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DARKNESS by ExoterraTalon
DARKNESSby girl of the monsters
Monstrous. The line between beauty and darkness gets smudged. Sex is just sex, but love can exist in everyone and everything, and even the most scariest of monster are c...
Monster Masters by ExoterraTalon
Monster Mastersby girl of the monsters
Your visit to the zoo didn't go exactly as you had planned... (Might edit this description later, but for now this book is in the baby-stage, so it's alright.) Disclaime...
The Passage by themintymonster
The Passageby Mintster Monsters
It's just another normal day, trying to get by without incident. I can't even pretend that I'm enjoying this "family" outing to the park anymore. Suddenly, I s...
A Hike to Remember Yautja x Reader by thepenmansmind
A Hike to Remember Yautja x Readerby Cecilia
Yautja x reader fanfiction The rules were simple: Do not kill your fellow unblooded brothers. Do not allow the enemy to beat you and then leave you alive. Do not allow...
The Adventure by themintymonster
The Adventureby Mintster Monsters
As a child, you'd loved hearing tales of heroes and magic, and aspired to one day go out and have a grand adventure of your own. However, reality hits hard when you leav...
Misinformed by momothistle
Misinformedby momothistle
Sophie is a half-elf on her way to becoming a lawyer while growing from a traumatic event in her past. Silas is a scarred Orc still ashamed of his past and the horrors i...
Inktober 2018 by FeatheredNutCase
Inktober 2018by FeatheredNutCase
Writing prompts from October 2018 that all have some form of relationships with lovely monsters
Monster Boyfriend Drabble by KittehPWN
Monster Boyfriend Drabbleby KittehPWN
Just a little something I wrote in the midst of a panic attack. Nbd lmao cover belongs to https://liger-inuzuka.deviantart.com/ strong language and anxiety triggers
[Star Trek: Discovery] : Saru x Reader : Growing Together by AureliusSeraphim
[Star Trek: Discovery] : Saru x Re...by Aurelius Seraphim
(previously titled "Biology is an Interesting Thing") You are part of the science division on the USS Shenzhou, with chief science officer lieutenant commander...
Wife of Shadows by Dragons_Dwell
Wife of Shadowsby Dragons Dwell
Eidel is asked by Lord Black to accompany his daughter while she attends music lessons up in the mountains at Greenshire Castle. On their first night there Eidel can't h...
Shangri-La by themintymonster
Shangri-Laby Mintster Monsters
In an effort to locate the famed mythical city, you've made the journey to the Himalayas to find a guide through the mountains. Only when you find yourself separated fro...
Or So the Story Goes - MerLoki by DarkHell616
Or So the Story Goes - MerLokiby Hell
Our circus of misfits rarely settles for long. Not when the ringleader, Oake, has a tendency to pick up the outcasts of the outcasts. Now we're in a new village by the s...
Scenario by kissmeimqueer
Scenarioby they/them/theirs
a young man wanders into a cave
Thoxu by Malease00
Thoxuby Malease00
You recently get a new job to study strange cases of plants. Although, when you took the job, you didn't expect each plant to have a personality of their own! Credit for...
Welcome to Cinderworks by lesbianmonstermom
Welcome to Cinderworksby Abnormal Jester
This is a monster x female story. The monster in question is none other than Lord Cinder, founder of Cinderworks Robotics. He is in need of a maid and you are happy to o...
Surface by Ayakasboyfriend
Surfaceby Ayakasboyfriend
Erica meets a boy from the sea, a merman named Nocte. Obviously, they become the best of friends and even closer. When Erica had to move away from her hometown she disco...
Shinsou the Monsterfucker by oliczek23
Shinsou the Monsterfuckerby Oliczek23
That's it, that's the fic, I have nothing in my defence
(ENG) OTGW - tenebris, innominatam, aequilibrium by -Cthylla-
(ENG) OTGW - tenebris, innominatam...by J F K L
Beta: @itachiuchihaforever (this woman is so 💎precious💎. If you like horror villains, check her profile here on wattpad!) Cover: ME Beast X female OC story. " &qu...
Monster Drabbles. (Discontinued) by KoffeinWriter
Monster Drabbles. (Discontinued)by Koffein-Writer
Little monster drabbles (100-500 words) at your request!