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Thomas and Friends: James and the Unfriendly Ghost (Fanmade Episode)  by MoonWalkerFan1998
Thomas and Friends: James and the...by emily
A mysterious figure is coming out at night. When one of the stationmasters gets killed, the engines are all concerned for the safety of themselves and their driver and f...
TALES OF TERROR by Brynn_Mckenzie
TALES OF TERROR *CreepyPastas *Urban Legends *Ghost Stories
Teke Teke Encounter by JasonsProx1e
Teke Teke Encounterby JasonsProx1e
This was originally a story for English, but meh. It's about the legend of teke teke and a girl named Jess-Ray who finds out a slicing secret. (BTW this is my first time...
 Fumbling for Feet by TuEsUnCheval
Fumbling for Feetby hee haw
Loosely based on the Japanese urban legend of a woman who just can't find her legs. Proceed with caution, I did ~not~ take this seriously.
Monster death scenarios/ oneshots by Souleater132910
Monster death scenarios/ oneshotsby
Ok so bare with me, this is going to be death scenarios by different urban legends and some oneshots if you guys want them,k? kay. This story will include tons of urban...
Kashima Reiko ( Short Story ) by Im-an-Anirudhian
Kashima Reiko ( Short Story )by Sahana Srinivasan
"Where are my legs?!" I took a torch and moved it from side-to-side in the restroom and around me. My eyes widened and my hands stopped moving when I saw somet...
Pain From The Train by MoonWalkerFan1998
Pain From The Trainby emily
A young woman who is facinated by the Japanese urban legend, Teke Teke, desperately tries to help make peace with the ghost, and to end this nightmare of Japan.
The legend of Teke-Teke by gogyoggypoggyfoggy
The legend of Teke-Tekeby notsopogg
Teke Teke, also spelled Teke-Teke, Teketeke, or Teke teke, is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a schoolgirl who is said to have been tied by her bullies onto a...
Teke-Teke by DaveMallo2
Teke-Tekeby DaveMallo2
Teke-Teke is a Japanese urban just like my previous story hachishaku also known as 8 feet tall woman but anyways her story is she fell off on the train rail way she was...
Teke Teke  by MoonWalkerFan1998
Teke Teke by emily
A schoolgirl's normal life is turned upside-down when her best friend is found brutally murdered, having been cut completely in half at the waist. Soon, Kana hears about...
Tek Tek: She's After Us (NO UPDATES) by BloodyHorrorTwins
Tek Tek: She's After Us (NO UPDATE...by Dasha and Jade
(Written by @Pjbunny and @jadey800) NO MORE UPDATES! Tek.....tek...teke...tek...tek Ayaka and her little sister Nana are two homeless little girls who ran away from thei...
The 7D: The ghostly dwarf without legs. by Rei1rei1
The 7D: The ghostly dwarf without...by 7dmultiverse
In Jollywood, there is a series of murders, ... everyone has something in common, the victims are divided in half. Inspired by the Japanese legend of Teke Teke.
What I Have Dreamt 2 by AmiKimYashishige
What I Have Dreamt 2by My Soul Resonance
"It has been a long time now, Reiko-san. I hope you could remember without looking back at us"
teke teke by UnesieTagat
teke tekeby Unesie Tag-at
a Japanese urban legend will cut you in half
Lost mom by SamarahWatson
Lost momby Samarah Watson
After leeane has been taken nore has happened were is queen ariance dakota!? In the other hand what has happend to herobrine is opal going to find them or end up in a a...
This story is based in a Japanese Urban Legend that got always bully and hitted by a train.
Teke Teke (A Japanese urban legend) by CutePetStoryTeller
Teke Teke (A Japanese urban legend)by CutePetStoryTeller
As a young schoolboy was walking home at midnight, he spotted a beautiful young girl looking out a window, resting on her elbows on the windowsill. They exchanged smiles...