Ride the emotional rollercoaster of young adulthood with these free coming-of-age stories on love, friendship, high school drama, popularity and awkward teen moments.

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Our Tainted Hearts(#1 Confused Cliche Love Series)(#wattys2015) Liscine
5.1M 149K
Haven's Knight (Removing 15 Oct) ReganUre
5.9M 217K
Her Badboy Guardian Angel ( under editing ) Knight_711
3.2M 111K
Charming In Handcuffs (Charming #1) Jenleighna
1.5M 59.3K
Kissing Is the Easy Part rainbowbrook
1.1M 48.1K
No more Good Girl (badboy goodgirl) #Wattys2015 smilelikeafool
510K 13.1K
The Bad Boy's Nerd (completed) shutupdehlia
777K 17.8K
The Kissing Pact cinnamon_cherry
1.2M 43.9K
A Fashion Model In Disguise exertive
937K 24.1K
Loving the fat girl [Book 1] ElleTheodore
655K 21.3K
Damn You, Mr. Bad Boy modernplainjane
954K 28.5K
I Slapped The Bad Boy BruhItsAlexa
1M 31.4K
Unseen BelWatson
2.3M 132K
Skater Cinderella #Wattys2015 KMMY_G
315K 14.3K
Love Allergic EmilyBaxterRobertson
228K 7.2K
Right on Track mikaelanay
4.2M 147K
Saving Everest Teenagexnightmare
571K 30.6K
Living with the Badboy sehrum02x
1.3M 38.9K