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I cant help what I feel// Temilio by pinkygirl78
I cant help what I feel// Temilioby Pinky <3
Tessa and Emilio are best friends, but after Tessa breaks up with Chance, they become closer and their relationship starts to evolve. What will they become? #16 in temil...
Tessa big fight with Jake// temilio ❤️ by itsyagurl12121
Tessa big fight with Jake// temili...by itsyagurl12121
After Tessa and Emilio's one night stand Jake gets angry and forces her to choose between someone she's had a crush on since she joined team 10 or Emilio who is a new me...
Adopted By team Ten by shawnymendes5
Adopted By team Tenby shawnymendes5
Adopted by Team Ten, and best friends with the Martinez twins :)
Mine ❤ (Jerika) by jerika_shiper
Mine ❤ (Jerika)by jerika_shiper
All I can say is I stan jerika....
Make It Work || Temilio [COMPLETED] by ilovejalissaomg
Make It Work || Temilio [COMPLETED]by ~Luna~
😍TEMILIO FANFIC😍 • • • This story is based off of my otp. • • • Tessa Brooks, a beautiful dancer and youtuber meets Emilio Martinez, a youtuber that is twin brothers...
Truth Unfolds | Team 10 And Logan Paul | by dreamabsolution
Truth Unfolds | Team 10 And Logan...by dreamabsolution
⚠️MATURE INCLUDING AGNST, SMUT AND ABUSE⚠️ "Was Jessa A Thing?" "What Was The Drama From The Fall Of Jake Paul Disstrack?" "Was Temilio A Thing...
Talissa... by cloutgxng
Talissa...by CløutGang
It starts of as a group chat but it'll get better💋
Temilio💍💞 (Completed) by cherrymeowxx
Temilio💍💞 (Completed)by xcherry_xo
Read to find out xoxkx
Temilio🇪🇸❤️ by cloutgxng
Temilio🇪🇸❤️by CløutGang
Chessa was just declared over and she was close to the Martinez twins but closer to one impaticular Emilio... what will happen next 😱 will chessa get back together or...
Falling In Love With My Best Friend- A Temillio fanfiction (Discontinued) by sydni_taylor716
Falling In Love With My Best Frien...by sydni.taylor716
The love story of a 20 year old you tuber named Tessa Brooks and a 21 year old you tuber named Emilio Martinez. (I know those aren't their real ages)
Temilio  by temiliowdw
Temilio by temiliowdw
Temilio probably will never happen but I still have hope and I love Temilio a lot. Enjoy!
Google Translate || Temilio ~ Tessa Brooks X Emilio Martinez by TessaTEAM10
Google Translate || Temilio ~ Tess...by TessaBrooks<3
Emilio Martinez and Ivan Martinez are two Spanish twins that moved to America to join Team 10, They can speak English fluently but don't know certain sentences, Tessa Br...
Tessa//Emilio{Together Forever} (ON HOLD) by LovelyFanfic1
Tessa//Emilio{Together Forever} (O...by LovelyFanfic1
This is about Tessa and Emilio, and what will happen during their time together and even the future, featuring marriage, kids, more VLOGS and other juicy details. Happy...
temilio by Domanator3000
temilioby Dominic Keenan
this story goes up and down as it starts off as love at first sight to cheating to drama find out more is you read this book.
Temilio  by hahaha12699
Temilio by hahaha12699
Emilio joins team 10 without Ivan and he falls in love with Tessa Brooks Dirty mature content
Temilio: Unseen by trixiedustxo
Temilio: Unseenby trixiedustxo
Temilio love story with everything imaginable. Finished book! Warning: Some chapters are mature.
Kessa by Leslie_Gonsalez676
Kessaby Leslie_Gonsalez676
Kessa Kian Lawley And Tessa Brooks
Temilio by jessie20052552
Temilioby Jessie Boyd
This is Tessa Brooks and Emilio Martinez. P.s. if you are watching please react to this :)
The Lovely Story Of Chessa. by Erica_Turtles
The Lovely Story Of Chessa.by Erica_Turtles
The 3 Ohio boys are finally reunited in LA but when chance meets Tessa he startes to fall for her and Tessa and Emilio used to date but they broke up a week ago will Emi...