Ride the emotional rollercoaster of young adulthood with these free coming-of-age stories on love, friendship, high school drama, popularity and awkward teen moments.

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A Gang Leader And A Good Girl (Book One of the Confused Love Series)(#wattys2015) Liscine
2.3M 67.3K
She's With Me AvaViolet
1.6M 74.6K
Her Badboy Guardian Angel ( under editing ) Knight_711
2.2M 73.5K
Playing Hard To Get UniqueAlexJ
2.5M 72.4K
Yes Sir [teacher/student] Dream_big96
1M 24.4K
Bad Boy's Game [Wattys 2015] beautifultragedies
10.5M 376K
My Brother's Best Friend knightsrachel
75M 1.2M
Just A Friend? {Wattys 2015} Read_Write_LoveIt
1M 31.2K
Freaks VintageAutumn
1.7M 59.8K
Dorm Room 210 Broken_Dream07
38.9M 735K
A Fashion Model In Disguise exertive
558K 13.5K
Psychopath [WATTYS2015] flawed-
1M 49.9K
Kissing is the Easy Part rainbowbrook
652K 25.9K
I'm a Model that's undercover as a Nerd KittyKattt_
7.2M 237K
Fight Me #Wattys2015 bubblygirl9721
325K 12.5K
Saving Elliot (Editing) northbynorth
37M 658K
Once Upon a One Night Stand simonesaidwhat
1.4M 50.1K
Back for Revenge (Wattys 2015) Jas_Steff
2M 58.9K