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TenxRose One-Shots by Starkidfan224
TenxRose One-Shotsby Starkidfan224
A series of one-shot stories about the tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Updating will be continuous.
Scotland's Mist by Starkidfan224
Scotland's Mistby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose visit Jackie's flat (a routine visit for Rose) but are quickly distracted when they see news of strange disappearances and happenings in the hills of...
One Hundred and Eighty Two Days ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
One Hundred and Eighty Two Days ~...by Ella:)
"Stuck with you, that's not so bad" "Yeah?" "Yes" Rose and the Doctor are stranded 6 months in the past on Earth with no way of escaping...
Reign of the World by Starkidfan224
Reign of the Worldby Starkidfan224
The Doctor and Rose Tyler have been undercover plenty of times. What they haven't been is shipwrecked on an island by a storm-that's-really-not-a-storm with very sinist...
The Assassin of Madness by Starkidfan224
The Assassin of Madnessby Starkidfan224
When a dictator from the future threatens Rose Tyler's Earth, and by extension, threatens the Doctor as well. Will they discover his intentions in time while visiting t...
Trembling Lights by Starkidfan224
Trembling Lightsby Starkidfan224
Rose Tyler has been trying to return to the Doctor for a year and a half. When she finally succeeds, they don't fall into the easy pattern of before. He's got a new comp...
In Theory • Doctor Who by warpdrive
In Theory • Doctor Whoby ˗ˏˋ Ted ˎˊ˗
❝In theory nothing is impossible, because if it was, I would have stopped listening as soon as you said time travelling police box❞ [PETE'S WORLD] • [POST DOOMSDAY] [you...
The Monk's Altar  by Starkidfan224
The Monk's Altar by Starkidfan224
The Doctor is summoned by an old friend who claims to need his help. Things are not as they seem in the monastery and the monks fear for their very lives, unsafe in the...
Nowhere Without You ~ (a TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
Nowhere Without You ~ (a TenRose F...by Ella:)
Rose and The Doctor are still travelling in the TARDIS, but will they ever admit their feelings for each other before it's too late? "Rose Tyler, I-" ..All cha...
The King's Desire  |COMPLETED| by bluemerry_berry
The King's Desire |COMPLETED|by bluemerry_berry
The TARDIS crashes in Romania, the 19th Century, where they are stuck for at least one week, until the Time Machine heals herself. The two of them are threatened by some...
The Slow Path - (#1 TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
The Slow Path - (#1 TenRose Fanfic...by Ella:)
~Book 1 in TenRose "Journeys" 2 part fanfiction. (The Slow Path ~ Long Way 'Round) Rose is not happy at all when the Doctor left her for 5 hours on an alien sh...
Injuries (TenRose) by doctorsuperlock221b
Injuries (TenRose)by Rose Tyler
When the Doctor tells Rose they're going somewhere specific, the TARDIS typically takes them elsewhere. Which is exactly what happens here. Except that they wind up in...
Rose Tyler and The Doctor One Shots by john_go_to_gallifrey
Rose Tyler and The Doctor One Shotsby john_go_to_gallifrey
Fluffy One-Shots with The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Warning: May contain feels, and lots of them. Happy and sad. Don't be afraid to comment requests! (I don't do sm...
Two Words to Keep by ChasingtheCosmos
Two Words to Keepby ChasingtheCosmos
"This new body was all about words, but in that moment, the Doctor found himself struggling to find the right ones to say. He knew already that there were really on...
Long Way 'Round ~ (#2 TenRose Fanfiction) by ellainthetardis
Long Way 'Round ~ (#2 TenRose Fanf...by Ella:)
~Book 2 in TenRose "Journeys" 2 part story. (The Slow Path ~ Long Way 'Round) It's 4 years forward for Rose and the Doctor, and they're faced with new complica...
Three Hearts to Own by ChasingtheCosmos
Three Hearts to Ownby ChasingtheCosmos
"Life without Rose was surprisingly simple - or perhaps simple wasn't the right word. Maybe numb non-acceptance would be a more apt description." A (sort of) s...
Another Dimension (Tenrose AU) by tardises
Another Dimension (Tenrose AU)by ave (✿◠‿◠)
What if there was a way to stop the Daleks invading London? What if Rose could get back to Earth by simply hitting a button? What if she could see the Doctor just one mo...
His Assistant (TenRose fanfiction) by deathbyfanfiction
His Assistant (TenRose fanfiction)by deathbyfanfiction
John Smith requested for a teacher's assistant in the summer of 2014 at Arcadia middle school. During the '14-'15 school year, he got one. He didn't expect anything more...
TenxRose OneShots by The_Doctor_of_TARDIS
TenxRose OneShotsby The_Doctor_of_TARDIS
TenRose ... That's all you gotta know.
The Doctor's Idea of Domesticity by 12paper-dogs
The Doctor's Idea of Domesticityby Eva
TenRose AU (midway through season 3): After Doomsday, the Doctor met Donna Noble. He could have traveled with her, but she didn't want to stay. So that's why, years lat...