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Baby Rae (BBRae fanfic) [COMPLETED] by Scruffy447
Baby Rae (BBRae fanfic) [COMPLETED]by 💖Scruffy🔥
Raven has been regressed to a child once again, but has her powers this time. She has no memory of the Titans and no longer trusts anyone except for Beast Boy because of...
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Possessed (BBRae Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by Scruffy447
Possessed (BBRae Fanfic) [COMPLETE...by 💖Scruffy🔥
Raven was recently attacked by Slade. He wants Raven for her power to us for his own unknown purposes. Beast Boy tries to help Raven through all the pain Slade is puttin...
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A bit of fun. (bbxrae) by silvermoonskies
A bit of fun. (bbxrae)by Silver Moon Skies
Raven and Beastboy are more alike than they think when puzzle pieces keep appearing. Was a bit of fun all it took for everything to change? BBxrae robxstar maybe even cy...
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Bbrae. Fanfic by cliche_geek
Bbrae. Fanficby CLICHE GEEK
When raven and beast boy find out there love for each other, they struggle to keep it a secret, read and find out whether they can keep it hidden or not
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Titans Justice (Raven/BeastBoy fanfiction) by Lilo717
Titans Justice (Raven/BeastBoy fan...by Lilo717
The Justice League, the highest level of super heroes in the world. Two branches underneath them: The Young Justice, an all male team of sidekicks led by Aqualad and The...
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BBRAE Oneshots by nightowlzzz
BBRAE Oneshotsby 🥞
BBRAE oneshots here💜💜💜
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Safe With Me by SkittlesT11
Safe With Meby nope
(Raestar FanFic) Ever since Raven's birthday, things have never been the same. All the Titans panic and prepare for Trigon's arrival, Starfire felt dazed and confused. E...
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I'm Fine by MissIsabellaV
I'm Fineby MissIsabellaV
It has been over a year since Beast Boy discovered Terra is alive and wants nothing to do with him. He's moved on but is he really okay? The team starts to notice subtle...
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The Seduction of Boy Wonder by strictlysasha
The Seduction of Boy Wonderby sasha
Blackfire x Robin Lemon. Full credit to Glee Chan on deviant art for the amazing title picture, definetly check her out! Teen Titans Go belongs 100% To DC Studios, and n...
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Raven vs Terra by AmaranthineAshx
Raven vs Terraby leihsa2819
Being a hero, there's many responsibilities that you should keep in touch. As for the Titans, all work are always done because they're a team. Life's normal and peaceful...
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Protect Me {BB Rae} by MeiKuroha
Protect Me {BB Rae}by Mei Kuroha
Beast Boy x Raven Fanficiton from Teen Titans Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They belong to the creators of the Teen Titans, I merely write fanfiction for it.
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Reason I love you bbrae {Discontinued} by maybeRichard
Reason I love you bbrae {Discontin...by Robbie
BBrae is on a love course with ups and downs.
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A Teen Titan Again (complete) by Raven-Terra-Katja
A Teen Titan Again (complete)by Wren
The Teen Titans were happy, having almost forgotten the schoolgirl. Now she's back, and one Titan isn't too quick to forgive her, while another Titan decides that one o...
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Titans Tears (BBRea) by Doosiedassy
Titans Tears (BBRea)by Doosiedassy
Raven started to quiver thinking about what her father had told her many years ago. She had pushed this memory to the back of her mind for years, never wanting to think...
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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract by JeffreyKennedy
Teen Titans: The Judas Contractby Jeffrey Kennedy
This is my first book. This story takes place between the events of the Teen Titans episodes "Terra" and Titan Rising." Plus there are events between &quo...
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To Lie Or To Love by xxforeign_writerxx
To Lie Or To Loveby Janel Gibson
Robin has always lied about his feelings in everything and is always on lock down. So when Starfire is done guessing on how Robin feels about her, she finds love in Xavi...
Looking Out For Number Two by sillyme1129
Looking Out For Number Twoby sillyme1129
Jason has been able to get a date with the perfect girl but before the date is over, she gets mysteriously kidnapped. Jason has found his number two and he's willing to...
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