━𝐅𝐈𝐅𝐈!
Discontinued (Y/n) (L/n). Lets just say she was perfect. Can be both professional, cute, funny, sexy and was amazing at rap, dance and singing. The whole package as som...
The Only One by dhoraxiii
The Only Oneby dhoraxiii
"Thank you. Thank you for being honest to me. If you still like her then be it. I don't have any plans to stop you nor force you to like me. But when the time comes...
Yuni Collection [COMPLETED] by Vampy_26
Yuni Collection [COMPLETED]by Vampy_26
its for Zeng Keni and Yuyan I love them so much if you ever watch the show called Youth With You 2, you will recognize them
Yuxin Baobei by KaZhangPhan
Yuxin Baobeiby Ka Zhang Phan
After The9 performance at Iqiyi night scream 2021, one gas exploded with sudden. Everyone run fastly not notice Yuxin still inside building "Where is Yuxin?!"...
50% Dumb, 100% Love! {Liu Yuxin x Reader} by yule_in_foodland
50% Dumb, 100% Love! {Liu Yuxin Yule🍨
The kingdom is conducting a royal ball! You are invited to attend! A three-day ball, alphas, betas, omegas, flurry of dresses, horses, carriages, a princess and a whole...