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Crush Imagines by xxChey
Crush Imaginesby :)
"Your heart rate increases. The smile that, at first, crawled it's way onto the field, is now in full on sprint from one side of your face to the other. Your heart...
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SO FETCH [MISC] by queenhales
SO FETCH [MISC]by — haley —
SO FETCH | you can go shave your back now. [ rants, tags, graphics, etc. ]
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Tags  by the_Insomnia_queen
Tags by the_Insomnia_queen
This book is about the tags I get tagged in. Enjoy! *Updates will be whenever I get tagged! So don't expect regular updates*
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TobyXmasky by partyguy123
TobyXmaskyby Matthew
Tim loves toby tobys not sure how to feel read pls lshvdb
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Rants by zaynalpayne
Rantsby - ̗̀ lauren ̖́-
a place to keep my thoughts, rants, and whatever else i desire.
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Dasani Origins by diseasesHQ
Dasani Originsby diseasesHQ
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The struggle to survive: a Walking Dead fan fiction by TheWalkingDeadGirl55
The struggle to survive: a TheWalkingDeadGirl55
Drew Long was a normal girl. Normal friends. Normal life. Well all that is gone when the world goes to hell. Drew is now learning to face a new fear, but she wont do it...
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YAY! We finally got a journal for random shit and shenanigans and we will also update you on Important news!!!! This book includes segments such as; Sofia Potter art Pur...
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Rp Of Randomness by Grace_Dixon5561
Rp Of Randomnessby Grace Dixon
May have mainly darkness fox
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His Prince, At The Wedding by Tamxki-
His Prince, At The Weddingby .✨❤⭐яєиé тαмαкι яι¢нαя∂ ∂є gя...
Prince Soma comes to Ciel seemingly just to pay a visit to an old friend. But Ciel notices the Prince acting quite strangely...He then finds out Soma's true reason for c...
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Highschool {Bandom au-multi ship} by theendofallthings_
Highschool {Bandom au-multi ship}by theendofallthings_
Ahhhh, Highschool a place full of Bullies,Drama,and romance. Patrick Stump is going to a new school, what will await for him? |ships~ Peterick,Joshler,Halsanie,Ryden/Br...
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The Quiet, Lonely, Dark by TheWrittenPain
The Quiet, Lonely, Darkby TheWrittenPain
A... poem?
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The Baby Store by everythangyouneed
The Baby Storeby :-)
Baby supplies :-)
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Land Of Confusion by RichIsKindaCool
Land Of Confusionby RichIsKindaCool
This is a story basically set in the universe of The Walking Dead (comics, show, and game alike) ~I OWN NOTHING~ It's all Robert Kirkman's. The characters in the story...
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Fan art book by AWEIRDFUJOSHI
Fan art bookby
:) this art books is shit :')
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That Moment When... by JacksLilBean
That Moment Kayla 💖
I got this idea from FaithAndrea101 except these are all mine. If they're not mine, I will give credit to the owner :)
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The Unnatural World by KimberlyLupercio
The Unnatural Worldby Kornilious
*this is published to simply show my progress and because it's the first story I've ever done really. It's very poorly written warned* People are always afraid o...
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