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Wearing The Color Red by aplushrose
Wearing The Color Redby Leah brothwood
It's such a mystery to me how a city I have lived in all my life, a population of over 800,000 people can feel so lonely. Perhaps my isolating childhood or broken family...
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Resisting The Player - [Completed] by ucancallmerose
Resisting The Player - [Completed]by Rosa
"Cassie," Aaron says. "I have detention. For two hours." My mouth drops open. "Fuck me," I groan. "Sorry," he smirks. "But y...
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ᗪᖇᗩᗰᗩ in Royal Priesthood ✔️ by LazypenNaija
ᗪᖇᗩᗰᗩ in Royal Priesthood ✔️by Mary Fagbenro🇳🇬
💃🏻(Ranked #1 in Nigeria out of 1000+ books on 13th feb 2020)💃🏻 We all attended high schools...scratch that, in Nigeria, its called secondary schools. Royal priesthoo...
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Alpha Aidan by seaannmarie
Alpha Aidanby sara
"Do you enjoy having two men fight over you? Do you enjoy having two men in the palm of your hand?" "I would never enjoy this. This is a choice. I am hor...
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Her Majesty: A Selection Fanfiction (COMPLETE) by when-you-listen
Her Majesty: A Selection Fanfictio...by reagan 🌞
Harlow Davy is a Six. With the aspiration of being a chef, Harlow is happy with her life, until her brother, a waiter, is suspected of rebel roots and is fired from his...
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The Forgotten Four [Completed] by chaitali_14
The Forgotten Four [Completed]by Chaitali Mhatre
Four boys on a mission to earn the trust back from her. (Under editing) Top hashtags:- 1 in #big brother 1 in #littlesister ...
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The Word Count by Liv_Rivera15
The Word Countby Oliwia Rivera
Straight to the point, sharp like a blade. Writing my feelings to the point. Short snappy key words//sentences that are stuck in my mind Like a scar on my body. The mor...
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Xavier by xandiilachowski
Xavierby Imma queen™➰
He's the ceo of the Lachowski's company who earns billions and billions of dollars. She's a normal city girl who has a life every girl has always dreamed of, but she li...
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Forbidden Crush ✔ by thatabayagirl
Forbidden Crush ✔by thatabayagirl
This is a story of an eighteen-year-old girl who has a huge crush on her college senior. Naiza Rehman is a typical 18-year-old girl who loves to talk and interact with p...
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The One and Only by Phobe1111
The One and Onlyby Phobe1111
Follow Kia as she deals with her 5 protective brothers...
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My Car's an Autobot!  (Jazz story) {under updates} by Katie_The_InkSlinger
My Car's an Autobot! (Jazz story)...by Katie
(KayRyNautical is my old username) Mackenzie Alina Mackenzie or Mackie lives in a world where Cybortronians or Transformers as the government calls them have landed on e...
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The Billionaire Is My Saviour by scarletieyyyyy_01
The Billionaire Is My Saviourby Scarlet01
|| HIGHEST RANK - #3 IN NINETEEN ON 21/2/2020 || || HIGHEST RANK - #2 IN BRUTAL ON 23/3/2020 || He made a vow - "I vow not to fall in love with my wife for as long...
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Adopted by tayiah18
Adoptedby tayiah18
in which a damaged twelve year old is found by four men.
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The Tale of Eve by fashiondolphin
The Tale of Eveby fashiondolphin
'I know but it can never happen. My Dad won't allow it', - Eve Harrington, main protagonist. 1239 Rockwalker Road, Westlake, Malibu, CA. On the 3rd floor, 2nd door to yo...
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One Reason Not To by HiyLee
One Reason Not Toby HiyLee
"I can only give you one !" Just one. And that reason is worth more a million other ones. I wish I could do exactly what I've been wanting to do this past few...
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Good girl Bad boy by chanikk
Good girl Bad boyby Chani Sellers
every good girl wants a bad bad boy. there are different levels of good girls and Different levels of bad boys, but what if this good girl had a crazy past that leads he...
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I Just Wanted a Normal Year! by Silently_Writing40
I Just Wanted a Normal Year!by Silently Writing My Life Away
"Is that too much to ask for? I guess so . . ." ~ Bree Nassar is a shy, geeky 15-year-old braving your typical Ohio high school, while unfortunately experienci...
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the scammed scammer by camiduarteochoa
the scammed scammerby thesparklingdiamond
When betrayed by her best friend, Fallon Mclaggen seeks allegiance in someone she never imagined she'd ally with... the high school's number 1 heartbreaker. Will she ach...
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Dear Diary by Slytherin1405
Dear Diaryby Slytherdor's Queen
This is pretty much my diary... 🤫 shhhh...
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