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What If I Fall In Love? ~Mithross Love Story~ by _Mithross_Da_Best_
What If I Fall In Love? One_Spirit
Ross and Shelby find out they're hybrids and must hide it from the world. They will use their powers to stop this evil and to save the world and their family bloodline...
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A Red Rose (RedVacktor x Rose) by RedRozess
A Red Rose (RedVacktor x Rose)by Red Rozes
A brand new, graduated 19 year old student from London wants to start a new life away from Europe. Her desire for America is a single step to her future. She will start...
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Somethings are better off Secrets  ( Mystreet × SkyMedia ×The Few, Advengers) by ThatWeirdGirlMar
Somethings are better off ThatWeirdGirlMar
Jessica, Jess, Aphmau.... has the hugest secret she's a Nightgaurd in Freddy Fazbears, she's Lady Thor, and she has friends that are warriors for the SkyArmy... and the...
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The Mad One (Max X Reader) by aroundsound87
The Mad One (Max X Reader)by 【 alex 】
You are ross' best friend from high school. When he takes you to work in the offices you meet Max, the editor..
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The Power of a Phoenix (MCD x Sky media) by WooshleDoodle
The Power of a Phoenix (MCD x BlueBirdii
They have always been different than other people. People would always judge them because of what they are. But really they are all just like you... So ya this is a fa...
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Back Together Again. (An Aphmau And SSundee Crossover) by _what_are_those_
Back Together Again. (An Aphmau shadow_qween
Aphmau is getting ready for a date with Aaron. then suddenly, these guys knock on the door. When aphmau opens the door, she sees 4 people she thought she'd never see aga...
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The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ (Book 1 of the Arcane Powers) by PhoenixWritesFics
The Evil ~ YouTuber Fanfiction ~ ( Phoenix
THE ARCANE POWERS; BOOK 1 -- disclaimer: characters do not belong to me i wrote this as a prepubescent teenager please don't judge me -- The Evil is rising. Every deca...
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Notice Me ~ Mithross [COMPLETED] by gotstray6
Notice Me ~ Mithross [COMPLETED]by <3
"I hate him." "Well now we know the feelings mutual." Where Ross and Max hate each other and tries to ignore each other as best as possible but...
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Dreams Come True (Max X Reader)  by Belle_Adella
Dreams Come True (Max X Reader) by Belle_Adella ;)
Y/N has never been average. But moving in with her brother might just lead her through her toughest times yet. Follow her journey. *#2 in Houseowner* *#2 in Skymedia*
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Falling In Love With My Best Friend {Book 2} || Max X Reader [Complete] by _ShadowBolt_
Falling In Love With My Best Shadow Bolt
[Mithzan xreader] {Book 2} Read the first book Working at Sky media first to understand this book. After Pax, it was finally time to go back to Washington and get back...
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"Truly Rossome" Ross X Reader by My_Dragon_Heart
"Truly Rossome" Ross X Readerby Just Call Me Dragon
Moving to Washington to be closer to your brother Adam might be the best decision you've ever made. You've missed your big brother ever since he went away. And since he'...
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In My Eyes - MithRoss by MakiNishikinooo
In My Eyes - MithRossby -no longer in use-
Max, the editor at SkyMedia, has been reunited with an old friend, Ross. He wasn't too close to him before, but he finds that he's starting to have a change of heart. Wh...
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Game Over by CATtheDrawer
Game Overby Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Your rank. Your life. Or that is what Adam always thought was the straight-forward road of life. However all of that changed when he happens across a mysterious necklac...
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UNDER EDITING! Sky media X reader  by jayden_Writes
UNDER EDITING! Sky media X reader by \_Jayden_/
Continuing((Slightly)) Also edited!
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The Six forgotten in time. (A SkyMedia meets Minecraft diaries) by Fanfics_fix
The Six forgotten in time. (A Fanfics_Fix
Six forgotten, Many, Many, many decades ago, there was Six with Special gifts... ... Speed.... strength... smarts... Magic.... Telepathic... and a deeper power... the p...
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Sky and gang come to love~love paradise by Fanfics_fix
Sky and gang come to love~love Fanfics_Fix
This is a story about Skydoesminecraft, Your pal Ross, max/Mithzan, Redvactor, and That guy barney coming to a roleplay called mystreet season 2! aka 'Love~love paradise...
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(discontinued) Five Nights At Skymedia's by EvieHasIssues
(discontinued) Five Nights At ...
That job was the biggest mistake she ever made. Sky. Max. Barney. Ross. Red. They were never as they appeared to be. Deadly. Why did Shelby even get the job? She should...
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SkyMedia Smut by doughnuts69
SkyMedia Smutby Lydia and Gabby
X Readers motha FUKAS Mature content: sexual content and language (obviously)
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The Legends {On Hold} by Gaming_Crystal3099
The Legends {On Hold}by ÇᏒᎽsᏆᎪᏞ ᏒösᎬ
Heros have arose. 9 teenagers have been chosen to be the holders. Shelby the holder of Light, Cory the holder of Shadows, Aphmau the holder of Love, Max the holder of Fi...
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Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Sky Media) by IzyBella-Anne
Aphmaus Secret... (MyStreet x Izy ❤
* Discontinued * Jess lived with her best friends (Adam, Ross, Barney, Max, Jin, Red, Alesa and Shelby) and was almost always making YouTube video's or just having fun w...
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