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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blackstorm [Male Reader x Doakkebi]  by someR6weeb
Rainbow Six Siege Operation someR6weeb
Y/N is what you'd call the epitome of a secret squirrel. Having served ten years in the 75th Ranger Regiment he moved onto CIA contracting. After a few successful missio...
what i'm here for  by derekverypretty
what i'm here for by dereks wife mfs:)
"Meredith runs, but this time let's derek find her.." MerDer from Susan's death to "yes" with all of the steps in between.
Ease - Joe Sugg FanFiction by wildbliss
Ease - Joe Sugg FanFictionby Monika
Bethany Deyes, the youngest of the Deyes siblings, and the sibling no one really knew about. Bethany wasn't a fan of the YouTuber life and in order to stay out of the s...
Move - Joe Sugg Fanfiction by 365daysoffeels
Move - Joe Sugg Fanfictionby M
“Where am I actually meant to sleep?” I turned to him with an raised eyebrow. A smirk grew on his face when he pulled me even closer. “Well actually you are meant to sle...
When Calls The Heart Fanfiction by Rebekahleslie14
When Calls The Heart Fanfictionby Rebekah Lesley Teague
This story is about Jack and Elizabeth's future if Jack hadn't died in his posting at Fort Clay. (In Elizabeth's perspective). Apologies if you find a word misspelt or i...
Joe Sugg: I've fallen for a fan by suggsftpll
Joe Sugg: I've fallen for a fanby Kc⚡️
This story is about how Joe Sugg met a fan and before he knew it, it was love
We Need Your Help (Rainbow Six Siege X 40k) by SpaceNazi
We Need Your Help (Rainbow Six 11
After waking up from a unexpected crash, the Death Korps finds himself on a planet that closely resembles that of terra. His objective it to get in contact with Imperium...
Abusive Father by tequillababes
Abusive Fatherby tequillababes
( season 3 + Owen Hunt ) In this story Thatcher's wife Susan comes in the hospital but dies on the O.R table. A month later he invites her over.... How will Thatcher rea...
R6 Males x Male Reader by OkayOnyx
R6 Males x Male Readerby Elyminated
Rainbow Six Siege Males x You
The Young Operator | Rainbow Six Story by DerSteiner
The Young Operator | Rainbow Six .
Tom has chosen to accept the invite by a mysterious woman to join a military team to fight in an ongoing war against the White Masks. He's very different compared to all...
When Calls the Heart Oneshots by lixie-berry
When Calls the Heart Oneshotsby lily ♪
No one has oneshots for When Calls the Heart? How rude! Cover by @moonbraker23 All rights reserved.
A long-awaited reunion by PheebsPompeo
A long-awaited reunionby PheebsPompeo
Meredith is in a coma and ends up seeing all of her friends and family that died over the years. She doesn't know what is happening or where she is but that doesn't matt...
Thatcher's Son Reader X Ela by TheGallowsSpoof
Thatcher's Son Reader X Elaby Michael
Mike Baker (Thatcher) rarely spoke of his personal life. He was British SAS, he had a reputation to uphold as an Operator for Rainbow as well. However when Thatcher and...
If Jack Lived by TiffanyTAndrews
If Jack Livedby Tiffany T. Andrews
R6: Warfare by TheCayde
R6: Warfareby TheCayde
The world is changing as the terrorist group known as the White Masks have new allies all over the world. But the only thing standing in their way is a CIA officer and s...
It's Raining It's Pouring  by 8thHargreeves
It's Raining It's Pouring by Thatcher H.
☔🌧⛈ M/BS book for Thatcher Hargreeves
_+*{ TMC STORIES }*+_  (UNFINISHED) by MLanders3n0
_+*{ TMC STORIES }*+_ (UNFINISHED)by MLanders3n0
(Not my art for any of the photos provided unless said so!!) + mini stories that can contain: horror, angst, and just happy endings !! + {there will be no NSFW, i respec...
Hunter (R6 Fanfic) (On Hold) by FiroRecker
Hunter (R6 Fanfic) (On Hold)by Firo_Recker
A battle hardened soldier from a well known task force is sent to washington to assist a squad to retake the state and protect the president. Rainbow Six Siege (C) right...
Rainbow 6 Siege One-Shots! by DylerHolt
Rainbow 6 Siege One-Shots!by Enderlox
This is a book about characters in the game called Rainbow 6 Siege and I will be writing requests or just write some for my own sake and yeah, just to have fun!
Jack's and Elizabeth's love story by peachrte
Jack's and Elizabeth's love storyby peachrte
This will be my "continuation" of season 4 of When Calls The Heart (Hallmark). Sorry if I don't write something correctly, English is not my mother tongue❤️ Hi...