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Yours Seductively by Zetar086
Yours Seductivelyby Zetar086
Jane Doherty has been in love with sexy Tyler Hamilton all her life. Only no matter what she did, Tyler had never noticed the adoring girl from the wrong side of the tow...
that man became my biggest temptation. I tried confession, i tried cleansing. But my body just ached for him
His Wicked Heart  by AuthorRednight
His Wicked Heart by Rednight
___ Men like him had wicked hearts. Could she trust her fragile one to him? ___ Genevieve Antonova was charmed by the monstrous man that ruled over Moscow. But she left...
Addicted To You by xxninareyxx
Addicted To Youby nina
[ADDICTED SERIES] [BOOK 1] [ON GOING] Devilishly charming and smart, Aaron Connor. British, owner of the biggest company of real estate. Eyes of shallowness and burning...
Temptation by FoxLover0615
Temptationby FoxLover
A teenager named Brooklyn Brinkley, also known as Brookie, lives her life as a normal high school girl when she accidentally learns that not only magic exists but that h...
After Dark by bigthighedbiatch
After Darkby lee
Now that I know you exist, how do I not love you? -Atticus "I'm literally shining like a diamond right now." She says, twirling in the mirror, her shiny dress...
Your last love 🖤 by Honey_Bitch_007
Your last love 🖤by Shera
Not all stories are of love,hate,revenge... Sometimes the story can be different it can have many terms...,many tropes and many secrets. what will happen when the story...
The Temptations for the Wallflower |Book 1 Complete; Book 2 In Progress| by thewritingamateur
The Temptations for the Wallflower...by Becca
Seahill, Northern Ireland; 1997 Tabitha was the new girl in town, just around to help her sick grandmother with her bookshop. She was quiet, trying to keep out of the wa...
Prince from Paradise | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Prince from Paradise | ✔by Shadia N.
Their love was like a wildfire. Once spread, there was no stopping them. What started as an innocent glance became the magnitude of their flame. * * * In a country, wh...
Temptation (001 x reader) by D0ctor_Wh013
Temptation (001 x reader)by D0ctor_Wh013
You are one of the kids with "gifts", just another experiment of Dr. Brenner. You are known as 004, but from what you can remember your family called you Y/n...
Temptation | jjk ✔️  by jayeonnjk
Temptation | jjk ✔️ by jayeonnjk
; in which a girl is constantly chased after annoyingly to prove jeon jungkook's friends wrong.
Alastor x Reader ~ An Angels Temptations by WildChild289
Alastor x Reader ~ An Angels Tempt...by QueenOfSass👑
Sweeter than candy, you have no memory of how you died only the person you loved (and beat you from time to time.) You meet Alastor but it'll come at a price, you want...
Flirtation | A Bakugo & Uraraka Story Pt5 by AliFayeFaye
Flirtation | A Bakugo & Uraraka St...by AliFayeFaye
Valentine's Day is approaching! What could being stuck in an elevator for 7 hours do for our favorite duo? Rated: 16+ (Language/Sexual Tension) Genre: Drama/Comedy ...
Temptation | A Bakugo & Uraraka Story Pt1 by AliFayeFaye
Temptation | A Bakugo & Uraraka St...by AliFayeFaye
After a run in with a thief, Bakugo and Uraraka are intertwined through a lust quirk. Can they last 3 days before giving into the temptation?? Rated: 16+ (Mature Languag...
In My Favor by Paris5629
In My Favorby Heyitsparis
Aniyah Zai Williams is your typical business woman. She works hard, and gets to live a lavish lifestyle because of it. After the unfortunate death of her father, her lif...
AOT: Captivating His Manacled Heart (Completed)  by IamMartinaWrites
AOT: Captivating His Manacled Hear...by Martina Writes
SOON TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER PAPERINK PUBLISHING HOUSE. Warning: R-18 Doctor Trevour Zachary Castillejo seems to have a heart manacled with his ex-wife who died in a car a...
The Office by DwightMiller33
The Officeby DwightMiller33
what happens in the office stays in the office "shhhh"
Jefe II  by Love_Bri94
Jefe II by Love_Bri94
14 years later, your favorite couple is back.