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Like Lambs Led by JamarStRogers
Like Lambs Ledby JamarStRogers
[ Former Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice] [2019 ONC Ambassador Pick] [Open Novella Contest Longlist] [Completed] Moriah Hanlon is a new, biracial girl in Pachuck, Oklahom...
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Take Back The City by LettyVexHexKnight
Take Back The Cityby Letty Sharp
Weinberg is a city riddle with crime, 5 criminals who form a team are looking to take the city back from the corrupt police and system. One of the members has a personal...
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Lost: Casa Perdida by DreusAmarillo
Lost: Casa Perdidaby Dreus Amarillo
It's the jungle. They're stranded. Their guardians left and never returned. Supplies are running out. The weather is getting a whole lot worse. Will they survive or fall...
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when pretty girls from pretty towns drop dead like puppets with broken strings, someone is bound to notice.
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The Academy (Lost Girls) by JWBankston
The Academy (Lost Girls)by JWBankston
After Sheila disappears, Casey discovers other teens who have gone missing or even died at their elite music school. For nearly three decades, The Northeast Kingdom Acad...
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Pushing Daisies by SincerelyBrandi
Pushing Daisiesby Sincerely Brandi
The peaceful town of Mercy Hills is home to beautiful flowers, the privileged, and those who can maintain facades without blinking. No locked doors, no shut windows, no...
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Unlocking secrets by Kitttycat207m
Unlocking secretsby Wierd boi
While kitty,Rayne, and Greyson try to figure out what exactly is going on, and why... but what is secret for a reason should only have a good reason to unlock... what wi...
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Ratchford Academy by Kiritko
Ratchford Academyby Kiritko
Forever 21
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Mirror Me. by cocaineinthe80s
Mirror Me.by 😈
when Tokyo Gray found out that her cousin was murdered, everything ceased to exist or matter she only had one goal. J U S T I C E. Her love for her cousin rooted so dee...
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FRAMEDby Sarah Austen Ogechi
#1 Teen Thriller !!! May 2019 Olivia Sullivan could only remember one thing. Waking up in her own pool of blood in her burning house with a gun in her hand. When the Chi...
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Girls That Sting by cndelo
Girls That Stingby Lo
|| ONC 2020 || Round One Qualifier When Cara was asked out by a cute guy at school, she had no reason to say no... or to believe it would be one of the worst decisions o...
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Becoming Luna by Kthemysticwritergurl
Becoming Lunaby ~Mystic Writer Gurl~
When Karmen moves to Beacon Hills, she has no idea about any supernatural events happening. Of course that all changes in one night when in the woods, a woman attacks he...
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Two Faced by ForrestRosePark
Two Facedby Forrest Park
Read if you dare. ----Achievements---- *#1 in creativefiction* *#7 in teenmystery* *#13 in teenthriller* *#3 in daretoread*
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Esoteric Life (mugshots) by ARMYstoleJiminsJams
Esoteric Life (mugshots)by ARMYstoleJiminsJams
es.o.ter.ic intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.
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Juliana's 21 Clues and Counting by ThyCluelessCat
Juliana's 21 Clues and Countingby Crazy Cat Lady
Juliana, a student at Oceanside Academy has mysteriously committed suicide by jumping off the roof during her geography class. And has Oceanside and Seaside Port talking...
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They Shall Take Up Serpents || ONC2020 by JamarStRogers
They Shall Take Up Serpents || ONC...by JamarStRogers
16-year-old Desmond "Dizzy" Bolden doesn't need any saving. He's completely fine with being the black, gay kid who can see clouds of emotions over people's he...
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Him by 1willwait
Himby Madfro
A boy and a girl. Both had their own stories, histories and memories. Until they meet. Things go differently. She wondered why he did not kill her in the dark alley when...
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Mass Murder by uglygh0st
Mass Murderby uglygh0st
She looked up from her tea and quickly wiped her face with the sleeve of her sweater, as if she was trying to hide the fact she was crying seconds prior. "Brody...
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The Third Death by Short-Reads
The Third Deathby Short-Reads
After being brutally murdered, Juliet awakens to find herself in a beautiful, yet very unusual place. It's not Hell, but it's not exactly Heaven either.
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Safe places ~ Teen romance thriller/horror by avocadoaesthetic
Safe places ~ Teen romance thrille...by avocadoaesthetic
In 2049, a supernatural apocalypse strikes, forcing citizens to stay in underground bunkers. Nobody knows where the creatures came from, the first people to research th...
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