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Exclusive Rebellion by splattering
Exclusive Rebellionby 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐧
where carmen and chloe burn The Exclusives. © 2019 splattering
lemonade mouth | applyfic by ruesbennett
lemonade mouth | applyficby # BLACK GIRL MAGIC
" reach for my hand cause it's held out for you. my shoulders are small, but you can cry on them too. everything changes, but one thing is true understand, we'll al...
The Story of a Girl in Relation to a Child by Balladoad
The Story of a Girl in Relation to...by Farista Sairuv
Once there was a girl. And she had everything. Everything she didn't want Once here was a child. And they had nothing. But they were about to have the entirety of the fu...
Dead by my hands by charlesflourish
Dead by my handsby Charles Flourish Iheoma Winso...
Loved by her mother and despised by her father, a young African woman is sold out to be married to a man she knows almost nothing about. Thorn between doing her father's...
stoned age by words-and-riffs
stoned ageby Emilie
"We've been here forever, And here's the frozen proof. I could scream forever. We are the poisoned youth." © 2015 by volxme. All rights reserved.
The Mason's by Anxiety_Potahto
The Mason'sby Depresso_Expresso
Ella and Lane Mason are sisters. Raised by a single mother after Ella's father left, they have always had their differences. Lane, adopted by the family when she was 7...
Light Up Your Wildest Dreams by amazefulA
Light Up Your Wildest Dreamsby amazeful
Rosalie Merkin is a writer at heart, she's not a doctor and she's not a lawyer. If only her parents could accept that. Her parents want her to follow in the rest of her...
Carry the shield by christmascookies365
Carry the shieldby christmascookies365
Captain America's daughter loves her life. She can't wait to become Captain America. Right?
The McGennings Family Secret by AutumnXJohn
The McGennings Family Secretby Cloudy
Amelia Rose McGennings isn't the average teenage girl. Her family has a terrible secret that's lasted for centuries. She's set in her ways but starts doubting them when...
Forever by Spagghettilover4321
Foreverby Spagghettilover4321
Julliana Graham love after the accident. Bryant Roberts can't love after girls rejecting him or mostly him rejecting them. What happens when they meet? What happens if t...
Through The Thicket by Hydrangreas
Through The Thicketby Hydrangreas
Two young men on two completely paths of life find each other in an unexpected place... **NOTE** May contain some adult themes, I will put a note before any chapters tha...
Hunger Games Next Gen by CrazyAwesome1
Hunger Games Next Genby Grace Chawla
The rebellion has ended. The war is over. But the Hunger Games? They're just beginning! The new government put in place after the war has been secretly persecuting the d...
The Two Portals by Maari00
The Two Portalsby Maariyah
Amy and Ellie has been through thick and thin. Surviving high school, along with developing a strong friendship bond has not been easy. But there is one part of Amy's li...
Go (NCT DREAM) by emeraldglases
Go (NCT DREAM)by Armyzen
Teenage rebellion au The pressure of youth have on their shoulder to be perfect and behave well. Unfortunately, they get more judgment from others or becoming an outcast...
The Hidden Secret by samantha_xu
The Hidden Secretby samantha_xu
Agnes Mallows a ordinary teenage girl living in a rich house until something changed her whole life. Everybody in her family were keeping dark secrets behind her back...
The Bad Girls of Hallandale High School by Fixxxer-Writer-Music
The Bad Girls of Hallandale High S...by Amber
Being best friends since childhood, they've grown quite close and even consider themselves as lovers. But their lives take a change, they've dealt with their single fath...
Street Kids by fallingempires
Street Kidsby ⋆ ᴳʳᵃᶜᵉ ᵏᵉˡˡʸ ⋆
' my childhood was slaughtered right in front of me.'
When Autumn Ran Away Instead by IsangDahon
When Autumn Ran Away Insteadby Leaf
Ye Xiu was not at home the moment their father broke Ye Qiu's Transformer. He was not there when his brother finished packing his luggage. He was not there when Ye Qiu w...