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Pranking the bad boy by emilishepardt
Pranking the bad boy by emilishepard
"What the hell?! Kennedy!" I watch as Ryder turns around furiously and strides towards me. Oh oh. Maybe I took it too far... "What's wrong with you?! Did...
3391 Kilometre by beyzaalkoct
3391 Kilometre by beyzaalkoc
''O gün, bana 'Sinemaya gidelim mi?' diye sordu. 3391 kilometre öteden, şehirlerce, denizlerce uzağımdan... Yanımdaki insanlar görmezken beni, o bana imkansız olduğunu b...
figured out by borntoperformt
figured out by borntoperform
maya back and better than ever after being away for 4 years she comes home to everything change riley and lucas have broken up and Josh is engaged will she get them back...
Mine (Omegaverse)  by Brenn7606t
Mine (Omegaverse) by Brenn7606
Derek sabía que le hacía falta algo, su otra mitad, pero nunca se imagino que su pareja sería un chico como Stiles Stilinski. Stiles por otro lado siempre pensó que jam...
jingle bells ♕ nba shorts by -volatilet
jingle bells ♕ nba shorts by -volatile
in which althea relieves her christmas feels in the form of short stories starring athletes from the nba.
The Zodiacs: the series  by zodiacs_and_fandomst
The Zodiacs: the series by zodiacs_and_fandoms
Gem Gemini thought her life couldn't possibly get wilder. Forced to move across the world to meet her twin brother and father she couldn't even remember, the rebellious...
Living With My Ex Who Hates Me! by maddyscht
Living With My Ex Who Hates Me! by maddysch
Gabrielle dated Kyndel for six months. It was the perfect relationship...until he dumped her. He thought he was done with her. That was until he remembered his brother...
Right By Your Side by _Guerrt
Right By Your Side by _Guerr
•Trinity Banks 22 years old, works as an nurse but has secret job just to get more money. 5'6 lives in Miami, Florida. She lives with her 16 year old sister and she'll...
Stay. by 0smile0love0t
Stay. by 0smile0love0
Charlotte a 15 year old girl goes through problems when she learns to love what will happen at the end will things turn out good?
Street Girl by solacingt
Street Girl by solacing
Everyone in Godfrey knows about the city's problem with street kids, but former hockey prodigy and ordinary high school student Elliot Wexler never thought he'd see one...
》Séduis-moi《 by TiphanieDrewt
》Séduis-moi《 by TiphanieDrew
Classée #208 dans Romans pour adolescents. 《 Une simple télé-réalité qui pourtant lui apportera une nouvelle vision des choses 》.
parceque tout nous sépare  by chloeribeirot
parceque tout nous sépare by chloeribeiro
quand Ana , une jeune étudiante, en couple avec son copain Jules depuis plusieurs années rencontre Louise son parfait opposé, tout les sépares
Seven feats of a daredevil  by MatelitaTawaket
Seven feats of a daredevil by MatelitaTawake
"How do you feel about doing stuff that will most likely be the bane of your demise but will make one hell of a badass story if you make it out alive?" • • • Blake Cul...
MB2: Lost by diyemarsit
MB2: Lost by diyemarsi
[Miss Bitter Book 2] Maraming taong nawawalan. Nawawalan ng taong mahal, pera, bagay, o kung ano man yan. Pero minsan ang nawawala ay alala. Lost memories or amnesia. La...
The Vulcan Legacy  by RobynKimt
The Vulcan Legacy by RobynKim
Electra Vulcan learns she is part of a long lineage of huntresses that hunt the things that go bump at night. But the thing is she's 16, still only a teenager, dealing w...
нєияу ∂αиgєя | υиѕєєи | ƈɦɛռʀʏ by jaceryandownst
нєияу ∂αиgєя | υиѕєєи | ƈɦɛռʀʏ by jaceryandowns
Henry and Charlotte are starting to piece together their feelings for each other like a puzzle. When a new villain strikes Swellview and creates more damage then intende...
Back To Reality(StudxStud) by Marchz-t
Back To Reality(StudxStud) by Marchz-
Silver has been a troublesome girl from a young age. She knew Who she was since she was thirteen. A stud. Her momma of course wasn't okay with this, she officially thou...
The Tattooed Eight a Bad Ass Love Story by adext869t
The Tattooed Eight a Bad Ass Love... by adext869
Mila Colins is a bad ass always has been. But because of her mom's new job opportunity she is moving back to her hometown of Seattle Washington. She hasn't been there si...