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The Makeover (Magcon Boys FanFiction) by leesuh
The Makeover (Magcon Boys lisa
Hailey Reneé is now 16 years old. But when she was 14, the boys now in a group called Magcon would bully her and beat her up everyday at school. Her sister gives her a m...
Sleepover  (fack) by heyimmaloser
Sleepover (fack)by FruityTae
How could one sleepover change two best friends forever? Well read my story to find out.
I Guess Its Love? by mmnnnbb
I Guess Its Love?by mmnnnbb
Clara, a popular 19 year old youtuber, moves to Los Angeles. She starts a new beginning for herself with her YouTube friends and a lifetime of happiness and craziness
Why me? (Harry styles) by hxlohxzza
Why me? (Harry styles)by hxlohxzza
•Excerpt• ~"Wait! Before you go! Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?" I ask, giving her a cheeky smile. That was so stupid oh my god why did I say that...
The Different One by BoltPrincess
The Different Oneby The Awkward Princess
She was new, shy and over all, just flat out different. He was awkward, but popular, and everyone knew him. But what happens when their fates collide together. Does she...
Jackxpenn true love? by katiefranksreads
Jackxpenn true love?by katiefranksreads
Jackxpenn is perfect they live together and what could possibly go wrong
Thats So Cute // thatSojack fan fiction by xNoSocialLifex
Thats So Cute // thatSojack fan Morgan
Peyton summers and her best friend jack (thatsojack) have been best friends for a long time. She has walls built up around her and she doesn't plan on them getting broke...
papi pacify ☓ jackxpenn by nnnirvana
papi pacify ☓ jackxpennby smokey
"how does it feel to have me thinking about you; wishing these words were enough to consume you" nnnirvana © copyright 2014 all rights reserved ®
Broken Glass [ a jackxpenn fanfiction ] DISCONTINUED by elenarizona
Broken Glass [ a jackxpenn elenarizona
Jenn is seemingly your average youtuber - addicted to the internet, constantly on her phone & hipster style. But her family is falling apart right in front of her eyes a...
New Year's Kiss by phanwinchester
New Year's Kissby Claudia
This is a little fanfic about the supposed kiss between thatsojack and jennxpenn this New Year's. Hope you like it! :D Edit (August 5th 2014): Holy shit, I have almost...
Broken (Thatsojack) by likeyaddict
Broken (Thatsojack)by likeyaddict
Bailey thought she had the worst life ever. Living in Miami with only her mom. Untill one day she gets the opportunity to move to LA. There she meets one of her favorite...
Ricky and Jenn by WP_Parodys
Ricky and Jennby WP_Parodys
In the beautiful city of Las Angles, where our story takes place, a long-standing hatred between two families erupts into new violence, and citizens stain their hands wi...
Stay cloudy☁️ by monse_govea
Stay cloudy☁️by Munchies
A new girl comes to school named Jennifer. She is a junior like jc. She finds jc attractive but jc doesn't notice her into one day. Read more to find out... ( this doesn...
Lost in his eyes{Jc Caylen Fan Fiction} by HollywoodLawley
Lost in his eyes{Jc Caylen Fan HollywoodLawley
Jessie never knew her family had a special connection to the Franta family until now. Jessie and her uncle traveled to Minnesota to visit them and as their journey conti...
Begin again by andwiizzle
Begin againby Andrea
This is gonna be a jackxpenn/jcpenney fanfic but not like the other ones. I have my own plot that i haven't seen in any other story on wattpad. Hope you enjoy and i'll t...
Nothing Lasts Forever - a Thatsojack Fanfiction by detroitnialll
Nothing Lasts Forever - a tania
It's funny how fame can change everything. Back when Jack only had a few thousand subscribers on Youtube, before his new hair, his expensive clothes, back before all of...
YOUTUBERS!!! by kickyilb14
YOUTUBERS!!!by silvia lopez
Join a group of upcoming Youtubers, trying to find themselves in LA and falling in love with.