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Evelyn's Diary | ✓ by angelilees
Evelyn's Diary | ✓by anika u.
Dear Diary, Mommy and Daddy told me not to play with strangers. I should've listened. Evelyn Sapphire was not ordinary, although she thought she was. There is another p...
  • story
  • gore
  • death
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Scary Stores  by AShadowThatLurks
Scary Stores by Sad Shadow
Do you like chills? Or that feeling that you're not alone? Well this is for you. It's a list if scary stories. Some made by me.
  • chiller
  • murder
  • terryfying
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Short Horror Stories by olivia-kapusta
Short Horror Storiesby olivia-kapusta
This collection of scary,gruesome terryfying stories will keep you up at night. Read if your brave enough.. dont blame me if you have nightmares 👿
  • shortstory
  • horror
  • terryfying
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scariest story you ever read by WiktorSomski
scariest story you ever readby rastewr cobi
HEY its me goflpe translate halp me and now i translating pasta
  • yaoi
  • scary
  • creepypasta
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T E R R I F I E D by johncarlitosandres
T E R R I F I E Dby john carlitos andres
SAM contacts her dead mother all by herself but she accidentally contact a malevolent entity who want a soul so SAM and her dad Melvin must separate the dark parasite at...
  • horror
  • thriller
  • shocking
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The Unknown Shadow by TeoriJohnson
The Unknown Shadowby Teori Johnson
This is a story about my experience in a sleep paralysis. This story is based in a real life event.
  • shadows
  • scared
  • alien
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Love at first bite by iamforrealz
Love at first biteby iamforrealz
Emmalyn a teenage girl has been getting mixed emotions about her family since she was 5 now she's 16 looking for love with her teeth wide open
  • mystery
  • horrific
  • vampire
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Hiding In The Moonlight (On Hold) by gymnast17
Hiding In The Moonlight (On Hold)by Nickie
I thought birthdays were supposed to be fun? So did Sabrina, a girl celebrating her "fun" sixteenth birthday. Mysteriously, one of her guests never arrives. Th...
  • coming
  • slide
  • pictures
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SECTION 15 by ronantasyncx
SECTION 15by Ronantasyncx
Sa likod ng bawat sikreto ay may buhay na mamamayagpag. Wag ka nalang mangialam sa lihim nila. Do not let your curiousity kills you! PAST IS HELL!
  • humor
  • romance
  • scary
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