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My Cousin Raven by InezThacker
My Cousin Ravenby NightmareDragon
Hey I am Stiles Stilinski and this is the story of how I went from battling supernatural beings two fighting along superheroes. Hi I'm Inez Thacker and I'm continuing th...
  • teentitans
  • stiles
  • teenwolf
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My ArtBook by Scruffy447
My ArtBookby 💖Scruffy🔥
Just a place for me to keep track of all of my art All of this art is mine. Please do not use it without permission or citing that it is mine. If I do use someone else's...
  • fanart
  • artbook
  • rwby
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Chasing Ghosts ◦ Dick Grayson by flamebirds
Chasing Ghosts ◦ Dick Graysonby 𝐠𝐚𝐲 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬.
  • dcuniverse
  • dccomics
  • dawngranger
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Young Justice: New Line by DreamGod01
Young Justice: New Lineby Daniel Upton
This story is about a group of high school sophomores who are heroes of that are on a team called The New Young Justice which was originally going to be called The New T...
  • guardiansofthegalaxy
  • captainamerica
  • thor
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My Opinions on Ships by AzelmaandEponine
My Opinions on Shipsby AzelmaandEponine
You send me ships and I'll talk about how I feel about them. Everyone else seems to have done one, so I'm guessing it's allowed. Warning: I tend to state stuff strongly...
  • otp
  • bmc
  • avatarthelastairbender
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  𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐘𝐎𝐔 | ✐ by moonkissed-
𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐘𝐎𝐔 | ✐by 𝐢𝐥𝐮𝐬𝐦 ღ
"I can't take your pain Beas-tboy. I can't take it- away from you." I sobbed, holding my boyfriend's weak hand in my trembling one. "That's because it doe...
  • bbrae
  • cyborg
  • hope
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She's Cute......I Guess (Book 3 Damian X OC) by MMartin31
She's Cute......I Guess (Book 3 Da...by MMartin31
She's hot. Beautiful. Even gorgeous, if that describes her correctly. The way she walks and moves has me instantly intrigued. I, Damian Wayne, think Melanie Rodriguez is...
  • damianwayne
  • teentitans
  • youngjustice
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Unamused OP Protagonist x Multiverse by Rashiki-Dom
Unamused OP Protagonist x Multiver...by Dom
In this multiverse story, we follow you! Yes, you heard that right, you! In your universe you've cemented yourself as an all-powerful hero, protecting others from harm a...
  • regularshow
  • multiplepersonalitydisorder
  • bleach
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The Robin and The Raven: Demonbirds One-Shots by unbelievablypastry
The Robin and The Raven: Demonbird...by unbelievablypastry
DamiRae oneshots. All fictional characters, places, events, and things belong to DC along with the credit unless said except for the plots and my oc's. Credit for the co...
  • rachelroth
  • damirae
  • ravenroth
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Teen Titans Zodiac by Ramoninth
Teen Titans Zodiacby Combine Overlord
Jest to reaktywowane "Teen Titans Zodiac", które prowadziłam na poprzednim koncie, nim zostało ono usunięte przez Wattpad. Wiem, że na Wattpad jest jeszcze jed...
  • gwiazdka
  • madamerouge
  • slade
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Nerd Herd /Individual RP/ by Beygirl_Wood
Nerd Herd /Individual RP/by I Am Diana.
"Come and join my nerd herd." -Me. This RP book is open for everyone. New cover made by @jeansgays
  • teentitans
  • voltron
  • fantasticbeasts
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Robstar Shorts by Batkid15
Robstar Shortsby Batkid15
Just short stories about Robin and Starfire. Warning: May contain some mature themes or sexual moments Feel free to leave a request! Read the introduction for informat...
  • fanfiction
  • robstar
  • shipping
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Teen Titans: Season 6 by McPuppyGirl
Teen Titans: Season 6by Majestic•Mayhem
I'm sure any die-hard teen titans fan has heard the confirmation of a season six. After so many years. There are so many unanswered questions and we wanted more of the s...
  • robstar
  • superheroes
  • teentitansgo
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The Hellblazer's son Revamped (DC x Male Reader) by Avenged_Knight
The Hellblazer's son Revamped (DC...by Avenged_Knight
Magic has always been a source of mystery in the DC Universe, one ahtat the heroes themselves have a hard time understanding. When threats arise from this chaotic realit...
  • magic
  • malereader
  • vertigo
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Pepper's Random Stuff: The Second Part by PepperRavenBat
Pepper's Random Stuff: The Second...by I am Many People.
I'm back, y'all! Enjoy to your heart's content! Expect a LOT more Unikitty and Teen Titans stuff :)
  • unikitty
  • random
  • randomthoughts
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Holding onto your Secret by karysegrays
Holding onto your Secretby Karyse Grayson
Raven and Starfire run away because of the two new girls. What happens if Raven leaves with a secret that will forever change everyone's life. "I told you we will b...
  • lovetriangle
  • bbrae
  • secrets
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Midgard by secktime
Midgardby amy
Thor drags Loki to Earth to visit the Avengers. However, the God of Mischief has other things in mind, while Loki attempts to take over the Earth once more, he meets Sta...
  • marvel
  • thor
  • raven
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HIGH SCHOOL- DAMIRAE by annwesha_paith
Inconspicuous Rachel and the popular Damian never thought they will have feelings for each other, leave alone being friends! This story will depict the high school life...
  • gothamacademy
  • damianxraven
  • damirae
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Teenage Equestrian Ninja Titans by aljr824
Teenage Equestrian Ninja Titansby TMNT FAN
Leonardo was the leader of his own team, he even had his own friends and one of his best ones is Sonic The Hedgehog. He even had his own girlfriend named Twilight Sparkl...
  • batman
  • adventure
  • action
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Unknown Love Between two Boys (Damijon) by Dynasty156
Unknown Love Between two Boys (Dam...by Dynasty Drake
They were on a mission with the Teen Titans, When all this time Jon had feelings for his own Teammate Robin, When the Truth finally comes out will Jon be accepted or rej...
  • jonkent
  • batman
  • damijon
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