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The Van Pact by WaltTwitman
The Van Pactby Mariah Ragi
Valerie: Female given name derived from the Latin, valēre, to be strong. *** Valerie's not afraid of anything. Her best friend Stevie worries about everything. A flippe...
Elegantly Wasted • Paxton Hall- Yoshida by softlyrhee
Elegantly Wasted • Paxton Hall- Yo...by Karlz
"You made me feel like I was something. Like I was wasted, but in the most elegant way." STARTED//Jun 02, 2020 FINISHED// (ongoing)
21 || J.JK K.NJ K.SJ by succinsuga
21 || J.JK K.NJ K.SJby banana
Your birthday is coming up and you're turning 21!! Your three best friends Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, and Jeon Jungkook are surprising you for your birthday. It's their j...
Passing Notes: A Perfect Snow Mini-Story by RowanShaw
Passing Notes: A Perfect Snow Mini...by Rowan Shaw
*A "Perfect Snow" Mini-story* When Felicity passes Preston a note to meet her after class, he's hoping for an impromptu make out session between class and hock...
Young Justice - Wendy Harris and Marvin White One-Shots by AlphaGodzilla97
Young Justice - Wendy Harris and M...by AlphaGodzilla97
One-Shots that focus on two characters, Wendy Harris and Marvin White from Young Justice.
Back to You - Cobra Kai x OC by lornzozurzolos
Back to You - Cobra Kai x OCby lornzozurzolos
Jules Barnes, Samantha Larusso, and Aisha Robinson used to be very close friends with each other, when the three of them were together, they were unstoppable. However, r...
A Bounty Hunter's Tale(s) by Dippppppy
A Bounty Hunter's Tale(s)by Ben Fulcher
Sean has had some... rather interesting stories from when he was a bounty hunter to earn coin. Some were tough challenges, others were random tasks.
Big Boss by geccastro
Big Bossby Erika Bateman
This story is inspired by the recent chinese youth drama I have watched. It is called "THE BIG BOSS". All her life, Lisa was being told to study this, study th...
Look, But Don't Touch by Maeralya
Look, But Don't Touchby Mae
Haphephobia: the fear of being touched. Rowan O'Garvey is a haphephobiac, which makes everyday interactions with people a bit...problematic. But other than that, he was...
Perfectly Imperfect by Noodliella
Perfectly Imperfectby Tifani Soos
A hilariously twisted not so normal love story. If you're looking for bad boys keep searching, because this isn't your tale. This is the tale of the perfect seeming boy...
ass eaters  by amienthemonkey
ass eaters by amienthemonkey
WELCOME!! to a day in the life of full house. 10 dumbass ass eaters, let's take a journey to their entity...
Death Wishes by is-jus-me
Death Wishesby Your local dumbass
Being diagnosed with lung cancer probably isn't the easiest thing for any person, especially 18 year-old Audrey Hestine., who decides that she does not want to spend the...
Crawling Back To You  by angelicfairyyyyy
Crawling Back To You by mgg stan 💓
April like most young gay women, is an awkward mess when it comes to talking women. She never says the right thing and always makes a fool out of her self. But, when th...
Ivan Martinez- Reckless Love- Team 10 by ouchthatscringe
Ivan Martinez- Reckless Love- Team...by LIMEY
Savage Unedited Sequel- ride
The Icing on the Cake by brigidlucy
The Icing on the Cakeby brigidlucy
Claire has liked Wesley for what seems like forever. He's a through-and-through Golden Boy, with a smile that could end all war and a voice that could put Baby Jesus to...
Life these days, am I right? by potter_anime_lover07
Life these days, am I right?by harry potter is life
16 year old Layla moves from London, England to Wicklow, Ireland because of...family. It's such a big change to her since she's lived there her whole life and desperatel...
The Crappy High School Adventures of Ben and Chris  by EmylieFuji
The Crappy High School Adventures...by EmylieFuji
"Why does Ms. Stevens hate us so bad? It's not our fault she smells like booty and hot wings." "I don't know man, but if my parents find out I have anothe...
Butterflies by myutopialife
Butterfliesby myutopialife
Leah is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary mind . One day she meets this stranger on the streets whom she thinks is extremely gorgeous . And for the first time in he...
Tough Luck by lp1archer
Tough Luckby L.P Archer
When Eliot Mack tests his deceased father's old high school ID by buying a lottery ticket, little does he know his whole life is about to change. His best friend Sarah D...