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Temilio🇪🇸❤️ by cloutgxng
Temilio🇪🇸❤️by CløutGang
Chessa was just declared over and she was close to the Martinez twins but closer to one impaticular Emilio... what will happen next 😱 will chessa get back together or...
Temilio by TessaBrooksShips
Temilioby TessaBrooks
Tessa and Emilio start to fall in love!!
Temilio by Temiliogang
Temilioby Channelz
A story about Tessa Brooks and Emilio Martinez who fall in love. A fanfiction that we all wanted to happen in real life.
Temilio by laraemoon
Temilioby LaRae
this is a story of Tessa and Emilio that fall in love
Temilio Together by temilioisgoals
Temilio Togetherby Temilioforlife
After the chessa break up Emilio and Tessa see them selves getting closer! What will happen?
Temilio? by multi_fandom1234
Temilio?by Livy
Tessa and Emilio❤️
Temilio~Ever Since I Meant Her (You) by izabel_15
Temilio~Ever Since I Meant Her (Yo...by izabel_15
Emilio Martinez X Tessa Brooks Update (3:2:19) I'm no longer a fan of The Martinez Twins, Jake Paul, Erika Costell, Team Ten. (Still love Tessa, Alissa, Tristan) Reminde...
jerika  by drake_the_dino
jerika by drake_the_dino
this how jake a famous volver and his manager erika fall in love some part my be dirty may be I do not know lol
Temilio smut by slam1036
Temilio smutby Team10bitch.636
This is a dirty book so enjoy!!!
Temilio |The love story of a lifetime| by cuddlingteam10
Temilio |The love story of a lifet...by cuddlingteam10
So Chessa has been pretty real lately, but things take a twist when Tessa finally realises what she has and what she needs.
Temilio ❥ by smilingfanfics10
Temilio ❥by Golden girl ✰
The new team ten member Tessa brooks has arrived at the team 10 house , but what catches her eyes is the appearance of a young man with wavy brown her and crystal blue...
Not For Me | A Temilio Fanfiction by LittleMsBrightSmile
Not For Me | A Temilio Fanfictionby LittleMsBrightSmile
[ COMPLETE ] The classic story of lovers who can't love. Tessa and Emilio finally find love, but Jake demands that Tessa and Chance be a couple for the views. How will t...
Falling In Love With My Best Friend- A Temillio fanfiction (Discontinued) by sydni_taylor716
Falling In Love With My Best Frien...by sydni.taylor716
The love story of a 20 year old you tuber named Tessa Brooks and a 21 year old you tuber named Emilio Martinez. (I know those aren't their real ages)
Friends with benefits? • Emilio Martinez • by Multifandoms_xo
Friends with benefits? • Emilio Ma...by 🥂maggie🥂
It's all fun and games until someone falls in love. ---
Emilio and Ivan are in Spain visiting there family. Well the twins are in Spain Tessa ends up joining team 10. As she was having fun the twins came back from Spain and...
Split apart  by seeingteam10
Split apart by seeingteam10
Ivan was depressed after Spain, missing his hometown. "Ivan? Are you ok?" --- "Thanks Erika. Love you too" He feels a lot happier with Erika near by...
Emilio and Tessa by Sa_Miyako
Emilio and Tessaby ♡Miyako♡
Story about Tessa and Emilio...
What are We (Temilio Fanfiction) by ainnaa123
What are We (Temilio Fanfiction)by ainnaa123
When chance and Tessa get married what will Emilio do to himself .
Jake Paul, My bully (A Jessa Story) by Cytl0312
Jake Paul, My bully (A Jessa Story)by Cytl0312
So this is a love story between Jake and Tessa in their high school life and how they find love for each other. Read to find out more