Ride the emotional rollercoaster of young adulthood with these free coming-of-age stories on love, friendship, high school drama, popularity and awkward teen moments.

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My Badboy Neighbour (Good Girl, #1) [#Wattys2015] yabookprincess
3.2M 94.4K
All Boys Have Cooties Molly_me12
2.9M 112K
Freaks VintageAutumn
1M 54.9K
Bad Boy's Game [#Wattys2015] beautifultragedies
6.7M 243K
The Bad Boy and The Tomboy [#Wattys2015] nikki20038
3.5M 111K
Unseen BelWatson
1.5M 88K
Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl) Vazzulisa
2.1M 49.1K
Once Upon a One Night Stand simonesaidwhat
978K 34.6K
Forced to have the Player's Kid aggirl53
4.9M 194K
The bad boy's tutor FlowerCrownShawn
1M 27.8K
Xavier Dreamerse
5M 169K
He's Bad News {#Wattys2015} Lon3lyGirL
921K 27.7K
The Heartbreak Chronicles Fallzswimmer
42.1M 600K
Don't mess with her jessieslullaby
3.1M 97.7K
Right on Track mikaelanay
3.4M 113K
The Nerd's Illegal Secret XxCheerRocksxX
279K 9.2K
A Gang Leader And A Good Girl (Book One of the Confused Love Series) Liscine
348K 9.8K
The Nerd's Secret Life CandySweat_13
797K 22K