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Breaking Point by FireFox_Studios_26
Breaking Pointby FireFox Studios
Bryan had finally had enough of everything. He was tired of the names, the bulling, everything. He went into work one day and heard something that would change things dr...
The Demi-God by ThefamousfilmsFandom
The Demi-Godby ThefamousfilmsFandom
this is a fanfict story about my hero origins (artemis point of view) in this story i will tell u about artemis secretly being a demi-god, of course artemis self doesnt...
The Strongest Owner! by ThefamousfilmsFandom
The Strongest Owner!by ThefamousfilmsFandom
bryan bought a pizzaria & themepark but what he didnt know were all the secrets and dangers that were coming his way ill take you into my domain :3 ALSO STORY PIC MADE B...
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Recontinued || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| Bryan Quits || TFF || Bolten || Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
Cussing? Yep. Possible triggers? Hopefully not. Ships sailing? Yep. *This book is a Bryan X Molten book* #1 in fnaf6 : 11/29/2020 #6 in JonJon: 12/27/2020 10.6k reads :...
Germany In another world (wow so creative) by ASpaceMarine
Germany In another world (wow so probably someone with a name
It's December the 10th 1944, the Allies have already landed in France, and Germany is being pushed back while Hitler is prepairing for an offensive. Panzers were being d...
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~•° A Demigod's Rebirth °•~ by WulfyDreams_htppx_
~•° A Demigod's Rebirth °•~by ~°•Wulfy•°~
~Hello there fellow readers! ~This story is happening in OoO [Origins of Olimpius] ~After- sezon 2. ~It's about Bryan- ~The son of Afraditie. ~This story is inspierd by...
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| (Not Being Rewriten) by coast_walker
Sticks and stones |TTF A.U| (Not A-Panic-Party
(cover art done by me) Give this book a chance!! (The book is mature because there will be some violence) Bryan's hurt mentally and he hasn't healed one bit. How could...
TFF Molten x yandere Lefty by EmmaYoloturn
TFF Molten x yandere Leftyby Luna
Lefty's a secret Yandere and just wants Moltens love when people keep interrupting. He wants to save Molten from the terrible life he has. This book contains Mainly lef...
The Forgotten Past *completed* by ThefamousfilmsFandom
The Forgotten Past *completed*by ThefamousfilmsFandom
this story is about Origins of Olympus bryan- inpu and bryan got married and defeated the Seductive Rose, (in my AU bryan doesn't die) it has been like 1.5 years since t...
Élphame by AnnabethC
Élphameby L. N.
It's getting worse. Not now. Why now? It's been dormant for weeks! Naomi thought, squeezing her hand repeatedly into a fist to try to suppress the faint tingling in the...
!Brogen au! (New) (Thefamousfilms) by specialsnowflakeuser
!Brogen au! (New) (Thefamousfilms)by specialsnowflakeuser
Bryan=C.C//Chris afton (I know he said he isn't chris)
Molten Freddy x Bryan by Namenotreal
Molten Freddy x Bryanby Namenotreal
Hello! Underneath will be chapters I have published <except A/N> ·Happy Birthday! 🙂 ·Sleepy cuddles ·Beautiful ·🌟Beautiful🌟
Bryan is a Little Kid!? {TFF, SCP Rp} //Finished.. Or Is It..?// by Confused_Fork
Bryan is a Little Kid!? {TFF, Confused_Fork
•This story will be based on the TFF, SCP Roleplay!• It was a 'normal' day for the 4. They split up and searched for beds. Bryan got in a little fight and walked alone a...
Dragon Slayers Life *completed* by ThefamousfilmsFandom
Dragon Slayers Life *completed*by ThefamousfilmsFandom
Life hasnt always been easy for the young dragon slayer here are you guys getting too see how life was for bryan :3 (Ofc stuff that i made up its not officially in the s...
!Brogen au! (Old) by specialsnowflakeuser
!Brogen au! (Old)by specialsnowflakeuser
This is old the rewritten one is publish but not done
Ask and Dare TheFamousFilms! by TheMarionnette
Ask and Dare TheFamousFilms!by ☆The Puppet☆
You can now ask and dare the FNAF famous film crew! ⚠️WARNING! SHIPS ARE EXPECTED IN THIS BOOK!⚠️
a  r  t  . by J-JARED-
a r t .by j@r3d?
this's are NOT MINE oki?
|| The Memory Of The Pasts || A TFF Story || Adopted || by Lily_Darkness2000
|| The Memory Of The Pasts || A Liliana_Darkness_Gogy
**The story is a fan-story from TheFamousFilms. And I don't own the artwork.** Bryan lied to everyone he loved. He always did. Thats why when he died and the truth came...
Everybody Loves A Happy Ending by justalingeringmemory
Everybody Loves A Happy Endingby no longer active
(Based on the events of 'We Can Work It Out' written by my amazing, insanely talented best friend Kat @curtsyellowshirt. *DISCLAIMER*: There will be lots of mentions and...