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м¢¢αℓℓ ρα¢к & ιиѕтαgяαм  by -madamsatan
м¢¢αℓℓ ρα¢к & ιиѕтαgяαм by Allie <3
тнє ѕσ¢ιαℓ мє∂ια ℓιfє σf вєα¢σи нιℓℓѕ✨ Highest Ratings! No.1 in #beaconhills {Nov2019} No.1 in #malydia {March2018} No.1 in #mallison {March2018} No.1 in #thiam {June20...
Little Prince & Daddy // Sterek by avancer-
Little Prince & Daddy // Sterekby Idk
A collection of sterek ageplay fics written by me
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐒 | STILES STILINSKI ⁵by -ˏˋ 𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐚 ˊˎ˗
GENESIS [ BOOK FIVE ] COMPLETED It's been seven years since Harper Verum had fought beside her pack in a supernatural battle, and three years since she'd last stepped fo...
Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf AU by frostydia
Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf AUby lili
48 hours. 48 hours is the timeline when someone is taken. After 48 hours, the percentage of finding them alive is greatly decreased. It's been over a year. (The rescue i...
Fake Friends  ➳  S.STILINSKI {1} by stilesbilinskii
Fake Friends ➳ S.STILINSKI {1}by ✰E✰
"don't make me revisit my policy on hitting a girl, Y/L/N" "careful stiles, your void is showing" [SET IN COLLEGE, AFTER SEASON 6] [STILES STILINSKI...
split » void stiles by pqrkerstilinski
split » void stilesby alicia🧃
stiles stilinski had childhood trauma and signs of delusions and schizophrenia were seen in the boy. but as he got older everyone thought it went away. a Japanese trick...
Professor Hale and His Husband by Artsylatina
Professor Hale and His Husbandby Gigi
Cover credit:SepticGirliplier At first Stiles didn't mean to intrude but now he finds it fun to crash Derek's lectures. Especially when his students gossip about Derek t...
Broken Pieces ~ Stiles Stilinski [COMPLETED] by pqrkerstilinski
Broken Pieces ~ Stiles Stilinski [...by alicia🧃
MAJOR TW!!! this story talks about abuse, self harm, suicide, depression, anxiety and a lot more. so if any of this is triggering to you, i would highly recommend not t...
Fake Stiles ➳ S.STILINSKI {2} by stilesbilinskii
Fake Stiles ➳ S.STILINSKI {2}by ✰E✰
"why do you really love the stars, Y/N?" "they sorta make me feel at peace, sounds dumb, I know." SEQUEL TO FAKE FRIENDS They had finally made it. Y...
Wrong Number {Sciles AU} by paris_girl22
Wrong Number {Sciles AU}by paris_girl22
Stiles Stilinski is a nobody. He's just one insignificant dot in this world, let alone high school. At least he has his best friends Malia Tate and Isaac Lahey to keep h...
A Beacon Hills Reunion-STYDIA AU by stydia524
A Beacon Hills Reunion-STYDIA AUby Rose :) ange 🥀
Stiles, Lydia and the rest of the pack have gone their separate ways since they graduated from high school. Ten years after they have graduated they get invitations to...
Corrupted Lies ▻ Sciles by obsessedstiles
Corrupted Lies ▻ Scilesby taylor
Stiles Stilinski has lived in Beacon Hills for his whole life. He has become friends with many people, who he later joined with to fight against the supernatural. Little...
My Boss Mr Hale (Sterek) by ShiryoReikon
My Boss Mr Hale (Sterek)by Shiryo Reikon
This was going to be a one shot but after I got over 10000 words I'm making it a short story instead, enjoy It's in Stiles point of view, Stiles gets a new job and a pla...
Mr. Bad Boy by flawlesslyfictional
Mr. Bad Boyby Micole
"I swear, Scott Mccall annoys the crap out of me," Allison complained to Lydia. Allison and Scott had been neighbors for a very long time but they were cert...
Teen Survivors 💰 S.S. by twstorylover
Teen Survivors 💰 S.S.by divineoverseer
Whenever Stiles brings out his new blue eyes, Scott flinches and looks away. After Allison's death they are starting to drift apart, right when assassins begin coming in...
Treacherous Fate: A Stydia AU by kaitlynn0803
Treacherous Fate: A Stydia AUby kaitlyn
Both fresh out of high school, Stiles and Lydia are on the path to a new life. When those paths happen to cross though, things don't go the way they expected. Lydia is e...
Road to you by sassystydia
Road to youby I think I loved him
Stiles and Lydia, Lydia and Stiles. 2 inseparable best friends, ever since kindergarten. But what happens when Lydia suddenly disappears and Stiles is her only hope of...
The new kid by sassystydia
The new kidby I think I loved him
Lydia Martin and her friends are the most popular kids in Beacon Hills. When a new kid comes in town, everyone seems to like him. Well... not really! For some weird reas...
If The Shoe Fits-A STYDIA AU by stydia524
If The Shoe Fits-A STYDIA AUby Rose :) ange 🥀
A modern day Cinderella tale set in Beacon Hills. Lydia Martin has had a rough beginning to her life. So far both of her parents died when she was ten. However, before...
Change by drama_girl14
Changeby O'Brien Your Mind
When Stiles gets bit by a wolf, he now has to deal with the abilities of being one. In secret, he goes into the woods to train himself, not wanting to tell the others du...