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Fatal Lullaby by LovelyShuri
Fatal Lullabyby Mrs. Asagiri Gen
Twinkle Twinkle was always his melatonin, cherry blossoms always made him feel calm and happy, and the stars never looked so beautiful. (updates on Fridays)
UNTOLD (A Battle Between Life And Death) by Books_and_Lipstick
UNTOLD (A Battle Between Life And...by Books_and_Lipstick
Ego-Oyibo, the last of three children from an average family always wondered why her father named her Ego-Oyibo which when interpreted in English language means foreign...
Hello My Tomorrow  by kounkatsu
Hello My Tomorrow by kounkatsu
Oliver had always had complications with his body. He was a premature baby, and doctors were surprised that he was able to make it. However, an oxygen tank constantly st...
The Bucket List  by Mr_Fredoo
The Bucket List by Mayoo Nice
An 23 year old guy name Josh who was diagnosed with terminal disease wished he could spent his one month life worth to do the things he like, one of those is to fall inl...
Amaranthine by Taoqii
Amaranthineby Taoqi
"Nihon" "what?" "That is what i used to call you" really? I never really heard him call me that or is it that I don't remember...lately its...
60 Days by Halnab
60 Daysby Halnab
" I don't have any wish to fulfill" " You don't?" " Yes I don't except you can cure me or get me a cure" "Oh! That is a hard one ther...
Sorrows For Chester ✔ by LoveisHJ
Sorrows For Chester ✔by Tabitha Angeles
If I stay he will be caged in pain for as long as he live. But if I leave him, I'll be the one in that cage. He will be branded with agony if I don't hurt him. But if I...
The Knight In Distress || Oneshot by abstractskies
The Knight In Distress || Oneshotby Sky Mathias
He was about to cut ties with this world, when a walking ball of sunshine appeared out of nowhere.
Bittersweet Cafè by That_Emo_Gamer
Bittersweet Cafèby 𝓙𝓪𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓻♬
"The longest period of time you'll most likely have left is about a month, according to your symptoms and if you take care of yourself really well." Khali, a...
Connection - The Holy White Dragon Saga: Book 1 by OmegaParadox
Connection - The Holy White Dragon...by Consulting Fanfictioner
Mizuo Ryugami was living just outside of Domino City when Zero Reverse happened. She survived the blast through sheer luck, but her family died - just like her favorite...
Why God Allows Evil Upon Christian Evangelists? by RajRichard
Why God Allows Evil Upon Christian...by Rajkumar Richard
The RZIM team bid their preliminary goodbye to the very young (34 year old) Nabeel Qureshi, whose prognosis is grim because he's inflicted with cancer. Why God allows ev...