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Demon's Vampire Wife by missrose25
Demon's Vampire Wifeby missrose25
Cole, the most feared Demon around begins his search in finding his soul mate. He manages to find Tegan but she isn't a Demon like him, she is a Vampire. However, that d...
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Random Crap by NightTheDragon
Random Crapby Scarlett
Yes the cover picture is my cat named Astrid in the bath. She wanted to sit there.
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Tegan and Annalise One Shots by funnyfannyfran
Tegan and Annalise One Shotsby funnyfannyfran
title says it all people ! 😂 dig in and enjoy yourselves !
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WWE: Marked for Elimination (Tegan Nox/OC) by OlympianFireheart
WWE: Marked for Elimination (Tegan...by OlympianFireheart
William Regal has scouted out his newest prospect. Axel Trese, the "Strong Style Assassin," has traveled all around the world, winning matches and nabbing some...
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Bullied || Shawn Mendes by ayemendesx
Bullied || Shawn Mendesby ayemendesx
My life fell apart, right in front of my eyes. And there was nothing I could do about it.
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The Return to Black Woods (Dragons vs. Wolves: Book Two) by ForestMist
The Return to Black Woods (Dragons...by ForestMist
The second book of my Dragons vs. Wolves series. Tegan and Tessie flee Iceland when their parents are brutally murdered by people who are trying to take over their king...
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Meeting her match (hollyoaks fanfic) by Carolineeexx
Meeting her match (hollyoaks fanfi...by Caroline
Briana is the youngest daughter to Sam and danny, she loved her parents with all her heart and when they died it tore her apart. She learnt her little sister, was actual...
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Following The Unknown (Dragons vs. Wolves: Book Three) by ForestMist
Following The Unknown (Dragons vs...by ForestMist
"Is anyone here?" She asks, before walking to each room to search for herself. I just shake my head, because no matter what I say, she'll end up checking anywa...
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The Animal Whisperer by coolcats22
The Animal Whispererby coolcats22
Tegan may seem like an average girl, living a normal life. But you're wrong. Tegan has a special talent - She can communicate with animals. Some people call her an anima...
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Protect My Heart  -WattyAward by -Groovy1996-
Protect My Heart -WattyAwardby Abi
Taylor Worthing was sent to get a protector for her, oh did I say get? I meant buy. She bought a protector at an auction house where she 'purchased' Skylar a shifter. As...
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Kik (Søren Hansen) by chingchongcalum_
Kik (Søren Hansen)by Kayla
Tegan Murray is an ordinary girl. She goes to an ordinary high school in an ordinary city and is friends with ordinary people. She thinks that when she sends alternative...
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I Couldn't Be Your Friend. [Sara Quin] by sarakeirstenquin
I Couldn't Be Your Friend. [Sara Q...by Marax
Christina, the band's new stylist, becomes Sara's closest friend on tour. They spend most days together, Sara likes to flirt with her. And even though they claim to be o...
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Dating Guys For Mother [girlxgirl] by midnightliss
Dating Guys For Mother [girlxgirl]by Alyss
Vye is a normal seventeen year old lesbian the only problem is that her mother doesn't want to accept it. To keep her mother happy Vye agrees to go on a date with one of...
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I can't do this!- HOLLYOAKS fan fiction by hollyoaksx
I can't do this!- HOLLYOAKS fan fi...by Hannah
Tegan Lomax is still I'm utter shock and sadness after the death of her true love ziggy roscoe but when she's finally looking to the future with her daughter rose someth...
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Secrets Uncovered by Unicorn-skittle
Secrets Uncoveredby skittlecorn
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Taylor Swift: Blowing through High School by anniebannanie_
Taylor Swift: Blowing through High...by anniebannanie_
Do not copy my ideas or you will be banned Hope you like the book!☺️
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Omegle by Tigger_Teegz
Omegleby Tigger
Just me trolling people on omegle
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Light Up by ExPanda
Light Upby Marion Marshall
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