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Jake Paul//Adopted by team 10  by curlybesson
Jake Paul//Adopted by team 10 by curlybesson
Talia hasn't had the best past. She was put in an orphanage when she was 3 , and has been there 13 years and she has lost all hope of someone adopting her cause no one w...
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Temilio🇪🇸❤️ by cloutgxng
Temilio🇪🇸❤️by CløutGang
Chessa was just declared over and she was close to the Martinez twins but closer to one impaticular Emilio... what will happen next 😱 will chessa get back together or...
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Truth Unfolds | Team 10 And Logan Paul | by Lalissa4life12345
Truth Unfolds | Team 10 And Logan...by Amba John
⚠️MATURE INCLUDING AGNST, SMUT AND ABUSE⚠️ "Was Jessa A Thing?" "What Was The Drama From The Fall Of Jake Paul Disstrack?" "Was Temilio A Thing...
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Temilio smut by slam1036
Temilio smutby Team10bitch.636
This is a dirty book so enjoy!!!
Temilio  by temiliowdw
Temilio by temiliowdw
Temilio probably will never happen but I still have hope and I love Temilio a lot. Enjoy!
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For You Only [Temilio]✔️ by mxltifan
For You Only [Temilio]✔️by — jo
"What do we really feel for each other?" I asked. "I-I, ugh." Emilio replies. When Tessa and Emilio finally meet what will happen? Will they start ha...
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jerika  by drake_the_dino
jerika by drake_the_dino
this how jake a famous volver and his manager erika fall in love some part my be dirty may be I do not know lol
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Temilio ❥ by smilingfanfics10
Temilio ❥by Golden girl ✰
The new team ten member Tessa brooks has arrived at the team 10 house , but what catches her eyes is the appearance of a young man with wavy brown her and crystal blue...
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Adopted By team Ten by shawnymendes5
Adopted By team Tenby shawnymendes5
Adopted by Team Ten, and best friends with the Martinez twins :)
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❝Te amo.❞ -temilio  by kleogoals
❝Te amo.❞ -temilio by ᴋ.ɢ
In January of 2017 the Martinez Twins join team 10. Tessa Brooks bonds with them straight away. Emilio and Tessa seem to look like they like eachother and the fans ship...
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More Than Friends (Ivan Martinez) by its_just_sarah_
More Than Friends (Ivan Martinez)by its_just_sarah_
16-year-old Sarah Rensatt is the step-sister of Logan and Jake Paul. She visits the Team 10 house, and meets Ivan Martinez. Will they get together, or remain "just...
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temilio *SMUT* by TemilioAndTivan4life
temilio *SMUT*by Martinez twins
this is smut and if you don't like that then you can leave if you want
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Jake and Tessa's love story (ON HOLD) by Jesusjessaboi
Jake and Tessa's love story (ON HO...by JesusJessa
Jake: I need to find Alissa Tessa: Why? Jake: Because I still love her...
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Mine ❤ (Jerika) by jerika_shiper
Mine ❤ (Jerika)by jerika_shiper
All I can say is I stan jerika....
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A dream come true pt.3 (jerika//temilio) by 0shadowstories0
A dream come true pt.3 (jerika//te...by 0shadowstories0
It's been 5 years since Emilio and Tessa got married. Their lives are perfect! They have 2 healthy twin 5 year old girls and many friends. Suddenly, Emilio and Ivan have...
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Do I Love Him?//temilio//team 10 by iimweirdd
Do I Love Him?//temilio//team 10by iimweirdd
Temilio fanfic 《《 》》 Does Tessa love him? Does he love Tessa? They both didnt realize what they felt for eachother. But will it last? 《《 》》 Please read this and give it...
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Temilo, Chessa, or Tanthony *ON HOLD* by hxles_110
Temilo, Chessa, or Tanthony *ON HO...by hxles_110
What will happen to Tessa Brooks when new Team 10 members join? Will she find love or friendship in the Team 10 House? Read to find out.
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Temilio by Jessalover23
Temilioby Brookster
Tessa and Emilio start to fall in love!!
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Team 10 by duhitsemstar
Team 10by duhitsemstar
The Team 10 group of YouTubers find out what happen in the team 10 house off camera. Between friendships and relationships all the drama, lies, cheating, broken friendsh...
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Temilio by jcalderongalvez
Temilioby Jackie calderon
This story is about Tessa and Emilio Martinez Follow me IG:@temilio_Martinators and Emiliomartinez_10 and @Jackie_0100
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