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Love, Anonymous by EverlarkCatoniss
Love, Anonymousby Liz
*Completed* "I just want to know why." I say as I turn over, trying to find his figure through the dark of my room. "Why what?" He asks. "Why...
  • truth
  • letters
  • average-girl
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Cloud 69 by Rainydayz4
Cloud 69by <3Lyss<3
Madeline and her best friend Luna have been friends with the bad boys for ages. But as people grow, so do the feelings love and hate, hate being the most likely with Mad...
  • love-hate
  • romance
  • badboy
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Finding The Right Chords by Heart_Chords
Finding The Right Chordsby Heart_Chords
I pushed my lips to hers and let my tongue graze her bottom lip until her lips parted. My tongue slipped into her mouth and I gently pushed her further into the couch. I...
  • teen
  • couples
  • love
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Best Friends With Benefits by chloessica
Best Friends With Benefitsby CJ
Aiden and Peyton are best friends. Just best friends. Are they? Nah. As they both begin to feel their feelings for one another, they agree in a secret relationship? But...
  • cute
  • fiction
  • hot
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London's Bad Boy. (Slowly Editing) by MoonlightScribbles
London's Bad Boy. (Slowly Editing)by MoonlightScribbles
Moving to another town, acceptable. Moving to another state, understandable. Moving to another country, that was complete torture. Nicole Andersini, a seventeen year old...
  • would
  • tomlinson
  • wrong
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The Boy Across the Street by emilyvgas
The Boy Across the Streetby Emily
Emily is that type of girl that stays home all day, on her phone or finishing up a season of her favorite show on Netflix. She was practically invisible t everyone and e...
  • cnco
  • love
  • fan
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Psychotic  ✓ by liarsdiaries
Psychotic ✓by nιc | hiatus
#1 in Mystery/Thriller ( 05/17/17 ) "I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts..." "why?" "Because they're dangerous... and that makes me da...
  • mystery
  • barbarapalvin
  • beginnersluck
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Agent Lovato (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Agent Lovato (Action Ageplay Lesbi...by FireStarterXx
One night a teenaged girl is saved from a horrible attack by a feisty young FBI agent fresh in the field. After being informed that her family didn't survive the attack...
  • mommy
  • scary
  • fbi
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unexpected - b.w.s by blueberryroadbws
unexpected - b.w.sby ☾☼
her lips tasted innocent, mine tasted like nicotine, but somehow she got addicted anyway
  • bradsimpson
  • fanfiction
  • thevamps
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Living with the Allen Boys. by mdaddybomb
Living with the Allen Boys.by Mikhayla Reynolds ♥
Destiny Walters goes from being a soccer star in high school to her life rapidly changing when her parents are suddenly killed in a car accident with only her left to li...
  • teenage
  • walter
  • boys
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The Chapstick Girl by HoneyJewelz
The Chapstick Girlby HoneyJewelz
"Who is she?" Damien asks, pointing at the girl who's smile instantly stood out to him. He hasn't seen her before, but even from afar, her smile was contagious...
  • fiction
  • inlove
  • boxer
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Submissive Nanny 2 by Dinkyballs
Submissive Nanny 2by Dinkyballs
Bianca's secret life as a submissive plaything is about to be exposed to the public
  • discipline
  • babysitter
  • sub
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Spring Break by yabookprincess
Spring Breakby Arden Hall
Jessie Samson knew Spring Break was the best chance to see her childhood best friends after they returned from their boarding school. She didn't care that her best frie...
  • youngadult
  • spring-break
  • summer
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The Art Of Finding Balance [boyxboy] by ritest
The Art Of Finding Balance [boyxbo...by Ritest
[LGBT+, Teen Fiction, Humor, Romance] There are only three things that Mycah Rhodes and Arden Fuller agree on. 1. Their mutual hatred for one another. 2. Their dislike f...
  • straight
  • poc
  • gay
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Alpha Obsession by blitzguy347
Alpha Obsessionby blitzguy347
Before school even begins, 17-year-old Jake Kent is attacked by an enormous gray wolf. He's saved by a mysterious blonde, but things get even more unbelievable when he w...
  • fantasy
  • realistic
  • action
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Taming The Bitch by sweetdreamer33
Taming The Bitchby Neilani Alejandrino
***Meet Stella. Beautiful, rich and smart, a pampered daughter with royal blood. At an early age, she was arranged by her parents to marry Eros Petrakis - at the right t...
  • completed
  • wattys2016
  • beautiful
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Pride and Prejudice and Teenagers. by creativepie
Pride and Prejudice and Teenagers.by creativepie
A love story loosely based on Austen's classic but set in the modern day with a teenage cast.
  • teenageromance
  • pride
  • romance
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That Billionaire by aluragrey
That Billionaireby Alura Grey
My name is Dally viemens people usually call me 'lily' i come from a regular family. I just graduated from university and i met this guy named Henry Morgan. Short story...
  • richpeople
  • billionaire
  • girlfriend
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Baby Dolan // {Ethan Dolan Fanfic} by Rachel_horan93
Baby Dolan // {Ethan Dolan Fanfic}by Rachel_horan93
Elena Levine - A Nice, Loving, and Caring girl who isn't very popular at school, but people know who she is, she gets along with everyone at her school. Ethan Dolan - E...
  • ethandolan
  • baby
  • teenmom
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Playing The Field by its_kay_91
Playing The Fieldby Kay
"I won't hurt you. Not anymore." I breathed against her bare neck, against her ear. "So please, don't run away from me anymore." Jason Brown is Raven...
  • love
  • girlfriend
  • books
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